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Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - The Bike Song (featuring Kyle Falconer and Spank Rock)

More Mark Ronson than you can shake a well-produced stick at!




These cats just debuted The Bike Song, and we're sharing some stream love with you all. The track features The View's Kyle Falconer as well as Spank Rock. Also, Huffy bell beats!


Record Collection is out September 28 via RCA.


Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - The Bike Song (ft Kyle Falconer and Spank Rock)



Mark Ronson & The Business INTL (featuring Ghostface Killah) - Lose It (In The End)

On some sort of sci-fi spaghetti-western meets Lawrence Welk's horn section via a Tarantino soundtrack steezing, Mark Ronson wows once again with his Ghostface Killah collaboration from upcoming album.



Get impressed now, cause on this round, Mark mans the mic and provides the chorus vocals.


Mark Ronson & The Business INTL's Record Collection is out September 28 via RCA.


mp3: Mark Ronson and The Business INTL (featuring Ghostface Killah) - Lose It (In The End)



Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern's Disco Dub)

BIG TUNE...BIG DUB FIX, courtesy of Vancouver's U-Tern. There's really no reason for you to quit on Mark Ronson & The Business INTL's Bang, Bang, Bang...real talk, it's a top-5 summer song for me, and hopefully you dig it just as much. But if you're feeling a slow disco rub, then jump in on the aforementioned remix below.




In other Ronson news, yes that is an image of Mr. Mark sitting in the stylists chair, because he's just recently gone platinum blonde. I scoped him out down at his Friday night EVR show, and can confirm, he looks equally dapper with the new tow-headed tresses. 


In fact, BlackBook thought it was such a "story", that they followed him to the dye chair. Whilst in the midst of being shot for their September issue Martial Vivot, BlackBook's go-to stylist and proprietor of the sophisticated but unstuffy Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes salon, suggested Ronson go bleach-blonde at some point. Ronson was keen on the idea, and said he'd make an appointment to get it done when he returned from an upcoming trip, however when Vivot mentioned he could color him right then and there, Mark excitedly consented.


So they filmed it. And you can watch it now.




Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern's Disco Dub)






Mark Ronson: Album Art and Annie Mac Mix

This weekend started off with a bang [bang, bang], when Mark Ronson called in to Annie Mac's Friday show on BBC and had a proper chat and wax with the radio personality. Discussing his new album, Ronson also provided Ms. Mac with the evening's 5-minute minimix, which he dubbed Synth and Synthability. Punny!



Before spinning the mix (the second, after his 2007 amazing contribution), Annie announced that Mark would be joining her lineup at Ibiza Rocks this year. Major!


Additionally, Ronson unveiled his new album's artwork, which is an homaged nod to Duran Duran's Patrick Nagel-designed Rio art. View the full image below, then grab the mix after that!




mp3: Mark Ronson - Annie Mac 2010 Minimix




Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (new video!)

Once again, let me stress...Mark Ronson is going to have album of the year cred flying all over your face in the place. Also fellow writers and friends, can we please acknowledge the correct titling of this project? It's Mark Ronson & The Business INTL, not "dudeman featuring this person, that person, my friend and yours..." Sure, individual tracks have a ton of guests, guys and gals on 'em, but c'mon, let's get it right and get it tight all together now! #endrant #ilikeaccuracy



Having already loved up on the single, Bang Bang Bang, which hosts MNDR and Q-Tip on the vocal stylings, Ronson's won over every playlist I'm creating for summertime soirees and such. Totally perfect in every way possible.


Now, there's visual radness to accompany the excellent song, and Mark's gone the Japanese interview show route via French dialogue, cut out lazer shapes and some dancing from kids that look cooler than most. Definitely enjoyable, highly entertaining, and there's even a nod to Nutella and JOhn McEnroe thrown in for good comedic measure.


Watch, and love, the clip below. Mark Ronson & The Business INTL's Bang Bang Bang will be out in a limited release 12" vinyl on July 11. Remixes come courtesy of Russ Chimes, Count & Sinden and SBTRKT. Pre-order here




mp3: Mark Ronson and The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (Count and Sinden Tribal Horn Remix) 




Mark Ronson And The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang (new single!)

Hey, it's one of my favorite words, producers, rappers, and emerging artists all in one tidy package! That being: the word = bang, the producer = Mark Ronson, the rapper = Q-Tip, and the emerging artist = MNDR. If that's too vague for you, then in the simplest of terms, Mark Ronson's new song, Bang Bang Bang, features the two musicians on the track and hell, here we're dosed with the perfect poolside player. Just try and fight me on this one.



Distinguished as his "comeback single", Bang Bang Bang comes under the umbrella of Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, which appears to be paving the path for his upcoming album, Record Collection. Having already heard Circuit Breaker, and learning that Boy George, Theophilus London, The Drums' Jonathan Pierce, Kaiser Chiefs' Nick Hodgson, Miike Snow, and now Q-Tip and MNDR all play integral parts on the disc, it's evident that Ronson truly is creating an "international business" affair and album.


Bang Bang Bang is, in all it's radness, high up on the list of summer jams...pairing neatly on the lighter side of songs with all those that we've already selected as heat-wave hand-clappers. Q sounds slick with his syrupy flow while MNDR continues to wow, even when we swear she's just singing gibberish.




Mark Ronson and The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang




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