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Stream This Now: Ossie, Seiji, Peach Melba and Compound One Remix Joe Goddard's Gabriel



Current contender for most beastliest rad rad song of the year gets remixed, officially, by four heavyweights making a staunch case for "oh, ok now this is the fix of the past 12 months" notoriety.


Buy Joe Goddard's Gabriel EP here now.




Joe Goddard - Gabriel EP Remixes by Greco-Roman 




The Golden Filter - Mother

The Golden Filter team up with Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli for a short film titled S Y N D R O M E S, which tells the story of “a young girl with mysterious talents that finds herself unwillingly entwined in an elite underworld that only the ailing wealthy are ever aware of.” Into it.




S Y N D R O M E S is out on October 10 via the duo’s own label Perfectly Isolated; pre-order it here and then watch the trailer type video clip thing thang below. After that, stream up on the first cut, Mother.


Spooky good.





Mother (Theme from Syndromes) by TheGoldenFilter 




Eli Escobar (ft Nomi Ruiz) - Desire (video!)


Forgive my admittedly self-inflicted delay on this clip (oooh, she a month old!), but time is time, and with each day that passes, we really genuinely fall in love with Eli Escobar and Nomi Ruiz's Desire a little more. Now, there's a video to boot, and it employs what we think is an AfterEffects "K-Hole Filter", no? Also, hey Prince Terrance.


In this video edit of the song, the singing/instrumentation from the 1:01 to 1:15 mark is ah sooo ah gooooood that I could repeat that sequence over and over and yeah, I'm going to.


Buy Eli's EP here.





Eli Escobar featuring Nomi Ruiz - Desire (Beg To Differ Remix) by EliEscobar 





The 2 Bears - Bear Hug (new video!)

One of the better most bestest EP's you're gonna listen to this year is The 2 Bears' Bear Hug EP, out now on Southern Fried Records. And hey, the new video for the title track it out as of now and she's a rad one. Buy it and peep it and love love love it. I WANNA DO "THE BEAR HUG"!






mp3: Metronomy - The Bay (2 Bears Remix)



The 2 Bears - Bear Hug


It's what I want; and frankly, this new song slays. Thank you, The 2 Bears




mp3: The 2 Bears - Bear Hug



Katy B - Easy Please Me (Caspa Remix)

Only posting this while I salivate thinking about what the Claude VonStroke official fix of this is gonna end up sounding like in my ears. Caspa's take on it is pretty sufficient though. PS: there's also a new video for Katy B's Easy Please Me, which you can view below. (PPS her album isn't as bad as I initially thought it was. #croweater)






mp3: Katy B - Easy Please Me (Caspa Remix)



Afrobeta's Play House EP is Out Now

Furthering on into territory known as "wow SheenaBeaston.com is the bastion of all things timely and relevant, and UM HEY WAIT... it's been over 3 years since she actually wrote about this band...", this afternoon's cochlear treats come courtesy of Afrobeta. Miami born and bred, they're priming debut album Under the Streets for a late summer outing, and have recently released their Play House EP, in which this lead single and subsequent remixes have been getting lots of the radly love.




Ok, so the original, Play House, jumps in with a burst of energy, seeing Cuci Amador's unique vocals paired neatly alongside Tony Smurphio's nasty funk. And then there's this whole bit which lasts from about the 1:44 through 1:58 sequence in which a Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam-esque vocal progession and cadence totally seals the deal for me.


And the mixes make for fine fun as well, coming courtesy of Alexander Technique and Junior Sanchez, Larry Tee and Sounduo. Not quite sure which is my favorite yet, so in that case, I'mm'a just keep listening to them all repeatedly.


Be a good lil' beast and go buy Afrobeta's Play House EP here. Also, video!



Play House - Larry Tee (Carnage Remix) by Afrobeta 



mp3: Afrobeta - Play House



Wax Motif & Neoteric's Go Deep is Out Now

The latest release on Southern Fried Records comes courtesy of Wax Motif & Neoteric. Go Deep is a slice of quality house music and remixes come from Keith & Supabeatz, Gingy and Maxxi Soundsystem. 




Buy the brand new radness here. This EP also proves the point that chopping and smoothing out Janet cuts will always get you posted on these pages, as well as finding room on every set list I ever spin out. See: Prince Club's Love Jackson



Wax Motif & Neoteric: Go Deep by Southern Fried Records 



mp3: Wax Motif and Neoteric - Go Deep (Extended Mix)



Steed Lord - Don't Hurt Love

We'd previously always sometimes been a little on the fence about Steed Lord. At times, elements of their nu-disco-housier than thou flare shone through whilst other electrobanger qualities suppressed our urge to give them a rad heaping of support. Don't get us wrong, songs like You and It's What You Do 2 Me are great... and frankly, their feature on Crookers' Transilvania was the highlight of the Italian DJ's debut long player. But it's a new upcoming EP that's got us in the grip of the quivers, and oh yeah, it's great.




Cut to the summer of 2011 and we see Steed Lord cooking up some amazing disco house tunes with their upcoming Eddie House EP. The troupe went back to their house roots on this mini album of theirs and released the first track a few months back on their Soundcloud page, so yeah, we're late on this, but geeeebs Louise it's a dandy ditty.


Give your full attentive ears to Don't Hurt Love.


Summa smash!




mp3: Steed Lord - Don't Hurt Love



Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix)


Blimey, this song really just won't ever go out of style, now will it? And yes, that's meant in an endearingly rad terminological way. Currently, and what with our buddy boy Gigamesh on the remix rub, there's even more reason to bring Deee-Lite's Groove Is In The Heart, back to the forefront of all your cochlear pleasures. It's so intense! *




This sweet fix from the Minneapolite Miamian comes complete with wicked warped vocals and a funkier-than-art-thou bass'n'beat which is 100% Beaston approved. We cheated and played it live on Belly of the Beast a few weeks back, but that was the preview version that was floating around. Today, we are being officially leigt.


* PS, that intense comment from above? That's akin and regarding his impending EP which is gonna drop, oh... some time I guess. But you should for sure listen to the song of that name in the streamer below. And yes, the "It's So Intense" is definitely in relation to THIS.


So perfect.



Gigamesh [Self-titled EP] by GIGAMESH 



mp3: Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix)


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