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Kingdom Remixes MNDR and Teams Up With Electrik Red's Naomi Allen? Pearl Clutch!

Last month, the homegirl MNDR dropped onto the raddest radio show in the game, Belly of the Beast (Thursdays 8pm ET), on East Village Radio. She hinted that her single, Cut Me Out, was officially remixed by an NYC radass, and here we present you with the full on facts. It's Kingdom. And it's ah so ah good. Also... news of his new single today makes me swoon like a sweltering beast. Holy!




Kingdom, a [dance] producer renowned for his devotion to R&B, has teamed up with Naomi Allen for his next single. Allen makes up one quarter of Electrik Red, the criminally underrated US girl group whose debut album, 2009′s Dream-governed How to Be a Lady, Vol. 1, represents one of the great modern R&B full-lengths. Her and Kingdom’s collaboration is titled Take Me, and is due for release on Fool’s Gold, this coming Tuesday, July 26. On the B-side, you’ll find If You Buck, a “dreamlike crunk instrumental” built around harps and finger snaps. (via)


You can stream Take Me here or grab the MNDR mix at this link.


So much ear love right now.






Rai Knight - New New (MNDR Remix)



The comparisons between these two were immediate 'cross the worldwide blogosphere, and while I might not neccessarily classify 'em as samesies, I will give 'em both a rad amount of credit and virtual high fives. We've been anxiously awaiting the MNDR remix of Rai Knight's New New since we got wind of it some many months and a halfs ago, but now she's here, and yep yep, she's a good.


You can stream the track below, but please do go buy it officially on iTunes. Your pennies wil help support the cause of me and my homegirl MNDR in our quest to get matching tattoos. For real.



Rai Knight - New New (MNDR Remix) by sheenabeaston 




MNDR - Cut Me Out (Hervé Remix)



Go get it on Green Label Sound too.






mp3: MNDR - Cut Me Out (Herve Remix)



Rai Knight (featuring Oseeola) - Mr. Postman (Redux)

Late last summer, a few of our blog buddies (and our own existence) took to our respective pages to praise the new sounds coming from one, Rai Knight. Err, maybe we should say the New, New sounds, since that's the cut that got us all grooving. But with a new reduxxed version of Mr. Postman, which has been lightly floating in and around our beloved blogosphere, it's time to revisit the world of Rai... and you're specifically gonna want to pay attention to the news we are revealing about a collboration with another of our bespectacled homegirls. Exciting!


Rai knight


So first up, we're lucky to dish out this new remix, er, dux, to you. Rai shares vocal duties with Oseeola, of World Famous Losers, and production comes courtesy of Zach Shipps for Blunkstreet Music. It's rather dope, in our very biased opinion, so grab it on the free tip below.


And now... NOW, we wanna let you in on a lil' something something. Rai recently paired up with the b(r)addest chick in the game, MNDR, for a new remix of Pivotal. Pretty cool developments here in Camp Knight, and sure we'd like to stake claim to the fact that we had everything to do with this matchup (when in fact, it's quite the opposite), but um, yeah, we're pretty jazzed on the potential for this fix. That's not out yet, but it will be soon, we'll have it, no doubt, share it and expect you to love it like we know you can. Additionally, there will be more new music with the promise of a new mixtape after that.


I know I used the word "new" like a milli times in this piece. But um, so worth it.




mp3: Rai Knight (featuring Oseeola) - Mr. Postman (Redux)




MNDR, BEMF and CNBK on EVR's Belly of the Beast Tonight

How's that for a damn post title? It's like, "hey ILU IRL LOL WTF NBD". And if you can't understand anything I'm spitting at you right now, then let me make it a little bit easier.




I have a radio show. You already knew that. 


What you didn't know is that I have a HUGE night planned, with MNDR live in studio, a special BEMF preview session and, AND I'm world premiering a new CockNBullKid song, which you can download for free as soon as the show ends.


More details here.




mp3: Penguin Prison - Golden Train (Kim Fai Radio Edit)




MNDR to Headline London's XOYO; Gives Away Free Mix of Caligula

Hey all ye lads and lasses in fair London-town, I suggest you get thee butts to XOYO on November 24, because our favorite chromed out gal, MNDR, has just announced that she's headlining the space. And sure we'll say it til we're blue in the face: this lady is one of the best things to ever happen to our ears. Get a ticket here.


Mndr xoyo


To celebrate the news, she's giving away new mix of her song, Caligula, for the (free) cost of your email address. I thought about posting the mp3 for you here, but c'mon seriously, this is one mailing list you need to be on. Stream it below; cop it over at her site.



