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Katy B: Debut Album Details, MTV Session Video and Girl Unit Remix of Lights On

Whew! Big title... warranted for something coming that's gonna be so big that hey, we'll dub it beastly, as we're prone to doing on the reg. Sweet lil' songstress that she is, Katy B has announced details of her debut album, On a Mission, and whilst we've been in her corner for a hot amount of time, if you're not up in the know, please use this post as your stepping stone into tight tunes that are guaranteed to make you groove and move. Yeah, that'll do.


Katy b


Tracklisting from the singer's freshman offering are as below, and you can pre-order the release (if in the UK) at this link.


1. Power On Me
2. Katy On A Mission
3. Why You Always Here
4. Witches Brew
5. Movement
6. Go Away
7. Disappear
8. Broken Record
9. Lights On feat. Ms. Dynamite
10. Easy Please Me
11. Perfect Stranger
12. Hard To Get


Additionally, check out a clip of Katy B and Ms. Dynamite doing Lights On, live during an MTV session earlier this month. Not sure how I missed it the first time around, but to remedy and make it up to you, the video is viewable and the Girl Unit remix of the song is downloadable, wherein, we all win.






mp3: Katy B (featuring Ms Dynamite) - Lights On (Girl Unit Remix)




Watch Sleigh Bells Live, In NYC, Tonight on MTV.com (also, New Video for Infinity Guitars!)

Simple as that...much like MTV did with Neon Indian last month, it's another live streaming show you can watch online in the event you missed out on the chance to snag tickets to see Sleigh Bells performing at NYC's The Studio at Webster Hall tonight. Hooray for technology!


Sleigh bells live



Get your dial-up Internet locked and loaded just before 10pm ET tonight, and you can watch Alexis and Derek shred the stage, as the show happens live here in NYC.


Get your friends in on this...and Tell 'Em whats up!








Additionally, NME just debuted the video for Sleigh Bells' Infinity Guitars. Schoolgirls, axes on fire and the strutting sidewalk stomping power of the duo are in full on rad mode. Check it out here!




mp3: Jay-Z vs Sleigh Bells - Dirt On Your Crown (DJ O-Face Mix)




Robyn to Perform Live at MTV VMA's!

It's just been confirmed that Robyn will perform Dancing On My Own at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, September 12. She will share the stage with Deadmau5 and artists Jason Derulo and Travie McCoy in a collaborative mash-up.


Hooray for our Swedish chanteuse! Now kick dem boys off the platform and let her perform on her own.


mp3: Robyn - Indestructible (Hobbz Mix)


Tonight: Stream Neon Indian's Live Show at Webster Hall!

Neon Indian is doing a live stream at 9pm tonight, and you can watch the haps go down, live here on Sheena Beaston! The gig, if you wanna go, will be held at The Studio at Webster Hall and is part of the MTV Live In NYC series, which also recently did a similar show with The Drums.


Come back here at 9pm ET to watch!




mp3: Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms (Apache Beat Remix)



Lady Gaga's The Remix Out in the US Today

It's not as if Lady Gaga needs any more promotional pushes, or gosh, more words writ and wrought by this solo blogger, but it's been quite a while since I've actually taken the time to write something relevant about what's going on in her Haus lately. So here we go: she's got a remix album out in the US today, that has already sold over 500k units internationally. Power.



First, for posterity's sake, let's look back at when I first fell in love with Gaga the pop star, not the St. Jerome's stage-strutting burlesque performer we knew way back whence. April 2008, and yes, you are all free to belly-laugh at the nonsense that is/was my site layout at the time. And now, here we are today, with the world's biggest pop-star poised to become even more celebrated, now with 13 MTV VMA Nominations, if in fact, we count popularity and world domination by the number of cable statues one receives from said show.


Below, the list of awards she's going to win. I know, I know....


Best Collaboration: Telephone & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Female Video: Bad Romance & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Pop Video: Bad Romance & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Dance Music Video: Bad Romance
Video Of The Year: Bad Romance & Telephone
Best Art Direction: Bad Romance & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Choreography: Bad Romance & Telephone & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Cinematography: Bad Romance
Best Direction: Bad Romance
Best Editing: Bad Romance
Best Special Effects: Bad Romance


If you think you'd like to add a few more pennies into Gaga's drop-crotch pants-pockets, then you can purchase your copy of The Remix here. Below is the track list for the effort.


It is pretty excellent, innit.


