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Stream This Now: MEN - Off Our Backs (Steven Bloodbath Remix)




MEN! No really, it's MEN back with an official remix to their current single, Off Our Backs. Ever since hearing it way way back and when (hard to believe it's been nearly 2 years now!), it's been one of my favorite cuts of theirs. On the new EP, mixes of the original come from Jeppe, Lemonade and Steven Bloodbath. Having already heard the first two, I'd been clamoring to 'ear the latter, and now, I have the distinct pleasure of hitting you with the exclusive stream of said piece of heat. Not gonna lie, this is awesome because it sounds like SB (hey, nice initials!) pulled influence from MEN's other lovely slice, Simultaneously. Here we go!



MEN - Off Our Backs (Steven Bloodbath Remix) by hannahrad 





MEN Announce Next Single, Tour Dates and Debut Album Details

New single? Off Our Backs. New tour? UK dates only. New/debut album? Talk About Body, due out in early 2011. And that, dear beasts, is what's going on in the world of MEN these days. All of which, makes me a very happy girl this morning. Let's talk more about the info...and more 'bout 'dem bodies and backs!




JD, Ginger and Michael are releasing Off Our Backs as their next single, and even though it's the first foray I'd had in to the listening pleasures of this trio, it's still just as current and relevant and awesome...and it's seeing it's proper release on November 1. The packages come prepped as below...


7" Vinyl 
A1. Off Our Backs 
B1. Off Our Backs (Jeppe's Money Is A Major Issue Remix)

Digital Bundle 
1. Off Our Backs (Album version)
2. Off Our Backs (Jeppe's Money Is A Major Issue Remix)
3. Off Our Backs (Lemonade Remix)
4. Off Our Backs (Steven Bloodbath Remix)

To coincide with the release, the troupe is hitting the UK for a short jaunt through the countryside, and here are the dates you need to know if you wanna catch 'em live.
And finally, MEN will release their debut album, Talk About Body, in the "close to beginning of 2011" portion of the impending year.
I'm high fiving myself all day today in anticipation of this release!





PS1 Warm Up 2010 Line-Up Announced

MoMA PS1's historic Warm Up music series begins July 3 and will take place every Saturday through September 4. This highly anticipated outdoor series celebrates its twelfth year of exposing audiences to the best in experimental music and live bands, performances, and DJs.



Taking the stage for ten consecutive Saturdays over the summer, Warm Up 2010 will highlight performances by a diverse group of musical artists, coinciding with the annual Young Architects Program and a new courtyard installation, Pole Dance, created by the architectural firm Solid Objectives - Idenburg Liu (SO - IL).


Warm Up Saturdays are from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Admission fee is $15. Included in this price is access to all exhibitions and Warm Up (ticket info here). Your line-up is below.


July 3

Live: Delorean // Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang // Glasser 
DJ Sets: John Talabot // Korallreven

July 10
agnès b. presents:
Live: Klement // Acid Washed
DJ Sets:Veronica Vasika

July 17
Live: Air France // ARP
DJ Sets: Ratatat

July 24
MoMA PS1 Greater New York presents:
Live: MEN // Kalup Linzy and the Sweet, Sampled, and LeftOva // Surprise Guests TBA
DJ Sets: JD Samson // Kalup Linzy // DJrupture

July 31
Live: Blondes // Oneohtrix Point Never // Prince Rama
DJ Sets: Animal Collective // CFCF // Babe Rainbow 

August 7
Live: Alden Tyrell // The Crystal Ark
DJ Sets: Gavin Russom // Special Disco Version (ft James Murphy & Pat Mahoney)

August 14
Live: These Are Powers
DJ Sets: ?uestlove // Treasure Fingers // Kingdom

August 21
Live: Peter Zummo Ensemble // Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra
DJ Sets: Glissandro 70 // Tim Sweeney

August 28
Live: Big Freedia
DJ Sets: DJ Rusty Lazer // DJ Rashad // GHE20 GOTHIK DJs Venus X and Brenmar

September 4
Live: Holy Ghost! / Special Guests TBA
DJ Sets: House of House // DJ Mehdi


mp3: Muse - Muscle Museum (Soulwax Remix)




MEN: Sweat Off Our Backs at Knitting Factory

After Friday night's ragingly-rad MEN show at Knitting Factory BK, there's really no question or denying why the three-piece is one of my most oft loved and raved about bands you need to know. Performing on the second eve of Northside Festival, and headlining a night that saw CREEP open the festivities, JD Samson, Michael O'Neill and Ginger Brooks Takahashi cemented a memorable night of music and emotions, as well as a lasting footprint within these pages.



