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M.I.A. - Internet Connection (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)

This actually makes me reconsider listening to M.I.A.'s /\/\/\Y/\ (MAYA) to see if I could potentially seek any ear solace in it. But then again, this fix is just ever so fine that I cannot envision pulling myself away from it long enough to do that.


Doctor rosen rosen


Doctor Rosen Rosen is our rad pal... and here he comes, swooping back into Beastonia with yet another spectacular asset to add to our prescribed repertoire.


Jumpin' jehosaphats, this is all sorts of right.


100% Beaston approved.




mp3: M.I.A. - Internet Connection (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)




M.I.A and The Specials Perform It Takes a Muscle on Later With Jools Holland (video)

Well, I quite like this live arrangement of M.I.A.'s It Takes a Muscle. The singer performed live on Later with Jools Holland with The Specials and the results, well, it's super special in my beastly opinion. 


Check it out now.






mp3: M.I.A. (featuring The Specials) - It Takes a Muscle (Live)




M.I.A. - XXXO (Oli Chang Cinematic Remix)

Last December, I had a right proper love affair with Oli Chang's cinematragically gorgeous remix of Beyonce's Naughty Girl. Today, I revisit the man who makes my knees buckle, because he's recently come out with a new dramatic fix of M.I.A.'s XXXO and just, wow. I can't even...





...but god help me, I'm gonna try. The techybabble queen's latest album hasn't sat so well with us, and whilst I appreciate what she's trying to say, I'm of the opinion that so much more could be said by not saying anything at all. Or if you're gonna put some shit on blast, then do it gracefully.


Enter Oli...and his smashing re-interpretation of the single, XXXO, complete with accompanying video, much like he's done with his previous efforts.


Gosh this is pretty moving and proving that yep, less is more. XXXOH YEAH.






mp3: M.I.A. - XXXO (Oli Chang Cinematic Remix)




M.I.A. - XXXO (new video!)

M.I.A. just tweeted a message out, including the link to her new video for XXXO. No official report if it was a la Tweetie Bird via her iPhone. Although she did note: "WORLD PREMIA XXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOO XXXO XXXO XXXO VIDEO!!!YO!"


She looks great in this clip, even though seemingly getting her style on courtesy of Glamour Shots by Deb and Microsoft Clip Art borders. XXXO comes from the singer's 3rd studio album, MAYA (/\/\ /\ Y /\) which is out now.



mp3: M.I.A. - XXXO (SBTRKT Remix)




Beastly Bits #122

It's a beeeyooootiful morning in Beastonia. Gonna try this thing called "nobody gonna break-a my stride, cant nobody hold...me...down...". Oh no. I got to keep on moving...past all disgruntlers and lack of common sensers.



No dig at you, dear readers...bloggers got other jobs to maintain a beastly existence. Ok ok, enough gripes and enough Matthew Wilder lyrics. It's da bits!


Wyclef Jean may run for president of Haiti. link


M.I.A. might do a make-good free show for NYC HARD ticket holders. link


Caribou's new video for Sun is all kinds of amazing. link


Rihanna wants to do a "sexy duet" with Lady Gaga. Te Amo on Ma Ma Ma Poker Face? link


Latest guilty pleasure is Ne-Yo's Beautiful Monster, and our buddy Cosmic Dawn rubbed it over. Yours for free below.


mp3: Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster (Cosmic Dawn Remix)




Beastly Bits #120

This weekend is going to be nonstop on the fun tip...tonight, Free Energy and Best Coast play for FREE at the South Street Seaport. Tomorrow is HARD Fest on Governor's Island and Sunday is the icing on a cupcaker of days with Cap N Jazz reuniting at the Williamsburg Waterfront. No Age also plays...also, FREE again.



Know what else is free? Deeeez bits! Some say we're easy...some say we're cheap. I say, we's rad, ya dig?


Here's your LOL-Alert for today. Foxy Brown was arrested for mooning her neighbor. link


Watch Kele's new video for Everything You Wanted. link


Billy Corgan collapsed on stage at a gig in Tampa, FL last night. Dude's ok now. link


Mary Anne Hobbs resigned from Radio 1. Nooooo! link


As mentioned above, I'm so stoked for HARD Fest tomorrow. Grab two fresh new edits from event performers below.


mp3: M.I.A. - XXXO (Mujava and DJ Qness Serenity Re-Edit)

mp3: Die Antwoord - I Dont Need You (Van Scott Loves You Edit)



Win a Vinyl Copy of M.I.A.'s /\/\ /\ Y /\ !

That post-title looks like some straight up hieroglyphics bollocks, eh? What's not of the nonsensical variety however, is the fact that I'm giving away a copy of M.I.A.'s /\/\ /\ Y /\ (Maya), and it's a vinyl copy no less. Ready to get your wax on? Double meanings!



 /\/\ /\ Y /\ (Maya) comes out July 13 via the singer's own imprint, N.E.E.T. Recordings. While you've undoubtedly given an ear or few to the leaked copy (don't bother...the low-quality rip isn't great on the cochlear canals) or any one of the many singles, both promo and official, that she's given up for grabs, there's really only one way to rock the radness of a new release. And that's on vinyl!


Details on how to enter this contest are as below. Shit's real easy, and will only take you like 30 seconds to jump on...like so...


Simply copy, paste and send me the below message via twitter and you're entered. I'm dishing out one pair of tickets so get tweeting! Contest will remain open until 5pm Tuesday, July 13, so you have almost two week to hit me with those tweets! 


yo @sheenabeaston there's space for ol dat i see, and it's in my record collection for @_m_i_a_'s new album on vinyl!


