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Ciara - Gimmie Dat (Rye Rye & DJ Sega Remix)

Rye Rye's "eventual" debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, is maybe, possibly, so we're told now due out on February 22. I guess she was also supposed to put out a mixtape in advance of her freshman offering, but that too, got the push back. RYEot PowRR (lol) might see daylight soon, but in anticipation of that, as well as the full length, we've got a cut from the unofficial spinner. It's hot. Album delays are not.


Rye rye


R-Squared teams up with DJ Sega for a remix of Ciara's Gimmie Dat.


Here in Beastonia, we really like the original, but we super totes love the remix.


Git it, gurl. Or gurls. And boyz.




mp3: Ciara - Gimmie Dat (Rye Rye and DJ Sega Remix)




Sleigh Bells - Riot Rhythm (new video!)

Did Sleigh Bells steal M.I.A.'s ginger boy? Looks like it, but this time instead of getting shot upside the head, the lil' dude is kicking butt in a villanesque chess match, soundtracked by the Brooklyn duo's fight-inducing tune, Riot Rhythm, which comes from their debut album, Treats. It's kind of a Napoleon Dynamite meets Kill Bill sort of clip sequence, with a bit of Bobby Fischer thrown in for good measure. Riotous indeed!






mp3: Nas x Sleigh Bells - Lifes A Riot (Son Of Sam Mix)





M.I.A. - XXXO (new video!)

M.I.A. just tweeted a message out, including the link to her new video for XXXO. No official report if it was a la Tweetie Bird via her iPhone. Although she did note: "WORLD PREMIA XXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOO XXXO XXXO XXXO VIDEO!!!YO!"


She looks great in this clip, even though seemingly getting her style on courtesy of Glamour Shots by Deb and Microsoft Clip Art borders. XXXO comes from the singer's 3rd studio album, MAYA (/\/\ /\ Y /\) which is out now.



mp3: M.I.A. - XXXO (SBTRKT Remix)




Remix M.I.A.'s Steppin' Up and You Could Win Insider VIP tickets to HARD LA!


This is just about to go live (2:00pm EST), but we've got the "few minutes early" scoop on how you can get VIP access to HARD LA! What is this event, you ask...and how does one go about winning such an amazing opportunity? HARD is the underground music festival brought to the surface of major cities, always boasting an increasingly hip lineup. How's that for a one sentence shot at enticing you? Let's read on.



M.I.A. is promoting her upcoming album, /\/\ /\ Y /\ (available July 13 on N.E.E.T. Recordings), and since she's repping a headlining slot at the fest on July 17, what better way to combine the music and the moshing than with a mix-it-up contest!


Details on how to enter the contest and be in the running for the coveted VIP tickets are below. (If you're not a mixer and still want to enjoy some tunes, download the free HARD promo album here, with songs from Crystal Castles, Soulwax, Die Antwoord, Flying Lotus, and more.)


Step up in the club and tool up your remix skills to win insider VIP tickets to HARD LA. Steppin' Up is the adventurous Rusko-produced second track from the singer's upcoming album. M.I.A. will celebrate the album's release by performing at HARD LA on Saturday July 17. M.I.A. and N.E.E.T. Recordings are working with HARD to give you the exclusive opportunity to remix the track. Here's how:

Step 1: Download the Steppin' Up acapella here.
Step 2: Read and agree to the full contest rules.
Step 3: Use the acapella and your own software and instruments to create your remix.  
Step 4: Upload your remix to HARD's SoundCloud dropbox and share your track to the public before midnight Friday July 9. Your remix's title must include "HARD LA - M.I.A."

That's it! There's two ways to win: either by getting the most "favorites" on SoundCloud, or by impressing HARD & N.E.E.T.'s private panel of judges!

For more information on HARD LA and to purchase tickets, visit the here


mp3: M.I.A. -  XXXO (Riton ReRub)



M.I.A. - XXXO (Diplo's Job Theme)

Welcome to the funniest one minute and three seconds you'll experience all day. Captain tongue'n'cheek himself, Diplo, buffered up his pal M.I.A.'s XXXO and let it be a healthy reminder to all of you who may be without work right now.



In all seriousness through, if you can ignore his vocal pleadings, this has all the makings of a really sweet mix. Lullaby-like even.


Get it.


mp3: M.I.A. - XXXO (Diplos Job Theme)



Blaqstarr - Oh My Darling (new single!)

With all the N.E.E.T. news coming out this week (see: M.I.A. and Sleigh Bells), it's no wonder that we're rounding out the Maya-bred label with another member of her coalition. Blaqstarr's been known best for his work with co-collaborators, but he's promised to put out new tunes by year's end, and we're pretty stoked on this.



The Baltimore singer, rapper, DJ and producer recently unveiled a video for his new single, Oh My Darling, a sexy and seduction-filled storm riddled with Blaq's half-whisper and moaning tones.


Watch the video below. Oh yum.





mp3: Blaqstarr - Oh My Darling



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