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UPDATE: Kanye West, Paris Jones and Who Is Really Using the Sample from Wicked's Popular?

One week ago, news of Kanye West maybe, possibly, definitely not really or whatever sampling Popular from Broadway's Wicked broke. It was of immediate interest, not only to myself, but to a whole lot of bloggers and musico writers. Now, it seems like there might be a bit of a shuffle in the mix. Literally. Like mixtape and mixed versions and hell, let's just get to the news.



Seems like California kid, Paris Jones, has garnered some attention, thanks to his mixtape, From Paris With Love, which dropped on March 8 of this year. On said release, (which you can stream in its entirety below, or download for free here), you'll find a song titled Popular, which basically sounds like the same beat that West can be heard playing around with in this video.


Now the rumors swirling this morning are that Paris is a Kanye protege and the beat was created by the latter for the former up-and-coming rapper. A little more research into the twitter feed shows Paris shouting out Kanye and his G.O.O.D. year, as well as conversing with Tony Williams, a dude signed to West's label. The plot thickens!


Sure it's all speculation at this point, but it sure does excite us. More details as they reveal themselves! In the meantime, stream that Paris Jones mixtape below. Good, nay G.O.O.D. stuff!




mp3: Paris Jones (featuring April Kelly) - Popular


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