The social relevance (and timeliness) of music has never been more evident than within the lyrics and arrangements of MEN's songs. With a penchant for tightly-crafted electropop, the trio's compositions speak volumes of their combined talents, as well as the importance of their cultural and personal devotions.


Powering through a 45 minute set balanced on the material we can't quit (Off Our Backs, Credit Card Babie$ and Simultaneously), along with Make It Reverse (which we'd only heard in some early demos), MEN also welcomed audience feedback, a guest speech from Emily Roysdon and a thoroughly-deserved encore, in which they performed a cover of Bronski Beat's Smalltown Boy. As the show fell on the eve of NYC's Pride Weekend festivities, we couldn't have been prouder to share in MEN's fascinating display of music and passion.


Video of Make It Reverse is below a few images, in which the full gallery can be viewed here. You can also catch my 2-minute clip of Simultaneously here. I was too busy swoon-dancing to film it all.







mp3: MEN - Simultaneously (Live Version) (HQ)  




MEN - Credit Card Babie$ (Stereogamus Bath House Remix) [new video!]

Been a hot lil' minute since MEN came popping into Beastonia, so here we go with a brand new video for their super infectious jam, Credit Card Babie$. A while back, we loved up on the Stereogamus Bathouse Version of the song, and with some colorful new visuals, we have every reason to give it the one-two spin again today.



In this video, directed and produced by Frankie Martin, the remixed sounds of MEN see a ragtag crew of characters dancing all over the city. Special effects help comes courtesy of Alex Miller, with a mural by Maya Hayuk. Watch all the fun below.


Oh and NYC, get ready to dance your socks off...because MEN hits Brooklyn's Knitting Factory on June 25 as part of Northside Festival. Get a ticket here.




mp3: MEN - Simultaneously (Lauren Flax Remix)




40 Better Reasons to Get Excited About Music

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone launched their latest installment, dubbing this as a special issue on the "State of Rock". Featured within the pages is a piece titled "40 Reasons to Get Excited About Music", but alas, the compilation did little to titillate, especially with yawners like Black Eyed Peas and Miley Cyrus, along with "duh, we already know about 'em" nods to M.I.A. and The Roots. 



Seeing as how the general response to the subject was one massive head scratch, the fine folks over at Flavorpill decided to compile their own list of the 4x10 be[a]st reasons to really get amped about music today. I say be[a]st because they asked me to contribute my thoughts and wondries to the piece, and I'm super psyched to be a part of a comprehensive list of some of the raddest reasons we get super psyched for the songs and stylings in this piece. 


You can read Flavorpill's full piece here, and for your ease and convenience, I've pulled out my 5 submissions for you to skim through below. 


Big Wins from Little Labels

Forget chart numbers and actual record sales. Some of the most buzzed about bands and tracks come from fledgling startups and the "lesser knowns". Mixpak scored a few head turns when Jumeirah's Riddim was pulled to use as the base for Ludacris' My Chick Bad. Listen to those strings...mmm, memorable and tasty. But my favorite is Neon Gold Records. Releasing singles from Penguin Prison, Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding and Yes Giantess, just to tap the tip of their glittery glacier, the local label sees each of their artists blogged and buzzed about on a daily basis. The only time you won't hear about these kids would be is if every single blog and music site ceased to exist. EVER. Highly unlikely.


It almost feels blasphemous to include Sia in a list of "why I'm excited about music right now", because the singer has been turning out quality tunes for well over a decade. Be that as it may, the Aussie songbird is returning with her fourth studio album, We Are Born, on June 8. If you've heard the first two singles, You've Changed and Clap Your Hands, then you know she's about to score a major win thanks to the production done by local star, Lauren Flax and the bird and the bee's Greg Kurstin, respectively. Additionally, Sia, along with significant other JD Samson (of MEN and Le Tigre fame), has contributed four tracks to Christina Aguilera's upcoming release, Bionic, which drops the same day as her own offering. Color us psyched.

