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Stream This Now: Phoebe Killdeer vs Cedric Le Roux (DJ Set MIx)

Holy crap, I have no idea who these people are but sometimes names in random emails stick out at you...or more importantly. it's the track list of what's used in a mini-mix. That said, Phoebe Killdeer and Cedric Le Roux turn in a tidy 25 minute package that I've already played three times in a row. Not your typical Beastly tunes, but dear dude above, this hits on all the sweet spots right about now. It's like everything I never knew I wanted to hear today but am glad I did.



Phoebe Killdeer VS Cedric Le Roux by getyouractstogether 



1. Tom Waits - 16 Shells From A 30.6 
2. Boots Brown - Ceveza 
3. The Beach Boys - Hully Gully 
4. La Lupe - Fever 
5. Bo Diddley - Hush Your Mouth 
6. The Noblemen - Dragon Walk 
7. Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie 
8. The Megatons - Shimmy Shimmy Walk, Part 1 
9. The Majestics - Oasis, Part 2 
10. Di Anne Price - Pig Meat







I don't even know where to begin with this one. Wait, yes I do. In mid-October, some kid(s) we all know and love within our respective blogosphere and online networks were at an event to which the tweets began to fly that a "human mashup" was spinning the party. Said mash was a mix of ugh, Snooki, and well, me. If you know me IRL, then you know I don't resemble the pickle puckered dwarf in any way, shape or form, but c'est la vie, this encounter has spawned all sorts of net-worthy treats.




The first of which is a twitter account by the name of SNOOKI BEASTON. out of which reveal some of the funnier tweets this side of the Jersey Shore. Recently, an AIM name came to the surface in which conversations are all typed in caps, DUH.


The latest and greatest of all extremities of said virtual encounters is a minimix of verifiably fist-pump worthy tunes, lovingly dubbed the SNOOKI BEASTON BIG TINGS MIXXX. (track list after the player, with a super duper bonus cut after that)


Now let it be known, I have NO association with the online persona or presence of this evil little mastermind. But I do have an idea of who's behind it. No fun in revealing the secrets...so let's just drop this mix on you before we jet out the door for a night time GTL sesh. 





Homebwoi - Gimme a Break 
Art of Noise - Love 
Deeon - Freek U Rite 
Disco Rick and the Dogs - I Know a Bitch 
[white label release] 
Deeon - Headhunters 
Aaron-Carl - Gold Diggers Theme 
Aaron-Carl - South Side 734 
[white label release] 
Nephets - Gettin' Some Juked 
Slugo - Juke That Back Low 
DJ Yola - Ain't Gon' Let Up 
TI - Ride Wit Me 
Missy Elliott - Sock it 2 Me 
[white label release] 
Cupid Shuffle (Juke Jams Remix) 
J-Laini - Fuck N' Tell



mp3: DJ Pauly D - Beat Dat Beat




The 2 Bears: Debut EP and Annie Mac Minimix

Super duo radness! That's who The 2 Bears are...or more formally, they are Raf Rundell (a South London club promoter and DJ through the alter-moniker Greco-Roman Soundsystem) and the more well-known dude Joe Goddard (producer, remixer and member of Hot Chip). Together, they've collaborated as the dual forest creatures via Southern Fried Records, and their first release is the Follow the Bears EP, out now.



In addition to the EP, which comes with a hearty helping of beefed up and beastly accoutrements, The 2 Bears also host a weekly radio show on Ministry of Sound Radio. Check it out here...and speaking of radio, these furry fools dropped in to Annie Mac's Friday night fun-fest this past week, and delivered one of the tightest mini-mixes we've heard this year on the program.


Yours below the track list. 'Tis proper rad.


The KLF - Madrugada Eterna
The 2 Bears - Be Strong
Backyard Dog - Baddest Ruffest Winston Hazel + DJ Pipes Mix
Kenny - Don Dada
A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It
Biz Markie - Nobody Beats The Biz
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothin But Trouble
Lee "Scratch" Perry - Kentucky Skank
Toddla T - Manabadman
The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
Drums of Death - Breathe
Jodeci - Freek N You (MK Dub)
Hot Chip - We Have Love (Hot City Mix)
Wookie - Scrappy
Maxsta - East London Is Back
The Todd Terry Project - Weekend
Lovestation - Teardrops
Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers
Monsta Boy - Sorry (I Didn't Know)
DJ Luck & MC Neat - A Little Bit Of Luck
Sia - Little Man
Wookie - Battle
MJ Cole -  Sincere



mp3: The 2 Bears - Mercy Time (Supabeatz Remix)

mp3: The 2 Bears - Annie Mac Minimix



Mark Ronson: Album Art and Annie Mac Mix

This weekend started off with a bang [bang, bang], when Mark Ronson called in to Annie Mac's Friday show on BBC and had a proper chat and wax with the radio personality. Discussing his new album, Ronson also provided Ms. Mac with the evening's 5-minute minimix, which he dubbed Synth and Synthability. Punny!