1.  Just Dance (Richard Vision Remix)
2.  Poker Face (LLG Vs GlG Radio Mix Remix) 
3.  Lovegame (Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix ft Marilyn Manson) 
4.  Eh, Eh (Frankmuzik Remix) 
5.  Paparazzi (Stuart Price Remix) 
6.  The Fame (Glam As You Remix) 
7.  Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix) 
8.  Telephone (Passion Pit Remix) 
9.  Alejandro (Sound Of Arrows Remix) 
10.  Dance in the Dark (Monarchy ‘Stylites’ Remix)



mp3: Lady Gaga - The Fame (Glam As You Remix)



Kid Sister and Nina Sky - Look Out Weekend

It's a new summa jam for you to bump and jump to! Thanks to the lovely tones of Chicago's Kid Sister and the Queens-bred twins of Nina Sky, the title of the track says it all, and yep, I'm now 100% ready for the weekend to begin. Any thoughts of being productive at work today have sufficiently flown the nest. Enter the fist [pumps].




Jumping on a track together seems like somewhat of a no-brainer. All three ladies have a distinct sound and style, yet they are highly complementary of one another. With the sassy street style of KS matching wits with the NS duo's house-cum-hip-hop vibe, Look Out Weekend quickly hits the apex of our "we don't wanna be at work no more" and "I've got the itch to ditch" playlists.


It should be noted that one, this is a remake of Debbie Deb's original tune, Lookout Weekend, and two, this collaboration is featured on the Jersey Shore soundtrack (pre-order here), making this song the best by-product of the reality series, second only to the goddess that is Snooki.


Maybe they can enlist her for a track on the second season's soundtrack? One can dream. Til then, grab this jawn now!


mp3: Kid Sister and Nina Sky - Look Out Weekend



Beastly Bits #66

Fitting that this is post 66 of the beastliest and bittiest variety. Why? Hailiing originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I was born and bred on sports of the city. That said, tonight, the Penguins begin their second round playoff hockey series with the Montreal Canadiens...and the best most beastiest dude from P'Burgh to ever lace them up is none other than the great Mario Lemieux, he of the #66 sweater wearing radness. PSAMP would be proud...



Yeah, I know stuff about sports. Say something.


The Killers' Brandon Flowers reveals details of debut solo album, Flamingo. link


MTV's Daria finally sees a DVD release on May 11. Hell and yes. link


Neil Young recently announced a solo acoustic tour and that he's working with producer Daniel Lanois. link


A lyrics sheet from John Lennon and The Beatles could snag $700k. Share dollars please? link


Valerna remixes Juelz Santana's Clockwork in anticipation of their new EP. Download it below.


mp3: Juelz Santana - Clockwork (Valerna Remix)



MTV Unveils New Logo: More TV, Less Music

For the first time in it's 30 year history, MTV has decided to freshen up their iconic logo-ed imagery to reflect their conversion from scheduled music material to a pool of programmed reality productions. If you were unaware how seismic of a shift this adjustment bears and what it means for the posterity of the once-heralded network, the future's in the font.


Above, you'll find the well-known MTV imagery, complete with an icon and tagline. Perfectly balanced for the then fledgling network, executives greenlit the logo as both an introduction to new viewers, and a beacon of truth for their fast-adapting followers. Since its premiere, MTV has had a profound impact on the music industry and popular culture, with the latter forging ahead of the initial purpose that the channel chose to serve.

With the advent of The Real World in May of 1992, music television programming as we knew it (and as referenced within it's proper emblematics), would no longer remain a flag in the foothills of developing and breaking new artists.

As the station made its move into targeting adolescents and young adults with a broadcast lineup of a variety of popular culture and reality television shows, familiar VJ's and musicians began to be replaced with challenges, hot tubs, Puck's and Snooki's. Since then, MTV's choice to focus on non-music programming has been tirelessly contested, validating the channel's impact on modern media.



Which brings us to the new logo. After it's unveil late last week, many were quick to jump on the attack and critique the network for the removal of the "music television" tagline. A stunted "M" now replaces one whose stems used to stretch forth, in which I'll go so far as to even parallel the length of its strokes to the amount of genuine music programming the channel once held.

There will be no potshots from my viewpoint. Rather, I say, "good on you MTV!" for changing what has long been overdue. You've finally come to terms with an ever-rapidly-depleting focus on music. I'd expect that within the next 5 years, it would be safe to completely remove the "M" altogether. But I remiss, thanks to MTV.com's content catch-all section, Songs From the Show. How else will I know which Morningwood song was used in that scene from The Hills when Spencer was yelling at Heidi?


To reminisce: a few songs from the glory days of the thirteenth letter can be found below.


mp3: Yazoo - Only You

mp3: Cyndi Lauper - She Bop

mp3: Stryper - Calling On You

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