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M.I.A. Covers Complex (behind the shoot video)

Just in time for her upcoming new album, M.I.A. graces the cover of Complex and she's looking ever the bit stunning doing so. Back in action after the birth of her son, a new album-and the same revolutionary attitude all in store, Maya is fresh off hiatus and the wifey supreme finally returns the mag's call.



In the article, she talks about her son, her grandparents, her hatred of Google, her digital civilization and more. You can read the piece in its entirety here


Watch a short clip of her behind-the-cover-shoot video.






mp3: M.I.A. (featuring Mr. Starcity and Johnny Nelson) - Born Free (Ninjasonik Extended Remix)



MNDR's Glitterdome of Absolute Awesomeness

Nerdcore lovers and geekcrits rejoice! Last year, I introduced you to the infectious beats coming out of one terrifically-talented artist, went so far as to name her a "Bea[s]t to Watch in 2010" and continually spun all three of her available songs on a consistent basis. So when an opportunity to chat with MNDR before a show this past fall presented itself, I geared up faster than the beats she bumps.


There's a lot to learn from Amanda Warner, a now-Brooklyn-native via California, whether it be musically-inclined or not. Focusing on her artistic skill set, however, is what I had aimed to do...gathering exclusive information regarding shoes, name pronunciations and pre-show jitters along the way.

  SB: Ok, what's your story? MNDR: I came out here because the publishing company I was with a long time ago, we were signed there and one of the girls there was like I thought you'd be a good top writer, pop writer...stuff which I thought meant write full songs and then you try to pitch them. So I came out here with a bunch of songs I had fully done back in January. At that same time the Yeah Yeah Yeahs needed a new bassist, guitar, keyboard player and programmer because they were dropping their new record which was more electronic. So they hired me to set it up and be their new touring player so I was in LA for two months during winter [laughs]. So in between I'd go to producers and start top line writing. I didn't fully understand the difference between artist and writer because I'm a little bit new to that world. So then I met this producer Peter Wade, and he heard C.L.U.B. SB: Which is a totally killer song by the way. So uniquely rad!

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