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Recap: MNDR Steals the Night With New Songs at Mercury Lounge

Precisely as that title states, last night's early show (weird, haven't seen an 8:00pm start time in a loooong while) at Mercury Lounge featured the inimitable MNDR headlining the space in NYC's Lower East Side. And while she's pretty much our good pal at this point, making us the most biased beast, um ever, we can take a step back and note that every instance in which we've caught her live show (it's been a lot) she's far exceeded previous performances. It's not that she was ever NOT good...it's that she just keeps getting better and better at every turn. Other artists: beware.


Mndr_mercury lounge_1


Beginning the set with a personal favorite in Caligula, MNDR was a nonstop flurry of mathematically magical music and motion. After a few more "known cuts" (she's only got a few out there!), the moment we'd had hoped would arrive came to be...and oh, it was pretty fantastic. New music, in the form of songs Diamonds and Casual Attraction, impressed beyond imagination. While the former takes cues from I Go Away in the more "oh man I feel feelings" sense, the latter is another sing-along stunner that incites jumping, dancing, high-fiving and smiling until your face breaks. Yep, it's that good.


We chatted with MNDR after the gig, and ol' girl's got some goodies coming up in the next few months. Sure, we'd share 'em now, but we need every excuse to write more writings about this incredible talent down the line.


Until then, check out the full gallery of images here, and peep the videos from last night's show below. And duh, of course we captured them new jawns, along with Caligula and the "Patty Hearst tribute song" which we still have no idea what the real title of said song is, but it is damn fine. Beast pleased!


Mndr_mercury lounge_2

Mndr_mercury lounge_3






mp3: Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Ninjasonik Remix featuring MNDR and Tasleema)





Win Hesta Prynn EP and Tickets to Her August 16 Mercury Lounge Show!

Hesta Prynn's got a new EP out (hint: it's really good), and she's jumping straight off tour with Tegan and Sara into Mercury Lounge for a headlining show all her own later this month. Do you want both the disc and the tickets? I thought so...thus, some lucky kids are getting in on the good stuff!



Prynn's gig at Mercury Lounge takes place on Monday, August 16, and one lucky beast gets a pair of tickets plus her new EP, Can We Go Wrong. Additionally, 4 "runners up" will also get the EP. If you want to buy tickets to the show, grab 'em here. For a chance to win, read on below.


Want to win one pair of tickets and an EP from Hesta Prynn? Start by following us on twitter if you aren't already...winners get notified by DM, and the only way we can send you a beastly congratulatory message is if you're on board our tweetable train.


Next, simply copy and paste the below message and hit send!


dear @sheenabeaston, it would be rad if you hooked me up with the @hestaprynnmusic package!


That's all you gotta do...easy peasy. Contest will remain open until Thursday, August 12 at 5pm. Go!


mp3: Hesta Prynn - Can We Go Wrong (RAC Mix)




MNDR Playing Mercury Lounge on August 30

MNDR is my most favorite chromed out homegirl, and if you haven't already jumped aboard my wagon of "wow wow yeah" praisings, then let August 30 be your guide to greatness and gold. Amanda Warner, as she's known with a few vowels added to her moniker, takes the stage at Mercury Lounge that night, with this just-announced gig. Hurrah!



Aside from hitting the number one spot on the UK charts with the Mark Ronson-collaboration, Bang Bang Bang, MNDR hits on all cylinders with her own solo work as well, as if I haven't already expressed that enough in past posts.


Definitely check her out later this summer. Tickets for the 21+ show go on AmEx pre-sale here tomorrow at 10am.


mp3: MNDR - Jump In (Discmann Remix)



Penguin Prison Lets His Animal Out in Live Debut

If there's one thing I hate more than anything, it's being late. So last Thursday, in anticipation of Penguin Prison's 11pm live debut at Mercury Lounge, we gathered up our beastly belongings and hustled over to the venue around 8pm. And what a show it was...but why on earth did we wait until now to review the spectacular set? A lost (then thankfully FOUND) memory card with pictures delayed this from going live. So yeah, we're late with this...but shit, it's so worth it.



Having been a staple of many blogs and tastemakers' word of mouth over the past year, Penguin Prison debuted his live show with full band. Accustomed to each of his precisly poignant and perfectly crafted pop arrangements, I was anxious to see how his cuts would translate in a live setting. As expected, he was not good...he was great, grand, wonderful...honestly, he was crisp and clear and each song performed sounded tighter than the previous.


Running through each track we've come to know and love, Glover also interluded with an instrumental of Marina and the Diamonds' I Am Not A Robot, for which he provided her with a lovely remix. Additionally, he debuted two new songs: Don't Fuck With My Money and Multi-Millionaire, which he told me upon a brief interview that are his 2 favorite songs from his upcoming debut album.


Below is the set list and a video (I do not know why it turned out so small), full of pictures are here, then jump all the way after a few select images for some news you're going to be legit interested in. Hint: more live dates.


