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Nicki Minaj (ft Will.I.Am) - Check It Out [Tommie Sunshine 5AM Edit]

Beast's busy beyond belief, but not too slammed to toss you a ridiculously rad treat right now.


My main man, Tommie Sunshine, reworked Nicki Minaj's Check It Out, and while I can't afford the time to write a million awesome words about this (because I could), know that simply having the few seconds to post this up for your pleasure, is the biggest compliment we could do the dude at the time.




mp3: Nicki Minaj (ft Will.I.Am) - Check It Out [Tommie Sunshine 5AM Edit]





Trey Songz (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Bottoms Up (new video!)

Cinematography at it's finest! NAY. At it's drunkest. The new video for Trey Songz' Bottoms Up is upon us, and heck if we've said it once, we'll say it again: Nicki Minaj manages to steal the scene once more. Here we go...tip back your topped off cocktails, we're getting it in molotov style.





mp3: Trey Songz - Neighbors Know My Name (Chrissy Murderbot Ghetto Refix)



Nicki Minaj - Your Love (new video!)

It's the tale of jealous ninjas, say hey! Nicki Minaj just unveiled the clip for her Annie Lennox-sampling second official single, Your Love. The song itself is much lighter and smooth than any other Minaj drops yet we still love it all the same. And now with a new video, it's time to revisit how much we dig this tune.




The song's a definite finger-snapper and it's been circulating through my world on a number of playlists, much in the mode of "ooh yeah we be chillin' like dat", or something of the sort.


The video is sweet and samurai'd out, and I'm loving the use of the flowing fabric treatment. One question: who in their right mind gives Nicki a katana?! Spoiler alert: she dies, gracefully, all whilst bleeding red tulle.


Watch the video for Your Love now!




mp3: Nicki Minaj (featuring Gyptian) - Your Love (Remix)




Trey Songz (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Bottoms Up

Let's be real here. Trey Songz simply coos over a couple verses in Bottoms Up until the main attraction in this three-ring circus of a ditty appears...and duh, I'm once again singing Nicki Minaj's praises. But here's where I flip it a bit...and let you have the chance to sing and rap like Ms. Minaj. Mmmmm lyrical love.



Note: that picture is the "drunkest" I could find Nicki lookin' like. Why? When her verse takes over, she not only kills it with a quicker paced flow, but she feigns wastedness by slurring words and tossing out an homage to Anna Nicole Smith. So that's awesome. 


And now, you too can sound just like Nicki Minaj on this crushing cut, because I took the liberty to type out the lyrics to her drop. Not only because I have hope that one day an army of us can all chant it together, but mostly because I've been rapping the hell out of this. Nonstop.


Your turn!


Can I get that dro
Can I get that remmy
Can I get that coke
Can I get that henny
Can I get that margarita on the rock rock rocks
Can I get salt all around that rim rim rim rim
"Trey"...I was like "Yo, Trey!"
"Do you think you can buy me, a bottle of ro-zay?"
Okay lets get it now
I'm wit' a bad bitch, he's wit' his friends
I don't say hi, I say "keys to the Benz!"
Keys to the benz, keys to the benz
Mu'fuckin rite, yeah b to the 10
If a bitch try to get cute, I'mm'a stop her
Throw a lotta money at her then yell fuck her
Fuck her fuck her then yell fuck her
Then I'mm'a go and get my Louisville slugger!
Excuse me, I'm sorry, I'm really such a lady
I rep Young Money
You know, slim, baby
And we be doin' donuts while we wavin' a .380
We give a lot of money to the babies out in Haiti
Yellin' "All around the world...
Do you hear me?"
"Do you like my body, Anna Nicki?"
Rest in peace to Anna Nicole Smith
Yes my dear you're so explosive
Say hi to Mary, Mary and Joseph
Now bottoms up and double my doses


mp3: Trey Songz (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Bottoms Up



Nicki Minaj Hints that Maybe, but Not Definitely, Her Debut Album Will Drop on November 23

There's no album title yet, and there's no official release date, but as we like to do here in Beastonia....let's consult the twitter-bible. Yesterday, Nicki Minaj tossed out 2 successive tweets (here and here), stating the date of "November 23". Why so relevant? Read on(ika)...lol, I made a pun that will make sense after you do scroll down a spell.