(hint: you have to be following me on the birdaliciously rad social app, so I can Direct Message winner with all the pertinent info)


Also, in case you've been blinded and/or away from a computer for the past month, the below is what her full album cover looks like. Schizo!




mp3: Janet Jackson - The Best Things In Life Are Free 



Last Night: So You Think You Can Dance's Blog-Worthy Musical Selections

It's rare that I find myself perched in front of a television in the evening hours during the week, especially during the summer months. Usually at a show, a friend's abode or perhaps a watering hole, last night, I stayed in thanks to a head cold, and found myself drawn into watching FOX's So You Think You Can Dance. Far be it from me to turn to reality programming, however, over the past few seasons of the show, it's one that I can always count on to entertain.



This season's "catch" is that the top 10 (now 9 and after tonight's results, 8) dancers are paired up with "all-stars" from previous seasons. For this music-minded telly-tuner-inner, however, it's the song choices that highlight some great, and some ooof yikes, choreographed numbers. SYTYCD has always had a solid rapport for choosing slightly "obscure for the general public" styled songs. (Think Roisin Murphy's Ramalama Bang Bang in Season 2.)


Now in its seventh season, last night's episode proved no different...although this go 'round, both the partner dances and individual solos were dotted with tunes known well throughout the land of blogs. If the show maintains this heightened level of musicality, you can assure I'll skip a few more venue gigs, stay at home to watch, then most likely embarrass myself by learning the choreographies. 


Ladies and gentlemen, beasts, boys and girls...here are the blog-worthy routines, with video evidence.


Adechike & Lauren (hip-hop)
N.E.R.D. (featuring Nelly Furtado) - Hot-N-Fun

Ashley & Ade (contemporary)
Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

Billy Bell (solo)
Amanda Blank - Something Bigger, Something Better

Ashley Galvan (solo)
Crookers (featuring Roisin Murphy) - Royal T

Robert Roldan (solo)
Ray Lamontagne - Hold You In My Arms

Robert & Courtney (jazz)

Alex & Twitch (hip-hop)
Lil Jon (featuring LMFAO) - Outta Your Mind



mp3: M.I.A. - Steppin Up (Breakdown Remix)



Remix M.I.A.'s Steppin' Up and You Could Win Insider VIP tickets to HARD LA!


This is just about to go live (2:00pm EST), but we've got the "few minutes early" scoop on how you can get VIP access to HARD LA! What is this event, you ask...and how does one go about winning such an amazing opportunity? HARD is the underground music festival brought to the surface of major cities, always boasting an increasingly hip lineup. How's that for a one sentence shot at enticing you? Let's read on.



M.I.A. is promoting her upcoming album, /\/\ /\ Y /\ (available July 13 on N.E.E.T. Recordings), and since she's repping a headlining slot at the fest on July 17, what better way to combine the music and the moshing than with a mix-it-up contest!


Details on how to enter the contest and be in the running for the coveted VIP tickets are below. (If you're not a mixer and still want to enjoy some tunes, download the free HARD promo album here, with songs from Crystal Castles, Soulwax, Die Antwoord, Flying Lotus, and more.)


Step up in the club and tool up your remix skills to win insider VIP tickets to HARD LA. Steppin' Up is the adventurous Rusko-produced second track from the singer's upcoming album. M.I.A. will celebrate the album's release by performing at HARD LA on Saturday July 17. M.I.A. and N.E.E.T. Recordings are working with HARD to give you the exclusive opportunity to remix the track. Here's how:

Step 1: Download the Steppin' Up acapella here.
Step 2: Read and agree to the full contest rules.
Step 3: Use the acapella and your own software and instruments to create your remix.  
Step 4: Upload your remix to HARD's SoundCloud dropbox and share your track to the public before midnight Friday July 9. Your remix's title must include "HARD LA - M.I.A."

That's it! There's two ways to win: either by getting the most "favorites" on SoundCloud, or by impressing HARD & N.E.E.T.'s private panel of judges!

For more information on HARD LA and to purchase tickets, visit the here


mp3: M.I.A. -  XXXO (Riton ReRub)



The Creators Project: M.I.A. Iz What It Iz

Days before the launch party for The Creators Project at New York City's Milk Studios, rumors began swirling as to who the unannounced special guest headliner would be. Most guessed it would be M.I.A., what with her album  /\/\ /\ Y /\, due out on soon and her label-mates already on the docket. That thought was confirmed the day prior to the party, and if everyone who didn't already have a pass to the event wanted in, they so desperately fought to get there even more after the news broke.




The fighting continued, ok we'll be polite and call it shoving, for space near the stage before her set began led to the collapse of the photo pit, with fans straddling amps and monitors in order to reach the singer once she arrived on stage. With this having been my first opportunity to catch M.I.A. live, I had great expectations and hopes in store.


Many of those, however, were not lived up to. Maybe it's due to the new material not initially resonating with me (although, I'd like to hear the high-quality album before making any other sweeping statements regarding iit), or maybe it's due to the fact that my wallet was stolen during the performance...leaving a sour taste in my mouth post-set. Either way, I still hold out hope that she'll soon wow me with a live showing...possibly at HARD Fest where the singer seems much better suited for the festival atmosphere as opposed to the intimate underground club feel that Saturday night's space provided for the exhibition.


I will say this though: M.I.A.is what she is...something to talk about for both supporters or naysayers.


View more pictures from M.I.A.'s set here.





mp3: M.I.A. - XXXO (Darren Glen Remix)



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