Animal Animal

Something I'm Not

Don't Fuck With My Money

I Am Not A Robot (instrumental)


The Worse it Gets


A Funny Thing







Penguin Prison has two live dates in London in the beginning week of May. And then he jumps back to NYC for a full live performance, as well as a DJ set, at Brooklyn Bowl on May 8. GO!



mp3: Jonathan Jeremiah - Heart Of Stone (Penguin Prison Remix)

mp3: Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Penguin Prison Remix)



Penguin Prison: The Man With All the Answers

In so many more ways than can be classified, NYC"s own Penguin Prison, aka Chris Glover, legitimately has come through with all the correct responses. Let's see, he's generated a number of solo cuts that fulfill every wanting need for smart and sophisticated pop tunes. He's also remixed the hell out of tracks that already have a loving home in nearly every blogger and music lovers' heart. 



Additionally, he's literally got all the right answers when it comes to doing a brief Beaston interview. With his debut NYC performance coming up this Thursday, April 8 at Mercury Lounge (tickets here), what better way to get ready to rock than by picking the dude's brain.


Let's do it!


SB: What's the story/meaning behind the name Penguin Prison?
CG: A few years ago I made a funny rap song with my friend Bob, aka Discombobulated, where we were just freestyling about George W. Bush. At one point in the song Bob said "He's a penguin vision, he went to the penguin prison and assumed a penguin position." I thought that was a very ridiculous and funny line and remembered it a few years later when I was trying to decide on a name for the new project I was working on. Does that make any sense? Not sure but it is the truth! 
SB: Aside from the word "pop", choose one word to describe your sound. Feel free to elaborate on why you chose that one word.
CG: Money. I want my music to sound like money. I also have 2 songs that are going to be on my album that are about money and they just happen to be my two favorite songs. One is called Don't Fuck With My Money and the other is called Multi-Millionaire.
SB: Are there any specific artists or albums that helped shape your sound?
CG: A lot of things have gone into my music but some of the main influences are Talking Heads, Nirvana, Wu-Tang Clan, Hot Chip, Radiohead and many more. I am honestly inspired a lot by people I am friends with that make music like Holy Ghost!, White Williams, Girl Talk and other people.
SB: Do you have any plans for videos for the singles you've already let out?
CG: Yes. There will be a video for Something I'm Not coming out very soon if it is not out already. It was filmed using Skype. The director, Roman, was in London and set up a camera and videotaped me on Skype while I was in NYC. Then he took the footage of me and added effects to it. It looks very good to me. I would like to make more videos in the
future of course.
SB: If you could collaborate with any one artist, whether it be on a track together, or you remixing something, who would it be, what song, and why?
CG: I would have liked to make a new song together with Michael Jackson but now that can't happen. I would also like to make a song with Prince. I think my favorite song of his is either Kiss or I Wanna Be Your Lover but I am not sure. It could be another song since he has so many I like.



mp3: Golden Silvers - True Romance (Penguin Prison Remix)

mp3: Penguin Prison - A Funny Thing (Jeffrey Jerusalem Remix)



Penguin Prison - Animal Animal (Live on XFM)


It's not all remixes and club thumpers here in the land of the Beast. Sure we've been known to toss a few slow jams, country crooners' tunes and acoustically sentimental cuts out every now and again, and today is no different. Our current crush is Penguin Prison, and rightfully so. With an undeniably awesome "how does he continue to crank out perfect pop songs" appeal, he's got us by the heartstrings with a live rendition of his first foray into our world.



First up, did you know that Penguin Prison, aka Chris Glover, is making his debut performance next week here in NYC? Yeah, he is. Joining Bad Brilliance, Das Racist and Solid Gold, Glover hits Mercury Lounge on April 8. (tickets here) Also, London gets lucky when the dude hits the town on April 21 and 23. Killer.


Now for this sweet premiere. Glover recently jumped on XFM to do a little talk and tune. We're psyched to give you his acoustic live rendition of Animal Animal.




mp3: Penguin Prison - Animal Animal (Live on XFM)



Penguin Prison - New Song, Mixes and Live Date!

Just say yes, and thank you. Now scroll down and grab yourself some Penguin Prison radness to kick off your Thursday morning.



You can order our latest obsession's EP here, or grab a snack of goodies below. Either way you win in a big way. (Neon Gold will debut the Starsmith mix of The Worse it Gets soon!)


And lucky for us NYCers....Penguin Prison plays Mercury Lounge on April 8. Tickets here.


mp3: Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets

mp3: Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (RAC Remix)

mp3: Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (ELOF Remix)


MEN and Light Asylum: Mercury Lounge March 10

A pair of New York City acts bound to make you move are joining forces on March 10 for a night of killer music at Mercury Lounge. MEN, our favorite finds of '09 and Light Asylum, the up-and-comer also known in some circles as Shannon Funchess, will be bringing their blends of pop, dance, industrial and overall radness.


Last year, we caught MEN open for Gossip at Terminal 5, and I'm telling you know, this show is not to be missed. Ticketing information can be obtained at this link.

For more on both MEN and Light Asylum, please visit their respective 'Spaces here and here


mp3: MEN - Credit Card Babie$ (Stereogamous Bath House Version)

mp3: Light Asylum - Shallow Tears

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