Earlier in the morning half of yesterday, Minaj spoke with MTV News and made mention that yes, the album would be out before the end of the year, no there is no album title, and no there is no official release date as of yet. Then twitter came to be, and all was right with the world.


As Minaj notes in the video clip, which you can watch below: “When people hear the album, they’re going to get to know Onika [the singer's birth-given name]. And no one knows Onika yet… As of now you’ll know Nicki and you’ll know Roman. Roman is my crazy alter-ego. Roman Zolanski, or you can call her Roman ZolanSKY, but you’ll meet Onika before the year ends.”


Awesome. Get ready. Onika Roman Zolanski Minaj's album is coming.




mp3: Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj - Sweet Dreams



Diddy (featuring Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj) - Hello Good Morning (Remix) (video!)

Yesterday, I had a "just because I felt like it" moment/post. Got another one brewing for you today, simply due to the fact that I love this song way more than anyone should ever be allowed to love a "post-Biggie and Mase" Diddy tune. Except for Tell Me. That shit was my shit. Still is.



There's a video and track below.


No further words necessary.




mp3: Diddy (featuring Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj) - Hello Good Morning (Remix)




Morning Dessert: Christina Aguilera Tapes Performance for CBS' The Early Show

It's not very often that I indulge my pop obsessions by trekking to arena-style concerts. Sure I'll love and laud them within the confines of these pages, but seeing as how Christina Aguilera's new album, Bionic, really doesn't fit the traditional pop formula, I justified my joining 300 of her most rabid fans in yesterday's mid-morning excursion to catch the live performance of her taping an appearance for CBS' The Early Show.



Now, everyone has their opinions on Aguilera's latest offering (which was officially released this Tuesday, June 8), and while many have made their opines public, I decided against piling on the banter until seeing her perform live. So, in spite of raindrops that threatened to cancel the performance in its entirety, the Early Show Plaza opened their gates to hundreds of fans who excitedly stood in line upwards of 5 hours to catch a brief set by the platinum star...yours truly included.


While I don't doubt the disjointed nature of the disc (it listens like three acts, or even, three separate album configurations: tracks 1-8 give up the dance, go hard, and get interesting; tracks 9-15 get emotional and showcase those legendary vocals; tracks 16-18 are fun and carefree as a box of puppies and cotton candy), I commend Christina for branching out to new producers and writers that eclipse the standard pop stigma and sound. Overall, yes, I dig it, and there are genuine moments when I feel real feelings. End rant.



But yesterday's taping (the show will air tomorrow morning, Friday June 11 on CBS) was about celebrating the new and the old. Beginning her set with current single Not Myself Tonight, Aguilera looked simply radiant as she was joined by a handful of dancers, outfitted in clear raincoats. After doing the stat quo banter with morning show host Julie Chen, she then performed a medley of her early hits, Genie in a Bottle and What a Girl Wants (video below), wherein enthusiastic fans lost their mind...myself included, with sheer fandom pouring out harder than the impending rains.


Poignancy and poise were met as Aguilera then sat for an awe-inspiring performance of You Lost Me, which is one of the Sia-penned insta-classics from the new album. Chen entered the stage once more to exclaim: "I have a bone to pick with you...", evoking Christina to exclaim "BRING ON THE BONES!" (Insert my insane giggle fit and loud laugh here. I don't doubt you'll be able to hear it on the broadcast tomorrow.) Anyway, the host wanted to hear Fighter, which she, and we had heard in a brief soundcheck before the singer officially took the stage. Obliging, albeit naturally planned, the song was a perfect ending to the 5-song mini-concert.


Extraordinary, divine and rapturous. Isn't that what Bionic means? You bet.


You can view the full gallery of images from the event here.







mp3: Christina Aguilera (featuring Nicki Minaj) - WooHoo (Ober Urban Mix)



Nicki Minaj-à-trois

Sure that sounds like the most clichéd post title ever. But when you have 3 new drops of the Nicki Minaj goodness, what are you supposed to do...simply turn a blind eye to the fact that her last name mirrors a triple play dirty girl act? Man, heck no. Let's get rowdy!



Here's the rundown on the three tracks that were rocking my body this weekend.


