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Ida Maria Performs Bad Karma on Norwegian Television Show

Rocking a newly shorter 'do with no guitar in hand, Ida Maria delivered a vocally powerful performance of her current single, Bad Karma, which can be found on forthcoming album, Katla. Standing militantly behind the mic, Maria let the song loose on a recent episode of Opptreden på Skavlan, in her native Norway. Check out the live footage below. I love the howling "whooooaa...bad karma's a bitch!"






mp3: Ida Maria - I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast




Ida Maria - Bad Karma (new single!)

Rock! Hard! It's our favorite Norwegian strummer and singer, Ida Maria, back with a new tune, and the promise that her second album will be out, oh, sometime soon. While details surrounding all of this are still vague-ish, we can confirm that new track, Bad Karma, was a proper release in her homeland back in September. We can also justify that this song...is badass.


Ida maria


Powerful riffs and deep drumkicks make this new jam quite the jam indeed, seeing Ms. Maria evoking a more traditionally classic rock arrangement as opposed to the unique intricacies seen and heard on debut album, Fortress Round My Heart.


AS mentioned, the new song is called Bad Karma, and was produced alongside Desmond Child, he of responsibilities in manufacturing hits like Made For Loving You, Living on a Prayer and Poison. The track will find its way onto her forthcoming sophomore effort, Katla.


Ummm...so excited!




mp3: Ida Maria - Bad Karma




Donkeyboy - Ambitions (new video and remixes!)

Oh Donkeyboy, how I love thee! Last year, many a traditional "pop-blogger" (along with my eclectical self), fell hard and fast for the Norwegian quintet and their mix of spunky electropop. Today, our love grows a little deeper and extremely more steadfast.


Mid-2009 saw the boys release a video for their single, Ambitions. The visuals documented a trip through Abicere Leprous, a fake new and fatal disease that is caused by giving up your, well, ambitions. You can watch the original flick here.

Now, the boys are back with a video that focuses more on their 80's synth-bed softness by paying tribute to the dancing erraticisms of the era. Featured chorus-vocalist, Linnea Dale*, also gets a healthy dose of screentime in the newly-released cinemascape.

Watch now!



* Linnea Dale, in case you were wondering, is only 18 years old, with the voice of someone well-trained and traveled beyond her years. 

Makes you feel old, right? Well here's something to perk you up then, in the form of remixes of Ambitions from Jaynorth and Cosmic Dawn. They swoop, soar and are equally sensational.



mp3: Donkeyboy - Ambitions (Jaynorth Remix)

mp3: Donkeyboy - Ambitions (Cosmic Dawn Remix)

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