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Snoop Dogg - Wet (new song!)

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg tweased (twitter + tease = duh) his followers with the notion that he had some big news, and rightfully so, he would be dropping it at 4:20pm via ustream and the birderrific platform. Naturally, most assumed it would be a new song, but what blew the chronic breeze right out the room, was the guise under which the song was delivered. Oh Snoop, I love you. 


Snoop dogg wet


If you want to know exactly under what pretense this super slick and sexy jam was produced, then let his official feed be your guide:


"Made tha anthem 4 Prince Williams bachelor party n all bachelor parties round tha wrld #Wet listen 420p PST 2day jacc!"


Ummmm, that is brilliant. Snoop's Wet, he claims, was made for the royalty's impending bachelor party prior to bedding down with Katherine Middleton. After revealing the tune (which, to be honest, I have had on repeat for a large portion of the day), he, or one of his twitter minions, went on a rampage sending out news of the cut to radio personalities, celebrities...and Cher. So there's that duet to look forward to as well, right? Also, the lyric about "the cigarette" is a bona fide panty dropper.




mp3: Snoop Dogg - Wet



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