Flippin' the clean version of Usher's Lil Freak, Sean Garrett jumps on for some extra pizazz'n'at. Still think Nicki's verse on this cut is her finest to day, aside from the drop on Cassie's F**k U Silly, but is that ever going to see the light of day in full form? One can only hope.

mp3: Usher (featuring Nicki Minaj and Sean Garrett) - Lil Freak


The next two slices of rad come courtesy of Miss Info. To start, we've got her Annie Lennox-sampling song, Your Love. The track will appear on her upcoming debut album which is coming out, um, when? Last but not least, she hops over to the Bionic world of Christina Aguilera and lets loose a lick of the whoa on her song WooHoo. Listen to this getting ready to go out, but definitely not on the loud at work. You've been warned.

mp3: Christina Aguilera (featuring Nicki Minaj) - WooHoo

mp3: Nicki Minaj - Your Love





Jadakiss (featuring Nicki Minaj) - She Likes Me

Earlier this week, Jadakiss dropped a new (and free) mixtape in the line of his The Champ is Here series of let outs. This third installment finds The LOX member slinking his spits over mostly minimialistic beats that highlight his gruff flow. Produced by DJ Green Lantern as a Gangsta Grillz Invasion, Jada lets loose his inner fighter and dishes out 24 rounds of heavy hits.



Given out on May 1, the same day as the much maligned Mayweather x Mosley fight (big ups to Floyd for staying undefeated...like there was really any doubt), Jadakiss' latest efforts seem to be his most efficient as of late. See, sampling tracks have gone by the wayside...that ish can get pricey and dicey if fallen into the wrong hands. So Jada went another route and pared down his beats and focused on the rhymes. Smart move.


I'd be lying if I said I didn't have this release on a good dose of the repeats this week. And of course I have to highlight She Likes Me, which features Nicki Minaj on yet another fantastic verse...which is almost getting tiresome to say since everything she's spitting out piques our interest even more. And that beat? Pretty sure it was used in Sega's Sonic. No? Either way...this jam's legit.


Download Jadakiss' The Champ is Here 3 for free here. Full track list and mp3 below.


1. Intro
2. Bang
3. The Champ Speaks 1
4. Still Hatin
5. You Will Remember Me
6. Interlude
7. Soldier Survivors (Feat. Nas & Sheek Louch)
8. The Champ Speaks 2
9. All Falls Down
10. Who Shot Ya
11. She Likes Me (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
12. Top 5 Dead Or Alive (Feat. Styles P)
13. Pussy (Feat. Uncle Murda & Bully) 
14. Here I Go (Feat. Yo Gotti)
15. They Don't Know
16. Allergic To Losing (Feat. Masspike Miles & La The Darkman)
17. Slow Down (Feat. The Lox)
18. I'm Ill (Feat. Styles P)
19. Coach Of The Year (Feat. D-Block)
20. It's Whatever (Feat. Uncle Murda & Tone)
21. Let's Git It (Feat. Uncle O & Meek Mill)
22. Somehow Some Way
23. HBO Boxing Interlude
24. Celebration!


mp3: Jadakiss (featuring Nicki Minaj) - She Likes Me


Gyptian (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Hold Yuh (Remix)

My name is Sheena Beaston, and I am a Minaj-aholic. (this is where everyone says "Hi, Sheena!" and lovingly embraces me and then we eat donuts, drink coffee and talk about our issues) Having just writ about "Queens dimest" yesterday after video of a live performance surfaced, ol' Barbz is back with a new drop on a song that has been spinning like a never-ending top in our ears for quite a good portion of the year. Step 1 in recovery: focus on Gyptian. Here we go.



Last night, Nicki Minaj announced that a new remix would be spun by Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97. And spin he did, when he dropped Gyptian's summertime lovah jam, Hold Yuh, complete with an intro verse from the baddest and raddest chick in the game. (Hat tip to Nah Right for the find.)


Best line: "body smokin' // cigaREEET // shit nice /// figure EEEET // get 'em the rollerblades // tell 'em to SKEEET"


If that's not enough reggae romance for you, then check out Gyptian's video for the track. It's a whole lot of hip swerving sexiness.




mp3: Gyptian (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Hold Yuh (Remix) 


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