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Bright Light Bright Light - Love Part II (Louis La Roche Remix)


My boy Bright Light Bright Light is back and better than ever. Well, it's not that he was ever NOT good...it's just that around every corner, we find new gems and genius cuts that make us fall deeper into a love hole with the dude from Wales. As noted in the official press statement: There’s a single coming out and it’s basically brilliant. The song in question is called Love Part II and it’s by Bright Light Bright Light. I cosign this, because it is both fact and fantastic.


Bright light


Love Part II will see its proper release on September 27, via the new Popjustice Hi-Fi label. The b-side, Cry at Films, is something you should already have in your repertoire, cause we hit you with that a few months back.


But we're here to talk about the single, which is produced by Andy Chatterley (Kylie Minogue, Nerina Pallot, Diana Vickers), and even moreso to dose you with an exclusive new mix of the track from a Beaston-fave in Louis La Roche. The UK DJ never ceases to match wits with his subject matter, and with this fresh fix of BLBL's track, he absorbs all the awesome of the original, and spits out an even shinier interpretation, all whilst keeping his stat quo funksauce flowing throughout.


It's a good...nay, GREAT thing. Procure the single here on September 27. In the meantime, it's the video! Watch it below.






mp3: Bright Light Bright Light - Love Part II (Louis La Roche Remix)






Bright Light Bright Light - Cry At Films (new song!)

Big news on the Bright Light Bright Light front, and it's nothing but the good stuff. Earlier this week, Popjustice announced the formation of their brand new label, Popjustice Hi-Fi, under the umbrella of releasing pop music of a higher standard. Aces! Along those lines, their first release comes from Swedish singer Rosanna, but it's their second effort that's got us grooving...cause it's all about the awesomeness that is BLBL.



PHF's next release will be Bright Light Bright Light's Love Part II, and it will be officially available on September 13. Much like the dude's previous works we've featured, the song is a driving force of unstoppably-fantastic synth-pop. The full release contains the original song, a Pepptalk remix, and the b-side Cry At Films, which he's graciously offered to let us give to you.


The other-side cut features Del Marquis, of Scissor Sisters, on guitars and backing vocals, and it's a bit of emotional pop that makes me super happy.


Grab the song after you listen to Love Part II in the video below.




mp3: Bright Light Bright Light - Cry At Films



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