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Beastly Listening: Beni's Debut, House of Beni



Modular's latest in all things house and haute, Beni bursts forth with a sneak peak preview of his debut album, due out October 11 here in the States. Having already heard the tracks It's a Bubble and Someone Just Like You, House of Beni rounds out with 8 more rad records to add to your repertoire. We'd suggest specific ones for you to listen and love up on, but we barely make it past opening cut, Sway (featuring vocals from Nomi Ruiz of Jessica 6), before we're already hitting repeat.


Pre-order Beni's House of Beni here



Beni - House of Beni by modularpeople 




Stream This Now: Azari & III's Debut Album



Sometimes, when my brother gets really excited, he expresses that in his tweets and writings, by simply "keysmashing" the letters on his computer or mobile device. Taking cue from him: DHN3O KJ;;cdw23ciDSDa7egbdsdGSDGV, or in human-speak, "Noble beasts, thineself requests your ears to feast upon the self-titled offering from sirs Azari & III, applicably available to stream whenceforth as below." SO RAD.






mp3: Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy (Azari & III Remix)



Listen to a New Monarchy Song, Jealous Guy, and Pre-Order Debut Album (Finally)




After a leak and some delays and some hullaballoo surrounding the imepndingly fantastic debut offering from Monarchy, we're pretty pumped as pumped could be to let you know that you can pre-order the release now. It's called Around the Sun and your advance "oooh I want it" link is here. In the meantime, listen to a new song, Jealous Guy, below in the player.


Also, something of note: Maybe I'm Crazy is the next single, and it's got a remix from Azari & III which is sure to whet my waiting whistle. Additionally, I had Monarchy call into EVR's Belly of the Beast earlier this year. Listen to said chat right here, ok.



Jealous Guy by Monarchy 




Azari & III to Release Debut Album on July 29

Bringing with them every feeling of vice and ecstasy, Azari & III's debut album is set to become the sound of a dystopian summer with their innately brooding beat and sordid-pop edge. Sounding like a combination of New York '79, Chicago in '86 and the world in the future, this Canadian quartet behold one of the most exciting new directions in dance music with their sizzling update of classic house and electro pop that is unbeatable in the discotheque and unstoppable in your dreams. (via: ctrl+c and ctrl+v directly from the press release, but I couldn't have said it any better, so I didn't!)




Their debut album will be released in Australia on July 29 via Modular. Check out the tracklisting below and get excited!


01. Into the Night
02. Reckless (With Your Love)
03. Tunnel Vision
04. Indigo
05. Lost In Time
06. Infiniti
07. Change of Heart
08. Manhooker
09. Undecided
10. Hungry for Power
11. Manic




mp3: Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Midnight Magic Remix)



Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (new video!)

Boadicea? More like BAD ASS-ia. Terrible pun, but yeah the new video for the Mason and Roisin Murphy tracj is available to view with your eyes now, and while the Dutch duo only appears briefly in the clip, there is some gun play from a pretty lil' lady. Watch it now. (Reminder: Mason's They Are Among Us is out in the UK now, and it is great. Buy it here)






mp3: Mason (ft Sway) - I Just Wanna Rock You



Oh Land - Lean (new song & video!)

Oh man you guys we are crying right now. Oh Land syncs up with The Nightingale String Quartet to perform Lean, a standout stunner from her self-titled album, due out March 15, and currently streaming in full over on The Hype Machine. Know what else is streaming? These tears... down my face. Holy holy we are in awe.






mp3: Oh Land - Sun Of A Gun (2ToneDisco Remix)




My Gold Mask Will Be at SXSW; Share New Song, Ghost in Your Bed

Love these guys so much. But you already knew that, eh? So SXSW, that little event is coming up right quick, and My Gold Mask will be there again. We'll be there (in spirit, but not physicality) so what you need to do is go check them out live. Because in both long and short, they are way radder than anything else you could dream up of catching in a live space. Dates are below as well as a free track, Ghost in Your Bed, which is the lead track off of A Million Miles (From Where We Were Last), which you can snag here.




Wed, 3/16: @ Haileys (Denton, TX)

Thu, 3/17: Schubas SXSW Round-Up @ Yard Dog (5:30-6pm) - 1510 South Congress (b/t Elizabeth & Monroe - Austin, TX)

Fri, 3/18: JBTV/Threadless SXCHI party @ Trophy Room (Midnight - 12:30am) - 310 E. 6th (b/t Trinity & San Jacinto - Austin, TX)

Sat, 3/19: Live rehearsal at the Astoria @ Arthouse (2:30-4:00pm) - 700 Congress (@ 7th St. - Austin, TX)

Sat., 3/19: SXSW official showcase @ The Hideout (1:00-2:00am) - 617 Congress (@ 6th St. - Austin, TX)




mp3: My Gold Mask - Ghost in Your Bed



Wolf Gang - Dancing With the Devil

Wolf Gang's Dancing With the Devil is a lot better than most everything in the indie/pop world right now. The new, and second official, single is a solid offering of everything we dig about the dude's unparalleled penchant for making us feel things while we hear them. You want tasty? Oh, beasts, you've got it.


Wolf gang


Following the wildly wonderful Lions In Cages, this is the next cut up from Wolf Gang’s forthcoming debut album, Suego Faults, which will be released in May via Atlantic. The single, Dancing With The Devil, is out on March 21.


There are moments invoked a la Freddie Mercury, moreso Queen, but I digress., because it's all about a lad named Wolf Gang,






mp3: Wolf Gang - Dancing With the Devil




Oh Land - We Turn it Up (new song!)

We turn it up, we turn it up, we don't care what you say! That's what we like to hear, specifically when it comes from one of our Beaston-faves in Oh Land. Her latest song, We Turn it Up, is newly available on iTunes now, and is part of her self-titled EP. Grab it here in anticipation of her samely-named debut full length, which is out on March 15. We turn it up and we like it a lot!



We Turn It Up by OhLand 




The Sounds - Better Off Dead (new single!)

It's quite the obvious observation that I am, in fact, a big ol' fan of The Sounds. First off, they're Swedish, so, duh, there's that. But on top of that, they've put out three solid discs of new wave and pop, they're musically strong and heck, the quintet ain't so hard on the eyes either. With their 4th studio album due out later this Spring, it's time we revisit the sounds of, oh yeah... them.


The sounds


Earlier this week, The Sounds premiered the title track off of their forthcoming release, Something to Die For, which will see daylight on March 29 via SideOneDummy Records. The cut is a synth-intro'd slice of kickdrummery and rising arrangements that makes the audio so instantly recognizable as coming from Maja and the boys. Pretty good stuff in which the pre-chorus echoes like No One Sleeps When I'm Awake version 2.0 via 2011. Yeah.


The first single from the effort, however, gets a little dancier, trancier, all up in your pantsier, and the darker tones emanated in this one are also immediately infectious. Better Off Dead was released just yesterday, and it's a smash waiting to hit your ear holes. Harmonies and melodies power the pulse of this tune, and we like it. A lot. Especially that middle middy mid section from about 2:10 to 3:15 where the song hits a curve then wraps and warps its way back around to one. So good.


You get both songs on the free tip, after you scope the track list for Something to Die For. Also, what's up with "death" prevalent in the two song titles? Oh well, they're great live too, so carry on.



1. It’s So Easy
2. Dance With The Devil
3. The No No Song
4. Better Off Dead
5. Diana
6. Something To Die For
7. Yeah Yeah Yeah
8. Won’t Let Them Tear Us Apart
9. The Best Of Me
10. Wish You Were Here



mp3: The Sounds - Better Off Dead

mp3: The Sounds - Something to Die For



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