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Pitbull (featuring T-Pain) - Hey Baby Drop it to the Floor (new video!)

Just a reminder to all (in the event you've forgotten), that I have the most infinitely never-ending crush on Pitbull. He's got a new Spanish-language album, Armando, out now, featuring productions by Afrojack, Yolanda Be Cool, DCUP and more. Now, here we have the fresh clip for new single, Hey Baby Drop it to the Floor. Pretty generic, but I dig it, duh. Lights! Hip thrusts! Sunglasses!






mp3: Pitbull (featuring T-Pain) - Hey Baby Drop it to the Floor




Pitbull - Can't Stop Me Now (new video!)

It's at this moment in which I go back and revisit Pitbull's extremely listenable and highly entertaining release, Rebelution. Last September, I "twack marked" the disc (I should really start that back up again), and Can't Stop Me Now was  the highest rated of the album cuts. Now with a new video clip for said song, I'm ready to rock all night with Papi Pit once again.



Enlisting vocal and backing band assistance from Liz Rodrigues and her troupe, The New Royales, Pitbull sizzles over a driving beat that samples The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army.


I love the song, the video is sexy, and the only think I find odd is that the rapper is prepping the release of his all-Spanish full-length, Armando, in 2 weeks (June 29 via Sony) and he's still repping for the tracks on last year's late summer offering. No mind though...because I got you boo.


Watch the video now.




mp3: Pitbull - Go Girl (Uncle Ben Remix)



Alexandra Burke (featuring Pitbull) - All Night Long (new video!)

Hol' up, hol' up...what? How in tarnation does a previous X-Factor winner in Alexandra Burke end up within the Beaston pages? Well, for starters, our love of pop tunes with catchy hooks that make us wanna shimmy shake our shoulders, along with the sexy beast known as Pitbull, is quite possibly the perfect concoction of cheese and "ugh's" that make us love this song...and now video.



Now, this is not the first time that Ms. Burke has wound up on a certain repetitive playlist or two of ours. Frankly, we're really fans of this, oh and this...and definitely this one. And just because we don't write about this genre very often, sometimes it just feels right.


Plus Alexandra and Pitbull's song All Night Long (now with subsequently "eh, ok!" visuals) needs no further justification other than the fact that it made us briefly forget that a song of the same name by Lionel Richie ever existed. Plus, Papi Pit raps something about "unleashing a beast".


Big win, Burke and 'Bull.




mp3: Alexandra Burke (featuring Pitbull) - All Night Long




View These Vids: Best Coast, Pitbull, Music Go Music, The Flaming Lips and more...

Oft when presented with a new video, words sometimes escape me, as I'm visually treated and transported into a 3 to 4-minute world of pleasing colors and sounds. That said, there are a handful of new videos that have just been born of the net, and I'd like to share 'em with you.



At the very least, give each one a full view and I can guarantee you'll notice that a half hour of work (shirked!) has gone by rather quickly. However, what your boss might say? Well, I can't promise it's going to be positive.


And play!









mp3: Pitbull (featuring Machel Montano) - Alright 



twack marks #15 - Crookers - Tons of Friends

If the simple release of a track list can make you desire to hear an album, then let Crookers' debut, Tons of Friends, be the barometer for all your pre-yearnings for a good listen. Corralling guests like Kelis, Roisin Murphy, Drop the Lime, Miike Snow and more, the Italian DJ-duo easily eclipsed my highest level of "wanting to hear" way before any tracks were let loose.

Twack marks_crookers

Sure they've got loads of lads and lasses in their corner, but how does this all stack up when given a proper twack marking? Let's listen in!


Crookers - 01 - We Love Animals (ft Soulwax and Mixhell) [we honestly don't enjoy this until 2.5 minutes in when it gets mega bassier...C-]

Crookers - 02 - 
No Security (ft Kelis) [digging deep drums and kelis is in fine raspy form...gotta say bart b more's mix is superior...B+]

Crookers - 03 - 
Natural Born Hustler (ft Pitbull) [frantic & fiery, pits spits while dudes bend nasty bassline...certified freak-worthy...A]

Crookers - 04 - 
Let's Get Beezy (ft will.i.am) [oh geeze...there is no reason for this to be on album...sounds like an awful BEP reject...D]

Crookers - 05 - 
Park the Truck (ft Spank Rock) [2 minutes of repetitive lyrics & spacey echoes...wish spank would have spit more...meh...C]