MNDR - Caligula (The Cold Mix) by sheenabeaston 




Recap: MNDR Steals the Night With New Songs at Mercury Lounge

Precisely as that title states, last night's early show (weird, haven't seen an 8:00pm start time in a loooong while) at Mercury Lounge featured the inimitable MNDR headlining the space in NYC's Lower East Side. And while she's pretty much our good pal at this point, making us the most biased beast, um ever, we can take a step back and note that every instance in which we've caught her live show (it's been a lot) she's far exceeded previous performances. It's not that she was ever NOT good...it's that she just keeps getting better and better at every turn. Other artists: beware.


Mndr_mercury lounge_1


Beginning the set with a personal favorite in Caligula, MNDR was a nonstop flurry of mathematically magical music and motion. After a few more "known cuts" (she's only got a few out there!), the moment we'd had hoped would arrive came to be...and oh, it was pretty fantastic. New music, in the form of songs Diamonds and Casual Attraction, impressed beyond imagination. While the former takes cues from I Go Away in the more "oh man I feel feelings" sense, the latter is another sing-along stunner that incites jumping, dancing, high-fiving and smiling until your face breaks. Yep, it's that good.


We chatted with MNDR after the gig, and ol' girl's got some goodies coming up in the next few months. Sure, we'd share 'em now, but we need every excuse to write more writings about this incredible talent down the line.


Until then, check out the full gallery of images here, and peep the videos from last night's show below. And duh, of course we captured them new jawns, along with Caligula and the "Patty Hearst tribute song" which we still have no idea what the real title of said song is, but it is damn fine. Beast pleased!


Mndr_mercury lounge_2

Mndr_mercury lounge_3






mp3: Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Ninjasonik Remix featuring MNDR and Tasleema)





Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern's Disco Dub)

BIG TUNE...BIG DUB FIX, courtesy of Vancouver's U-Tern. There's really no reason for you to quit on Mark Ronson & The Business INTL's Bang, Bang, Bang...real talk, it's a top-5 summer song for me, and hopefully you dig it just as much. But if you're feeling a slow disco rub, then jump in on the aforementioned remix below.




In other Ronson news, yes that is an image of Mr. Mark sitting in the stylists chair, because he's just recently gone platinum blonde. I scoped him out down at his Friday night EVR show, and can confirm, he looks equally dapper with the new tow-headed tresses. 


In fact, BlackBook thought it was such a "story", that they followed him to the dye chair. Whilst in the midst of being shot for their September issue Martial Vivot, BlackBook's go-to stylist and proprietor of the sophisticated but unstuffy Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes salon, suggested Ronson go bleach-blonde at some point. Ronson was keen on the idea, and said he'd make an appointment to get it done when he returned from an upcoming trip, however when Vivot mentioned he could color him right then and there, Mark excitedly consented.


So they filmed it. And you can watch it now.




Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern's Disco Dub)






MNDR Playing Mercury Lounge on August 30

MNDR is my most favorite chromed out homegirl, and if you haven't already jumped aboard my wagon of "wow wow yeah" praisings, then let August 30 be your guide to greatness and gold. Amanda Warner, as she's known with a few vowels added to her moniker, takes the stage at Mercury Lounge that night, with this just-announced gig. Hurrah!



Aside from hitting the number one spot on the UK charts with the Mark Ronson-collaboration, Bang Bang Bang, MNDR hits on all cylinders with her own solo work as well, as if I haven't already expressed that enough in past posts.


Definitely check her out later this summer. Tickets for the 21+ show go on AmEx pre-sale here tomorrow at 10am.


mp3: MNDR - Jump In (Discmann Remix)



The Creators Project: Mark Ronson Set on EVR

You thought I was done ranting and raving about last week's The Creators Project launch event, didn't you? Well my little beasts and buddies, here's the final piece of the puzzle that was an amazing day. Once again, thanks to VICE and Intel for hosting one of the funnest days/nights we've had in like, a really long time.



Last Saturday's event was capped off by a closing night set by Mark Ronson. Manning the decks at the stroke of midnight, the talented turntablist started off with a few select cuts before welcoming MNDR to the stage. This being the first live performance of his (along with her) song, Bang Bang Bang, the crowd went rightfully nutso! MNDR then did Sparrow and Fade to Black with Ronson backing her on the decks.


After spinning a collection of new and old hits (think Missy Elliott mixed with Aretha Franklin et al), Ronson also brought out Alex Greenwald and Rose Elinor Dougall to sing cuts from his upcoming album, Record Collection. Ronson ended his set with a bit of Somebody To Love Me, another track from the disc, with vocals from Boy George.


If you missed the event, never fear. Mark Ronson's Authentic Shit airs from 8-10pm on East Village Radio tonight, and the evening's programming will be a live recording of his set from The Creators Project. Tune in!





mp3: Mark Ronson and The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (Russ Chimes Remix)



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