Before spinning the mix (the second, after his 2007 amazing contribution), Annie announced that Mark would be joining her lineup at Ibiza Rocks this year. Major!


Additionally, Ronson unveiled his new album's artwork, which is an homaged nod to Duran Duran's Patrick Nagel-designed Rio art. View the full image below, then grab the mix after that!




mp3: Mark Ronson - Annie Mac 2010 Minimix




Yolanda Be Cool - Annie Mac Minimix

Last Friday, Yolanda Be Cool, the Australian house-production duo provided the weekly 5-minute minimix on Annie Mac's BBC broadcast. The blokes already found a way into my heart and on nearly every one of my playlists with their fab tune We No Speak Americano, the infectious collaboration with DCUP, and now we've got this nugget of nice nice to add into the repertoire.



How about the track list and a download of the mix? 


Both below. Smashing!


The Dark Knight - Ladies & Gentleman
Yolanda Be Cool - Villalobos For Presidente (Nick Verwey Remix
Homework - Fissa Tune
Nils Ohrmann - Lets Funk (Daniel Steinberg Remix)
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - Going To Happen
Kid Kaio - Sax Tape (Too Sexy)
Round Table Knights - Cut To The Top
What's Up Fatlip - Fatlip (Acapella)
Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp - Gameboy/Gamegirl (Acapella)
Balkamaniac - Sebastian Leger
Mitzwah - Hickup
La Paz - A Star Coy
Bla Bla - Belocca & Soneec
Duckface - The Martin Brothers
Serious - The Dark Knight
A Yoo - Act Yo Age
La Bolsita - Da Cat, Bernard Novaes
Toadstool - Para One (Jesse Rose Made To Play Dub)
Obrigado - Camel (Yolanda Be Cool Remix)
Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano (Urchins Remix)
Ilario Alicante - Vacaciones En Chile
Hickup - Hickup Theme
Phabyo DJ - One Dos Quatro
Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts (DCUP Remix)
Train To Bamako - Myd
One Track Mind - Playmode
Get Low - Justin Martin
Go Low - Renaissance Man Edit
Yolanda Be Cool - Monika With A K
Siopis - Pesti Nasty


mp3: Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP - We No Speak Americano (Go Go Bizkitt Remix)

mp3: Yolanda Be Cool - Annie Mac Minimix




Sheena Beaston - P3 Pop Minimix

P3 Pop is radder than rad. Love their tunes and especially their guest mini mixes, and I have even more reason to toss out viurtual high fives 'cross the pond to Sweden because, as mentioned last week, my very first minimix has just gone live on the station. Airing in real-time, I'm posting and hosting the file here as well for all y'all who missed the live feed.



Being that I couldn't reveal the actual file or track listing until after the mix aired, I've now got free reign to give it all away mm hmm! You can stream or download the minimix after the track list.


All feedback is warmly received and yes, you're free to giggle at how bootleg it is. Thanks to Sara and P3 Pop for letting me in on th fun!


1. Major Lazer (Featuring Mr. Evil and Mapei) - Mary Jane 
2. Mark Ronson and The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (Count and Sinden Tribal Horn Remix) 
3. Robyn - None Of Dem 
4. Bang (Intro) 
5. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano 
6. Janet Jackson - Rock With You (Intro) 
7. N.E.R.D. - Hot N Fun (Hot Chip Remix) 
8. Kelis (Intro) 
9. Soul II Soul - Back to Life (Monsieur Adi Remix) 
10. Savage Skulls - Bad Gal (Crookers Remix - Douster Caliente Edit ) 
11. Peaches - Mommy Complex (Barletta and Ernold Sane Remix) 
12. Angelique Kidjo - Move On Up (Radioclit Remix) 
13. Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Disco 
14. Sheena Beaston (Intro) 
15. Madonna - I Love New York



Sheena Beaston - P3 Pop Minimix



Sheena Beaston Mix to be Featured on P3 Pop with Sara Martinsson (June 28, 2010)

Knowing my love of all things Swedish, pop and radio-centric, getting an email from Sara Martinsson, host of the fantastic P3 Pop show on Sweden National Radio, was not only a shock (in the best way possible) but quite the beastly honor as well. With Martinsson coming stateside this month, she's featuring a ton of New York City music entities. She's already done it this past Monday, and on June 28, we literally get to jump into the mix. 



