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Discodeine (featuring Jarvis Cocker) - Synchronize (new video!)

What was one of our most oft repeated tracks of the past year? Well, that honor goes to Discodeine's Synchronize, although the other work, Singular, from the French production partners, Pentile and Pilooski, sat hgh atop those rankings as well. But it's the former we're spinning yarn about today, because the brand new video for the debut single has just been unleashed and the d-i-r-t-y labelmates put together quite the h-o-t clip. 




Featuring the inimitable vocals, and presence, of Britpop legend, Jarvis Cocker, the trio of dudes churn out some visuals that will have you melting in your seat.


No more words... just watch this fire now.


Discodeine's Synchronize EP is out now. Buy it here.






mp3: Discodeine (ft Jarvis Cocker) - Synchronize (Jam Factory Remix)




The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)

Look at those hoes! Strike that, Im just being silly, because well, anytime I hear The Pointer Sisters' Send Him Back, I get super happy. And only recently did I realize that my man Pilooski edited the classically funky soul song and amped up the oopmh factor.


Pointer sisters


Grab the fix below, then try and tell me these ladies didn't have all sorts of style, sass and panache.






mp3: The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)




Tame Impala - Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)

Taking the Aussie troop's track from The Doors to the dance floor, one of my favorite Frenchmen, Pilooski, jumps in on this fix of Tame Impala's Lucidity, adding new bits of sonic squelching that are simply sublime.


Tame imapala


The single is out officially today (buy it here), watch the video for Lucidity at this link, then try your best to snag a ticket to their upcoming US tour/shows.


The first night in NYC is already sold out, but yay, two nights. Get your pass now.


Remix = rad.




mp3: Tame Impala - Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)




Introducing: The Aikiu

What's my latest obsession you ask? Well, maybe you're not asking, but I'm going to tell you anyways. It should come as no surprise that the French discopop of The Aikiu has been inhabiting a lot of my ear space over the past few weeks. And it's all thanks to one single, the lad's debut one no less, and it's complementary remixes that's had me in perma-grin mode.



Alex Aikiu, the man behind the band, as well as the charismatic front-man of this three-piece Parisian art-pop collective, consisting also of Julien Vichnievsky and Cedric Pilooski. Leave it to Pilooski to have me swooning again, but it seems like everything he touches turns to beastly-gold.


But it's The Aikiu's debut offering, Just Can't Sleep, that's got me doing just as the song implies. Perfect for lazy afternoon listenings or dark and mysterious dancefloors before the crack of daylight, the song "is about a love affair with the late 70's and early 80's in New York City; a time when the city was in despair and at its lowest in places and extremely high in plenty of others. Studio 54, one of those infamous places where many worlds collided under one roof, all with an air of decadence, disco and glamor. There’s also that paranoid element to it though. If you want the party never to stop, you’re inevitably going to get dark", so says Alex.


Sounds like perfection to me. Cop the single here and watch the video below.



mp3: The Aikiu - Just Cant Sleep (Mighty Mouse Remix)

mp3: The Aikiu - Just Cant Sleep



Pilooski’s Discodeine LP to Feature Jarvis Cocker and Matias Aguayo

Discodeine is the Parisian super-group, comprised of disco destroyer Pilooski, Morando (AKA Pentile) and Cédric Marszewski. To date, they've released several EPs on the d-i-r-t-y sub-label Dark & Lovely, most recently Singular, a track featuring vocals from former Closer Musik member, Matias Aguayo.



Along with Aguayo appearing on the Discodeine full-length, productions featuring contributions from Jarvis Cocker and Baxter Dury (son of Ian) will be included. Further details of the album, like the title, track list and official release date, have yet to be revealed, but d-i-r-t-y says to “expect pop music, analogue basslines, steel drums, weird disco and more”.

You can buy the Singular EP here, or watch the video for the title track below. So yummy!




mp3: Discodeine - Singular



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