The Cumbia Crossover

For those unfamiliar with the spicy stylings of the modern stance on traditional rhythms of Columbia, last month's SXSW was a great way to get acclimated. Introducing Mexican outfit Bomba Estereo to a bevy of hand claps and "wows", the band brought their fiery flare to many a main stage. Much in the same vein, noted London-via-Columbia DJ and party-thrower, Isa GT, just released an EP that pulls in Crookers for a remix of her track Pela'O. Need more proof? Google search "Isa GT remix video" and hit the first link. You might not have a clue what she's saying, but I dare you to try and not dance.

MNDR's Live Show

With but one EP, and a one-off single to her credit, Brooklyn's MNDR (pronounced: Em En Dee Are) manages to take the title of my "most seen in a live setting over the past 6 months" artist, thanks to a dynamic stage presence and equally rad tracks to boot. Quite a mouthful, but the IDM (intelligent dance music) and nerdcore solo star is worth the words and effort to catch her in any setting. Having previously been associated with Yeah Yeah Yeahs as their touring keyboardist and engineer, she's made a name for herself by combining accessible electronic tunes with a lovably charismatic and spastically awesome aesthetic. 100% Beaston approved.

Phil Collins 4-Nights at Roseland in NYC

If you think for one second that I will not be in attendance for at least one of Collins' just announced nights at Roseland Ballroom in June, you're sorely mistaken. Look at any popular mainstream drummer today (wait, are there any?) and give an homaged nod to Phil's pad prowess. Now if by some stroke of luck it was announced that Steve Winwood was opening, the 5 year old in me might start hyperventilating.



mp3: Le Tigre - Im So Excited (The Pointer Sisters Cover)



MEN and Light Asylum: Mercury Lounge March 10

A pair of New York City acts bound to make you move are joining forces on March 10 for a night of killer music at Mercury Lounge. MEN, our favorite finds of '09 and Light Asylum, the up-and-comer also known in some circles as Shannon Funchess, will be bringing their blends of pop, dance, industrial and overall radness.


Last year, we caught MEN open for Gossip at Terminal 5, and I'm telling you know, this show is not to be missed. Ticketing information can be obtained at this link.

For more on both MEN and Light Asylum, please visit their respective 'Spaces here and here


mp3: MEN - Credit Card Babie$ (Stereogamous Bath House Version)

mp3: Light Asylum - Shallow Tears


MEN - Simultaneously (Tête-À-Tête Remix)

This is a Beast's dream right here. First up, you take the "dripping with emotion" radness of a song I fell head-over-heels in love with last year, then you pair it up with a trio of dj-dynamos, and the resulting remix is, hands down (and sure, we'll prematurely ring it in now) one of the finest fixes you'll hear this year.



Let's bring in MEN and Tête-À-Tête, shall we? Yes, yes we shall. See, MEN is that nifty art-rock/socially-minded outfit that we can't seem to quit. So when I got word yesterday that the coolest lads in the land would be putting out their first official remix in association with the trio, I yelled "clear!" in the hopes that someone had shock paddles to bring my heart back to regular arrythmia.


See, T-A-T are partially the boys with the brains behind Dinner With The Band, an IFC original series we've been raving about for some time. As part of their fall premieres, they invited MEN to join and "dish" it out with friends, fans and food. Neither here nor there, but this match up seemed like the recipe for success. (Yes, I went there...)


So when I got wind early yesterday morning that the boys' first foray into official mixery would be to tackle the tune, Simultaneously, I swooned without needing to hear a single beat. But then, I most certainly turned it on and turned it way up and had a "hey it's Monday, and I'm at work, but I'm going to dance anyway" sort of progression of time. 

And today again, I listened. Today again, I loved. Tomorrow, I'll go back to one and start again.


The track, along with our pal Lauren Flax's mix, is yours, for free, below.


mp3: MEN - Simultaneously (Tête-À-Tête Remix)

mp3: MEN - Simultaneously (Lauren Flax Remix)

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