Crookers - 06 - 
Hold Up Your Hand (ft Róisín Murphy) [had higher hopes for it but murphy's vocals match the darker arrangement nicely...B+]

Crookers - 07 - 
Hip Hop Changed (ft Rye Rye) [verging between dubstep & d'n'b this deep ditty uses ryes vocals to carry bland 2nd half...B-]

Crookers - 08 - 
Cooler Couleur (ft Yelle) [immediately piqued w/ the french lyrics...softer than we've ever heard them hit and it works...A]

Crookers - 09 - 
Birthday Bash (ft The Very Best, Marina, and Dargen D'Amico) [tropical, fun, and primed for poolside summers...repeats...B+]

Crookers - 10 - 
Put Your Hands on Me (ft Kardinal Offishall and Carla Marie) [could live without, but will always dance when heard out...B]

Crookers - 11 - 
Royal T (ft Róisín Murphy) [beat drop at minute mark is sweat inducing...the "junk feeling" line is ace...best cut yet...A+]

Crookers - 12 - 
Remedy (ft Miike Snow) [piano-driven w/ icy vocals, this is more melodic than anything we've heard thanks to the guest...A-]

Crookers - 13 - 
Arena (ft Poirier and Face-T) [jamaican riddim carries the weight of this cumbersome track...slipped a bit there boys...C]

Crookers - 14 - 
Tee-Pee Theme (ft Drop the Lime) [one minute and 40 seconds of vocal tics and tricks...nice change up from big bangers...B+]

Crookers - 15 - 
Transilvania (ft Steed Lord) [more proof that the boys tend to use female vocals to make a solid cut...i dig this 100%...A+]

Crookers - 16 - 
Have Mercy (ft Carrie) [wet & rubbery beats lay nicely under ms wilds' smooth tone...forgive me father line is way rad...B+]

Crookers - 17 - 
Jump Up (ft Major Lazer, Leftside and Supahype) [youll recognize this from major lazer's album last year...we still dig...B]

Crookers - 18 - 
Lone White Wolf (ft Tim Burgess) [gunslinger beats & ghost town vibe, this smacks us from nowhere & we're not mad at it...A]

Crookers - 19 - 
Day 'n' Nite (Acapella Skit) [this is cudi being cudi and by that, i mean it's him being silly...& totally unnecessary...C]

Crookers - 20 - 
Embrace the Martian (ft Kid Cudi) [still the best work cudi ever did, thanks to crookers...we can't hate on it too much...B]



Let me say, that on first listen in its entirety last week during their official streaming listening party, I was floored with the variety of guests and musical tones pumping forth. Credit it to a virgin hearing experience, because when we threw on the album today, something entirely different happened.

Sure there are tons of friends, but there is also a slow start to really getting into the album. Save for the Pitbull feature 3 tracks deep, the album really doesn't showcase the boys' talents until 8 cuts in, when they rope in Yelle for a French boudoir bumper. The majority of songs we favor are those in which they do enlist the support of the female vocals. Maybe it's the feminine vs masculine disparity that they were able to harness, but regardless, each of the womanly-warbled tracks sit high atop our list of best of the album.

As a full album, it's not one we'll go back to very often, save for those few tracks. Take the Roisin Murphy-voiced Royal T; easily a contender for top dance floor filler of the year so far. Intermittent cheers for the dudes on their debut.


mp3: Crookers (featuring Roisin Murphy) - Royal T 


Beastly Bits #29

Seasons change, people adjust, but one thing remains constant...it's the morning bits! Pumped and primed to bring you a tasty selection of news and info, we remain steadfast.


On to the next, on, on, to the next one...


Chew Lips announce a new set of UK dates for their tour in support of debut album, Unicorn. Check out the list of shows here.

Nicky Digital has video footage of the "jewet" between Gonzales and A-Trak that I still can't stop raving about. Watch the clips from last Thursday's performance here. Amazing!  

EXIT Festival has announced their first round of acts for the July event in Serbia. Here's the rundown.

Diplo's remix of Private's My Secret Lover is being used in the Prada SS10 Women's Ad Campaign. Check out the clip here. Hot!


Copycat remixed Erik Hassle's Hurtful with smashing results. Get ready to feel...get ready to dance. Free download of the fix is yours below.


Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and Yoko Ono form a supergroup/trio. More details here.


Pitbull performed on Lopez Tonight, and I'd be lying if I didn't say his live band absolutely crushed it! Watch the performance here.


mp3: Erik Hassle - Hurtful (A Copycat Remix)

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