Think of this as a programming note. A "hey hey you better tune in!" post, if you will, because Sara will be debuting my 10-minute minimix...fixed and fiddled with by my own hands! 


While I can't give you the final file just yet being that it won't air until Monday June 28 during the 21:00-23:00 time slot (3 - 5pm EST), I thought it might be fun to tease you with some background on why I chose the songs I did, along with an intensely abbreviated track list of the songs I used.


Feel free to guess which songs you might be hearing. (save this link for next week's listening!)


I have musical ADD. That being, I cant keep listening to one song for too long...and fittingly enough, this stunted attention span of mine worked out pretty well when creating a true "New York City" minimix. The cast of characters I come across in every day life is mirrored in the below list of songs. We start in the 'hood I inhabit with a fun little fix/re-rub of the first track that shouts out "this is a story a [Astoria]", and we travel through London, Sweden, Sydney, Italy, South Africa, Berlin via Canada, and a few other international destinations before returning home. Beastly, indeed.




mp3: Swedish House Mafia (featuring Pharrell) - One (Radio Edit)




High Life - P3 Pop Minimix

We're getting tropically funky and culturally diverse with a rad 10-minute minimix from Stockholm's premiere party tossers and equally excellent DJs, High Life. Put together for P3 Pop, the Swedish radio program with Sarah Martinsson, these kids worked over a mix they describe as "purely tropical gold" for last week's installment.



Have to give a hearty hat tip to Ghetto Bassquake (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to frequent) for the find. You can stream or download the mix, by jumping after the track list.


Also, if that first beat doesn't jump out ant you and get you psyched for the remaining 9+ minutes of the mix, you have no soul. Hint: Simba. Woot!


1. Douster - King Of Africa
2. Ida Engberg & David West - Abtaka
3. Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts
4. Africarribean Connections - My Name Is Afro Blue
5. Dj Caloudji, Dj Arafat, Marginal, Serpent Noir & Tevecinq- Pipo
6. Meiway - DJ Tassouman
7. Chief Boima - Jesus Faroter
8. Dj Gregory & Sidney Samson - Dama S Salon
9. Killamu - Sukuma
10. Batida - Yumbala
11. Kassav - Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman Nou Ni



mp3: High Life - P3 Pop Minimix



Gorillaz Minimix for Annie Mac Show

This past Friday, Annie Mac kicked off her first February show in a major way. Guest A-Trak called in to chat shop, Riva Starr popped over with an essential mix and DJ Kofi from Gorillaz [Soundsystem] took control of the 5-minute minimix.


With their upcoming album, Plastic Beach, garnering all sorts of fan support, with but a single track out for listening, Gorillaz are poised to have our feet tapping to their cartoon beats yet again. Stylo is a finely-crafted tune, with a set of urgent vocals from Mos Def and Bobby Womack.

Not surprisingly, DJ Kofi uses the single within the mix. Think you know what else he drops in? Give it a listen below, along with a remix of said song.


mp3: Gorillaz - Annie Mac Minimix

mp3: Gorillaz (Featuring Mos Def And Bobby Womack) - Stylo (Tenkah Remix)


Beastly Bits #22

Geaux Saints! Did you catch the Super Bowl last night? More importantly, did you watch The Who during the halftime spectacular. I've got my thoughts on how it all played out, which I was extremely verbal about during the presentation. No need to rehash, but you can scroll through my twittered-frustrations here if you must.


Now that the footballing is over, we're ready to focus on an extremely busy week, chock full of rad new music news.


Metric team up with Kill The 8 to design a special Haiti Relief T-shirt. It's available as an exclusive pre-sale here with 100% of the profits going directly to the Canadian Red Cross Haiti relief effort.

Massive Attack's new album, Heligoland, is available as a deluxe triple gatefold edition for you serious collectors/fans. Information on how to make it yours can be found here.

To celebrate Florence + The Machine's BRIT Award nominations, the good folks at Orange have launched a fantastic competition to win one of 5 top-of-the-range Sony Ericsson W595 Monkey handsets. Enter here.

Mr. Vega's Play Me At Pacha Louder EP will hit all digital stores the second week of March. We've got an mp3 of the entire EP in minimix form, and it's yours for free below.

This month's FADER Bowl takes place tomorrow night, featuring Restless People and MNDR. More information on the free festivities here.


mp3: Mr. Vega - Play Me At Pacha Louder (EP Minimix)

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