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Katy B: Debut Album Details, MTV Session Video and Girl Unit Remix of Lights On

Whew! Big title... warranted for something coming that's gonna be so big that hey, we'll dub it beastly, as we're prone to doing on the reg. Sweet lil' songstress that she is, Katy B has announced details of her debut album, On a Mission, and whilst we've been in her corner for a hot amount of time, if you're not up in the know, please use this post as your stepping stone into tight tunes that are guaranteed to make you groove and move. Yeah, that'll do.


Katy b


Tracklisting from the singer's freshman offering are as below, and you can pre-order the release (if in the UK) at this link.


1. Power On Me
2. Katy On A Mission
3. Why You Always Here
4. Witches Brew
5. Movement
6. Go Away
7. Disappear
8. Broken Record
9. Lights On feat. Ms. Dynamite
10. Easy Please Me
11. Perfect Stranger
12. Hard To Get


Additionally, check out a clip of Katy B and Ms. Dynamite doing Lights On, live during an MTV session earlier this month. Not sure how I missed it the first time around, but to remedy and make it up to you, the video is viewable and the Girl Unit remix of the song is downloadable, wherein, we all win.






mp3: Katy B (featuring Ms Dynamite) - Lights On (Girl Unit Remix)




Katy B (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Lights On (Skream Remix)

Skream's been on a pretty successful run of remixing songs we already dig and dig hard, making the originals even beastlier and beefier than one might imagine humanly possible. He's basically got that echoey "wa-wah-w-w-w-wa-wah-wah" sound on lock and that's entirely a good thing, both across his solo efforts and heard in works with collaborative musketeered outfit, Magnetic Man.




In no surprise, Skream turns in his latest bit of homework by rubbing his rhythms all over the RinseFM heater, Lights On, from Katy B and Ms. Dynamite.


What may shock you however, is that instead of amping up the energy, he draws out the effects and adds a touch of the tickled ivories into the mix. Still sounding much like he's created this fix in the bellows of a steel drum barrel, the echoes and wah-wahs are still prevalent, but cheers to you on this one dude.


Highly Beaston approved.




mp3: Katy B (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Lights On (Skream Remix)




Katy B (featuring Ms Dynamite) - Lights On (new video!)

After catching wind of this nice new jawn earlier this week, Katy B and her RinseFM backers released the official video clip of Lights On, the singer's new single, which features the equally talented Ms. Dynamite's spit stylin'. Easily my most played track this week, and it's a no brainer as to why: any song about dancing and not wanting to stop chalks right at the top of my list. Also, the beat and bending vocals kinda slay face. Big ups to Geeneus and Zinc on the production tip.




So now, here are your visuals, which frankly are on the underwhleming side, but in doing so, at least gives us the complete song to listen and love as opposed to that radio rip we sneakily posted a few days back...cause that's just annoying for everyone.


Video first. Complete track after.








mp3: Katy B (featuring Ms Dynamite) - Lights On




Katy B (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Lights On

Oh, ok. Wasn't aware I was going to be giving you something super amazing today. Well, now I'm cognizant of this fact, only after being revived and "jump paddled" back to life because I put this new jam on, danced around for like an hour, and then passed out in a sweaty heap of myself. It's Katy B. It's Ms. Dynamite. It's cooler than anything right now.


Ms dynamite


Brand new jawn is called Lights On, and it's another dandy banger courtesy of the RinseFM camp, who are quickly eclipsing any other team of producers for most beastliest badassedest of the year. Pairing Dynamite and B together is like the hugest DUH ever, and of course the resulting track is of the utmost quality, with it's dubby touches, bending synths and vocals, and a pre-chorus and hook to scream for.


I keep on moving with the lights on (with the lights on)!


Check out the below video of MD and KB performing and chatting about the track at this summer's Notting Hill Carnival.






mp3: Katy B (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Lights On




Toddla T (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Want U Now

It's Ms. Dynamite's world, and we're just living in it. Between Wile Out with DJ Zinc, What You Talking About with Redlight, and now this new jawn collabo with Toddla T, you can easily get swept up in an explosive (buhleee dat!) set of tunes destined for repeat and repeat and repeat.


Late summa slammer with Want U Now. I want this in my ears at all times.


mp3: Toddla T (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Want U Now




Redlight (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - What You Talkin' About? (new video!)

Grimesauce with a lushy underbelly! Redlight is quickly becoming one of the hottest producers in the UK and with the addition of Ms. Dynamite's explosive vocals, we've got quite the burner on our hands, in our eyes and ears. What You Talkin' About? I'm talkin' about getting some dutty whinin' on up in dis piece!




mp3: Redlight (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - What You Talkin About






DJ Zinc (Featuring Ms Dynamite) - Wile Out (new video!)

Long known for his signature drum and bass style, DJ Zinc has, as of late resorted to classifying his dubthumping tracks as "crack house". Fitting descriptor, because this song has me both addicted and suffering from a severe case of the sweaty shakes.


With a new single out on February 8, featuring Ms Dynamite, Zinc returns to the top of my playlist with his imperative plea to Wile Out. Watch now and let the rubbery-dubbery radness move you!




mp3: DJ Zinc (Featuring Ms Dynamite) - Wile Out  

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