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Katy B (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Lights On

Oh, ok. Wasn't aware I was going to be giving you something super amazing today. Well, now I'm cognizant of this fact, only after being revived and "jump paddled" back to life because I put this new jam on, danced around for like an hour, and then passed out in a sweaty heap of myself. It's Katy B. It's Ms. Dynamite. It's cooler than anything right now.


Ms dynamite


Brand new jawn is called Lights On, and it's another dandy banger courtesy of the RinseFM camp, who are quickly eclipsing any other team of producers for most beastliest badassedest of the year. Pairing Dynamite and B together is like the hugest DUH ever, and of course the resulting track is of the utmost quality, with it's dubby touches, bending synths and vocals, and a pre-chorus and hook to scream for.


I keep on moving with the lights on (with the lights on)!


Check out the below video of MD and KB performing and chatting about the track at this summer's Notting Hill Carnival.






mp3: Katy B (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Lights On



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