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U2 x Dragonette x Notorious B.I.G. - Without the Nasty Phone (Black Glove Mash)

Awesomesauce times infinity.


Black Glove is Deke Smith and Jonathan Sandridge.

This day just got exponentially greater.


mp3: U2 x Dragonette x Notorious B.I.G. - Without the Nasty Phone (Black Glove Mash)



Wait What: The Notorious xx (free mashup album)

This seems almost like an inevitable production, right? After last year's Quix and Elliot "Biggie vs Tupac vs The xx" discovery, I suppose it was only a matter of time before some soul went and ingested the licks of the greatest rapper ever while simultaneously eating up The xx's entire debut album, only to pour out a full mashup album of the pair. Oh hello, Wait What, let's see what you have in store. 


San Francisco producer, Wait What, pumps out a minimialistic mash session between The xx's entire self-titled debut album with a handful of the best of Biggie tracks. While it's no "omg whoa!" product like The Grey Album, the set, in it's entirety, is a smooth listening trek that soothes and spins like some sort of eccentric ingenuity.   

Many kids got psyched for the Biggie vs Miley mash of '09, but if you're looking for something tamer, and in this beastly opinion, much easier to digest, I suggest giving any of these tracks a go. The Notorious xx is available as a full free album download here.

Stream it right underneath this sentence...or grab two of our favorite cuts from this mashed mix below.




mp3: Wait What - Dead Wrong Intro (Notorious B.I.G. vs The xx)

mp3: Wait What - Juicy-R (Notorious B.I.G. vs The xx) 


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