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Creep (featuring Nina Sky) - You (new video!)


Love 'em all. Great new song and striking fresh visuals from Creep and Nina Sky.








Nina Sky - The Other Side

Rolling right along with the Nina Sky train, they're hitting us with more free tunes and hell, they're so headed in the right direction, as this is a nonstop express all the way to my most played compilations.




After loving You Ain't Got It (Funk That) earlier this month, the twins are back with the second cut from their upcoming EP The Other Side. Here's what Natalie and Nicole have to say about the track and the project...


It's official, our EP is dropping via www.ninaskyhigh.com on August 3. We're super amped to FINALLY say with confidence we are releasing a new project and also, that we're doing it for FREE as a thank you to everyone who's continued to support our music and movement.

Here is the second single off of our project The Other Side, which is also the title track. It's produced by DJ Yonny and quite frankly, we love it! 


Yes, we do love it. Big ups!



mp3: Nina Sky - The Other Side



Kid Sister and Nina Sky - Look Out Weekend

It's a new summa jam for you to bump and jump to! Thanks to the lovely tones of Chicago's Kid Sister and the Queens-bred twins of Nina Sky, the title of the track says it all, and yep, I'm now 100% ready for the weekend to begin. Any thoughts of being productive at work today have sufficiently flown the nest. Enter the fist [pumps].




Jumping on a track together seems like somewhat of a no-brainer. All three ladies have a distinct sound and style, yet they are highly complementary of one another. With the sassy street style of KS matching wits with the NS duo's house-cum-hip-hop vibe, Look Out Weekend quickly hits the apex of our "we don't wanna be at work no more" and "I've got the itch to ditch" playlists.


It should be noted that one, this is a remake of Debbie Deb's original tune, Lookout Weekend, and two, this collaboration is featured on the Jersey Shore soundtrack (pre-order here), making this song the best by-product of the reality series, second only to the goddess that is Snooki.


Maybe they can enlist her for a track on the second season's soundtrack? One can dream. Til then, grab this jawn now!


mp3: Kid Sister and Nina Sky - Look Out Weekend



Nina Sky - You Ain’t Got It (Funk That)

With the early 90s revisited, NYC twintastic duo, Nina Sky are back with a new jam that samples an iconic diss on repetitive radio stations. Last we heard from the pair, a full album was in the works, but with label issues and delays making the possibilities of a full-length all but naught, a new EP is getting readied instead. We're cool with that, cause this track is a burner.



In 1994, rapper Sagat had a minor hit with Why Is It? (Funk Dat). Now, with a flip of the beat and some fresh new lyrics, Nina Sky bring the song into modern melodies and it's definitely got that summa jam steez! As they put it:


"You Ain't Got It [is] a new track we collaborated on w/ DJ Yonny from our upcoming EP The Otherside which drops this Summer!! We sampled one of our favorite dance joints from the 90's, Funk That by Sagat and flipped it w/ some Na**Sky melodies."


Grab the cut below.


mp3: Nina Sky - You Aint Got It (Funk That)



Beastly Bits #8

Hey hey, it's a holiday! That doesn't stop us from hungering for new music and info bits.


Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day y'all. I dream of a world when all all musicians, bloggers, and hell, humans in general, can live together in perfect harmony. Word.


These New Puritans' recent release, Hidden, is Rough Trade's album of the month. For a limited time only, snag the exclusive edition with a bonus 4-track EP. Ordering info can be checked out here. Lady Gaga enters the Haiti relief effort by announcing that all proceeds from the January 24 Monster Ball show in NYC (both tickets and merchandise sold at the venue) from that date will be donated to Haiti, along with all proceeds from ANY merchandise purchased on site that day. In the meantime, there’s a special Lady Gaga Haitian Relief T-Shirt, now available at her webstore here. Earlier this month, I featured Simon Iddol's killer mash of Amanda Blank, Lindstrom + Christobelle, and Aeroplane. Now, there's an equally well-crafted video to supplement the track. View it here. Nina Sky, MadeMe and Nasty Ones' monthly party, Our House, takes place this Tuesday January 19 at The Eldridge. Info and RSVP address is here. If you didn't watch the Golden Globes last night, you can view a full list of winners here. Buddy boy and supremo-DJ, Redlight, hit us up with 3 new mash/mixes in anticipation of his original EP that will be released in early February. You can grab all of these slick slices, for free, below. If you not yet entered to win a limited edition Topman CTRL shirt, as designed by Filthy Dukes, direct your browser here, and good luck!


mp3: Redlight - Ghosts On Fire

mp3: Redlight - Rock Party Scissors

mp3: Redlight - The Way All Systems Are

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