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The Royal Reign of Sir Jack Splash

If there is one artist who completely embodies the term "renaissance man", it's the Miami-cum-LA producer/artist, Jack Splash. Long hot on the "Sir Jack tip" since hearing a few demos early last year, a proper sit-down with the dude who makes me hit play, and repeat, more often than not was a chance to get into the mind of a true millennial master.



Oft-compared to a hybrid lovechild of Prince and Outkast, Splash is not shy to show his passion and dedication to his impressive collection of works, most of which he's dished out for free in anticipation of his full length album, Technology and Love Might Save Us All. Let's dive in and, yep, make a splash with super cool and cordial dude.


SB:  Since we’ve been going back and forth on Twitter, I figured why not do a proper interview and help spread the word a little bit more?

JS: Cool, I really appreciate that. Your real name is Hannah?


SB: Yeah, it’s Hannah.  Sheena Beaston is just the name of the site, but I’ve answered to Sheena many times before, so whatever works is totally cool.

JS: That’s cool. That’s rock and roll, I dig it.


SB: Absolutely.  So where are you based at right now?

JS:  I’m in Miami right now.


SB: Oh, so you’re missing out on all the snow and the fun going on up here in the Northeast.

JS: Oh my goodness, I’m not a huge snow person anyways


SB: Dude, I am not either...I hate it! My office even shut down today.

JS: That’s madness. I don’t think I’ve ever been…I mean, I’ve been in the snow, but not in the middle of the city. You know what I mean?


SB: Yeah, exactly. It’s just a hassle to trudge through the city in these conditions so it’s kind of nice to  just stay home and watch movies all day, which is so out of the norm for me.

JS:  That’s the best time for some hot cocoa


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Jack Splash - King Of The Beats: Volume 1 (free mixtape!)

"Hey yo, Jack Splash...let's take 'em on some next level ish. Feel me? Let's go!" wisps Missy Elliott on the Beast-loved Jack Splash tune, I Could Have Loved You. While that song remains our staple "go-to-funk" jam, that quote deservedly earns a place in this post for all the right reasons.


Today documents the release of Jack Splash's, King Of The Beats: Volume 1, the second of three mixtapes to be released before his much-anticipated full-length album AND film, Technology And Love Might Save Us All... out in May via J-Records.  


In the past few months, Jack Splash has bombarded the music world with 90's throwback rap tracks and futuristic synth-pop hooks. King Of The Beats reminds us that Jack is capable of such songs, but also takes you further into his genius by revealing a number of instrumental tracks.

Each track has been carefully crafted and produced by the same hands that created music for such talented artists as T-Pain, Estelle, Shakira, Britney Spears and more. Truly, he is, the king of the beats.

1. King Of The Beats 2. Welcome To The Dance (Part 1) 3. My Sunglasses 4. Disko Labyrinth 5. .38 Special (Featuring Cee-Lo) 6. The Maestro (Young Spector) 7. It's Not The Same 8. Sly Stone (Part 2) 9. The Funhouse Has Mirrors 10. Fool For That 11. Look Meli... A Rainbow 12. No Sellout 13. Love Is A Symphony


The mixtape is available as a free download here, or sample a few tracks below.

mp3: Jack Splash - My Sunglasses

mp3: Jack Splash - Disko Labyrinth

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