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Maximum Balloon (featuring Theophilus London) - Groove Me (T-Minus 321 Remix)

Holy shades of Madonna's Lucky Star in this intro! We all know how big a fangirl I am of T-Minus 321's remixes, and considering I've been mega-crushing on Maximum Balloon for a good portion of my most recent listenings, then it's kind of a no-brainer that the two come together on this fix.


No more words. I can't afford 'em, cause I'll be too busy dancing to this rework of Groove Me, featuring Theophilus London.





mp3: Maximum Balloon (featuring Theophilus London) - Groove Me (T-Minus 321 Remix)




Maximum Balloon (featuring Theophilus London) - Groove Me (Jneiro Jarel Remix)

Oh, don't worry. This is only the best mix you'll hear all day.


Maximum Balloon, Theophilus London and Jneiro Jarel...take it away!



mp3: Maximum Balloon (featuring Theophilus London) - Groove Me (Jneiro Jarel Remix)



Introducing: Maximum Balloon

Stop everything you're doing at this very moment and pay attention, because that's exactly what I'm doing. While Maximum Balloon material has been floating around for a few weeks, it's in this very moment that a certain set of songs made my ears and eyes perk up this morning. And it's not for lack of intrigue...more like "lack of an army of beastly minions to assist with my daily duties here". But then again, I'm so OCD with how I run this, that said situation is unlikely to ever occur. But shit...let's just get back to the music, cause isn't that why we all come here in the first place? Whew.....end. rant. now.



So how dare I title this as an "introducing" post, when in all reality, it should be labeled as an "oh wow, totally awesome, super next level rad to the max" categorical selection. But hey, we roll with what we got...


Maximum Balloon is the solo work of Dave Sitek, most notably recognized as the guitarist of TV On the Radio. When I say solo work, it's with a small disclaimer, as his amazing production work couples with other featured artists, including: Tunde Adebimpe, Kyp Malone, Karen O, Holly Miranda, and Little Dragon. The first experience I had with MB is the immediate attention-grabber, Tiger, which features Aku from Dragons of Zynth. The single officially saw a release on June 15, and the corresponding video is yours to view below.


The album is due out August 24 via DGC/Interscope Records. You can also watch a semi-NSFW video for Tiger, which features Daisy Lowe dancing for Esquire. 


PS: if you've been a diligent blog-reader in recent days, you'll know that just yesterday Dave released the second single, featuring a certain dapper dude, and one of my "Beaston-faves". More on that later, because tomorrow's Belly of the Beast on East Village Radio will be bringing some "balloon-related fire". So, no spoilers...yet.




mp3: Maximum Balloon (featuring Aku) - Tiger




Beastly Bits #96

Oh hi there! How's everyone doing this morning?


We're already rocking and rolling this morning, and there's tons to be said. So without further ado, here are your bits...


Want to dance like Michael Jackson? A video game is being developed full of the gloved one's signature moves and tutorials. link


TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek set for Maximum Balloon side project with Karen O, Holly Miranda, Theophilus London and a host of guest stars. link


We Have Band's new single, Oh!, will be out July 12, and there is a newer-ish video for the track. link


Beckwith shared his Esmee Denters' Love Dealer remix with us. Now we share with you.


Well looky here! It's a remix/mashup/slice of rad awesomeness surrounding our namesake Sheena Easton. Get your fix below.


mp3: Esmee Denters (featuring Justin Timberlake) - Love Dealer (Beckwith Radio Remix)

mp3: Sheena Easton vs Soul Conspiracy - Days Like This (Apollo Zero Summer Fun Days Mix)



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