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Moullinex and Xinobi - X Marks the Spot

It took them 8 hours from "Hey, let's hit the studio!" to "Track finished". There are no samples. It's Moullinex and Xinobi singing, laughing, whistling, playing bass, guitar, wine bottles and hippie percussions. Basically, doing what they do best... and churning out the new fun cut, X Marks the Spot.




We'd like to suggest you give this one a go.






mp3: Moullinex and Xinobi - X Marks the Spot



Justin Faust - Holdin' On (new song and remixes!)

Every time I get a message from Justin Faust, some part of me reverts to pre-teen giddyness, because I know, without a doubt, that everything he has in store for my yearning ears will leave me in a state of heightened euphoria. So goes the case with his latest offering today. 


Know this, dear beasts, I'm currently writing this piece while simultaneously standing, dancing and smiling like a damn fool. So if that's any indication as to how I feel towards the below, you really don't have to read on...but I urge you to do so.


The Munich-based dude hits us with the second release through start-up label, Discotexas. Faust's Holdin' On is a precise 5-minute delivery of dance floor excellence. The man knows his way around a production, and to note that I'll have this on repeat for a majority of the day is something you probably could have guessed was around the corner.

To supplement the original, the mighty hand of Moullinex hits the track with a funky discohouse wash, while Nightriders swing through with two fixes of their own. Additionally, another Faust original, Witty, is provided in the package, which is available through Beatport.

Now at the risk of seeming gluttonous, I'm giving each of the tracks to you in 128 kbps, at the promise that ONE: you will go buy and support this stellar offering...and TWO: you will be in attendance when Justin Faust comes to NYC on April 24, along with Moullinex and Xinobi. (more details on this when we get 'em!)


mp3: Justin Faust - Holdin On

mp3: Justin Faust - Holdin On (Moullinex Remix)

mp3: Justin Faust - Holdin On (Nightriders Remix)

mp3: Justin Faust - Holdin On (Nightriders 909 Remix)

mp3: Justin Faust - Witty


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