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Heartsrevolution Release New Song; Free Mixtape Out on May 30

For your Wednesday ear perusal, we've got the first track from the new Heartsrevolution mixtape. It's called I.D. (Investigate Discovery) and is a good taster of what the band has been up to during their hush hush hiatus.




PS: apparently, Heartsrevolution are being managed by Kanye West's manager now, so whatever that's worth... cool. And the mixtape sounds like it is going to be awesome, per the sampler below.








mp3: Heartsrevolution - I.D. (Investigation Discovery)



The Very Best to Release Super Mom Mixtape for Free on Sunday

“From the people who brought you The Lion King, Graceland, The World Cup, Humanity and Bono and also that random one... what was it called? Warm Arm Of South Africa? Warm Heart Of Africa?. ANYWAYS! This year Mothers Day becomes SUPER MOM day!” Prepare for the epic FREE download... THE VERY BEST- SUPER MOM MIXTAPE!




Pay with your email address here to have it sent straight away to you on Sunday.







I'm Flashy, Pigeons & Planes and Sheena Beaston Present: Rai Knight's Self-Portrait Mixtape

Together with the superior skills and thrills of buddy sites, I'm Flashy and Pigeons and Planes, I'm super jazzmatazzed to reveal our tri-hosting of the brand new mixtape from a Beaston-fave in Rai Knight. You want the goods? Cause you're gonna get 'em!




With a little funk and a lot of soul, Rai returns to Beastonia with a 7-cut offer that's available on the fre and it's something we suggest you get in on now. Having already revealed her Black Milk cover of Without U, the track anchors the short and super stellar Self-Portrait mixtape that showcases a skill set we've been heralding for some time. Grab it in full, here.


Rai Knight - Self-Portrait Mixtape Track List
1. I Can Move Your Heart
2. My Verdict
3. Persistence
4. We've Been Thru
5. Thank You Vengeance
6. The Sweetness
7. Without U


Little treat below too. Oooh yeah!




mp3: Rai Knight - I Can Move Your Heart




Kid Sister - Kiss Kiss Kiss (free mixtape!)

You know, last year, we were really jazzed on Kid Sister's debut album, Ultraviolet, and while it hasn't gotten a lot of Beastonic play in recent months, we can however, switch gears, and get 'eared up on a new mixtape that she's dropped for free. Oh, you go, grrrrrll.


Kid sister


Kiss Kiss Kiss is out now on Fool's Gold Records, Nick Catchdubs is on the DJ mixin' duties, and you can snag the set for the simple cost of an email address here.


Listen to this while getting your pro nails did. Or just whenever you want.


Approval of a beastly nature.




01. Kissin-tro
02. Kiss Kiss Kiss
03. Work Them
04. Green Velvet – Everybody Wants
05. Carte Blanche – Do! Do! Do! (Original / Laidback Luke Remix)
06. Daydreaming (Douster Remix)
07. Lookout Weekend f. Nina Sky
08. Gucci Rag Top f. Gucci Mane
09. Click Clack (Show It Off)
10. Don’t Stop Movin
11. Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)
12. Paul Wall – Imma Get It
13. Jo-DE-Ci f. DJ Gant-Man




mp3: Kid Sister - Don't Stop Movin




Get $100 Off Any HP ENVY Notebook... AND a New Mixtape!

Let's not beat around the proverbial bush here. I have two slices of awesome to toss your way: one which could culminate in a tangibly titillating item, and the other, well, it's just another silly cochlear pleasure from yours truly. Monetary markdowns and mixtapes... it's a rad thing!


Envy discount


Dudes, giving someone a laptop for Christmas (only 10 shopping days left!) is a pretty sweet way to say ILU IRL, so if you're gonna do so, why not make it one in the HP ENVY series. If my own raves about the machine aren't enough to convince you, see what my pals like Jeff, Nora and Brad think of the device. Or, OR...on top of all that, how's about I just knock off $100 on the price of any notebook in the series, cause I'm about to do just that.


All you gotta do is start shopping at HPDirect.com. When you're ready to check out, use code NBEY69354 to save 100 big ones on your purchase (offer valid for the first 50 redeemers only).


