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Pete Lawrie - All That We Keep (JOCKS Remix)


Penny Lane-born and Penarth-bred Pete Lawrie blames his parents for his idiosyncratic tastes in music and for the passion in his songwriting. His mother plays the oboe in an opera, his father makes woodwind instruments, and his grandfather played on the original recording of Strawberry Fields Forever. Raised listening to the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Elton John and The Beatles, Pete recalls childhood summer family drives across the South of France on his new EP, All That We Keep.



This EP is a rich series of recordings that introduces Pete’s modern southern soul, and draws upon bittersweet blues, gospel, country, all capped by his rough-hewn vocal. All That We Keep’s careworn beauty is a fine example of how special this unassuming character is set to be. Backed by two of his own remixes under different aliases, a Jay-Z cover (Song Cry) with American songstress Lauren Prichard, and a new track written with Guillemots vocalist Fyfe Dangerfield, it’s a fascinating introduction to this intense but welcoming young Welshman.


After being introduced to Lawrie this morning and giving a number of his tunes a listen, it's pretty evident that the gruff guy is ready to make you swoon with his heartfelt and emotional songs.


Pretty psyched to dose you with the exclusive, and quite gorgeous, JOCKS' remix of the song All That We Keep. This goes on repeat immediately.


mp3: Pete Lawrie - All That We Keep (JOCKS Remix)


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