And how's about a little inspirational music to listen to whilst you're doing that online navigating for new techy tidbits. Well, I suppose I'd hardly call it motivational, but you may get a good chuckle out of this insanely thematic minimix I threw together. Track listing, then play it .... uhnnn yeah!


1. Smart Mother Intro 
2. Kanye West - School Spirit (Rad Edit) 
3. We Came Here at 6 O'Clock 
4. Tupac - Old School 
5. Detention Room 
6. Atmosphere - Smart Went Crazy (Rad Edit) 
7. Schoolyard Hijinks 
8. Led Zeppelin - School Days (Bootleg) 
9. Billy Madison vs Clueless (Schoolin') 
10. Pink Floyd - We Don't Need No Education (Rad Edit) 
11. Twenty Five Divided By Five 
12. Eric Prydz - Proper Education 
13. Beastie Boys - College Girls are Easy 
14. Soulja Boy - Report Card 
15. Bueller Outro



Hannah Rad - Pencils Down Little Schoolgirl by hannahrad  





Hannah Rad - Honky Tonk Put a Donk On It (new mixtape!)

Well, well, well...what have we here? Yes, my rad little fingers and brain and body have all joined forces to concoct a new mixtape for you. And yes, as mentioned in a previous post, this was done solely using that "one thing" I keep going on and on about. 




No more words. Let's give it up to the tunes to do the talking.


1. Intro
2. The Coasters - Down in Mexico
3. The Coasters - Down in Mexico (Beaston Beats Fix)
4. Boots Brown - Cerveza
5. La Lupe - Fever
6. Bo Diddley - Hush Your Mouth
7. The Nobleman - Dragon Walk
8. Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie
9. The Megatons - Shimmy Shimmy Walk
10. The Majestics - Oasis
11. DiAnne Price - Pig Meat
12. The Doors - Been Down So Long (Streetlab Mix)
13. The Supremes - Baby Love
14. Jim Croce - Bad Leroy Brown
15. Loretta Lynn - Mrs. Leroy Brown
16. Los Bravos - Black is Black




The Death Set - Artificially Sweetened (free mixtape!)

Weighing in under the hour mark, The Death Set's new 43 song mixtape, Artificially Sweetened, finds the dudes from BK via Aussieland in a no holds barred battle to wreck your body and brain. If you need a guaranteed party starter or ender, let this free slice of fun serve both purposes.


The death set


Mishka presents the offering, which you can download for the cost of naught here.


Beaston approved.




mp3: The Death Set - Negative Thinking (Treasure Fingers Remix)




CJ Milli and iSkream Social - Sibling Rivalry (free mixtape!)

Um, holy crap you guys. CJ Milli is my main lady who wrecks behind the decks, and little did I know that she has a younger sister who also cranks out handclappers on the wheels of steel, but yeah, she does, and this ish is poppin' me off right now. Lil' sis goes by the name iSkream Social (keeeeyoooot!) and this mixtape is fittingly dubbed Sibling Rivalry (keeeyooooter!).




Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, these two gals drilled a hole right into my heart with a healthy portion of both well-known and obscure fixes that simply refuse to quit on ya. Yeah it's all of 9:00pm here in NYC, but Beastonia has just turned into a rave cave.


Giving you that good track list, then stream it, or download it here.



Sibling Rivalry by CJMilli 


Intro (Limp Bizkit Flashback) 
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Collapsing Cities (His Majesty Andre Remix) 
Realboy - The Ritz
Drumattic Twins - Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte- Disco Edit) 
Afrojack ft. Eva Simons - Take Over Control 
Sidney Samson - Panorama (Original Mix) 
Clockwork - Airflow (Valerna Remix) 
Gooseflesh - Karate Kids 
Teenage Bad Girl - Tonton Funk (Les Petits Pilous Remix) 
SunnyBeach HappySlap MardiGras - Conta (Momma's Boy Remix) 
Joris Voorn - Incident (Orinal Mix) 
Miami Horror - Sometimes (Shazam Remix) 
The Phantoms Revenge - I Can't Loose (Original Mix) 
Bobby Analog - I Want You (Leonardus Remix) 
Luvstuff - Ziek Music (Lazy Rich Remix) 
Will Bailey & Punk Rolla - Kata (Original Mix) 
Drop the Lime - Sex Sax (Proper Villains Club Remix) 
Hot Pink Delorean - Court Jester (Original Mix /Peacetreaty Remix) 
Kill the Noise - Jokes on You (Original Mix) 
Savage Skulls & Douster - Rendezvous 
Deekline, Sporty-O, Dustin Hulton - Apple Bottom (Will Bailey Remix) 
Loot & Plunder and Def Starr - Slapstick (Redial Remix)





The Magician, The Aikiu and Discodeine

Or as I like to call it, a terrifying trifecta of awesome! The Magician is Stephen Fasano, who as you might know, used to be in Aeroplane, til he bailed and went solo steez on the music scene. We're ok with it, cause he's starting to churn out mixtapes, and his first official remix is a fine fix of The Aikiu's The Red Kiss, which is the Frenchman's next single, due out in November. And you can hear it in his latest mixocological masterpiece.


The magician


Also, he uses Discodeine's Synchronize, which we told you about way back when, and features the inimitable vocals of Jarvis Cocker.


All this makes us berry beastly happy.



Magic Tape Three by TheMagician 


1. D-Pulse - On A Highway To Saturn (Sare Havlicek Dub Cut)
2. The Aikiu - The Red Kiss (The Magician ’80’s Pop Mix)
3. Discodeine (ft Jarvis Cocker) - Synchronize
4. Bottin - Discocracy
5. Drop Out City Rockers - International Track
6. Reset! - If We Try (Broke One Remix)
7. Luke Million - Italo Journey (Part II)
8. Yeasayer - Madder Red (Munk Remix)
9. n/a
10. We Are Fans - Into My Life (James Curd Instrumental Remix)
11. Fern Kinney - Love Me Tonight



mp3: Discodeine (ft Jarvis Cocker) - Synchronize




Introducing: Reema Major

In this history of heralding upcoming rapstresses here in Beastonia, I've covered a pretty fair portion of spitters, stylers and scenesters, but none of have come as young as the one we're super geeking out about right now. Back in early '09, it was 17 year old Azealia Banks who turned my head and ear. 2010 has belonged to 19 year old Dominique Young Unique's super steez, but today, it's 15 year old Reema Major who's getting the Beaston stamp of approval. 





The Toronto-based teen hit the Canadian scene by way of Kansas City, but don't let her North American homebase fool you: Major speaks Arabic and Tribal Tongue (Sudan) in addition to native English. Apparently she was also born in a jail cell...whoa. Reema's already released two singles, Gucci Bag and Arabian Princess, to a limited online outlet, but recently, she's found a fan not only in this blogger, but also in rock legend Gene Simmons. Headscratch, what? Here's what the tongued-one has to say:


Two days ago, I was in Toronto doing promotion and media for our first signing, THE ENVY…

While there, Universal’s Mark Spicoluk suggested that I meet REEMA MAJOR and Kwajo, head of G7 Records. We met at the hotel… and, well… I was awe struck. I’ve been around the music industry for 37 years. There is a phrase — maybe you’ve heard it…”EITHER YOU’VE GOT IT… OR YOU DON’T.”

And Reema Major has “it.”

She is all of 15 years old. She was born in a jail cell. She raps. She struts. She IS style. Reema, Kwajo and the G7 crew met to talk about our interest in signing Reema. And then we decided to go get some Starbucks, which was next door. The excitement that Reema caused was immediate and overwhelming. A crowd gathered right away. A television crew picked up on the excitement, and we were interviewed on the street. We, at Simmons/Universal, intend on putting the full court press on this ARTIST, which is what she is.

You will be hearing a lot about her. Remember her name – REEMA MAJOR.



Holy moly, when Simmons speaks, we listen, but when Reema Major spits, we freaking pay attention! You can download Major's Youngest in Charge mixtape for free here. Also check out this freestyle she spits on a recent radio show. It's dope like whoa.


Can't wait to hear what comes next out of this emerging talent!




mp3: Reema Major - Arabic Princess

mp3: Reema Major - Gucci Bag




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