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Tame Impala - Great Expectations Met at Coco66

With the term "buzz band" so loosely swimming about in a sea of sound-alike bands, it's easy to quickly use that as a catch-all for the musicians who blow up instantaneously, those who receive immediate praise for a single song, but yet leaves the act washed up on shore after the hype wanes. Thankfully, we're not going to use that phrase when describing Tame Impala, or their NYC debut at Coco66 last night. No, instead...I'll say this is a band that creates the buzz, and it's a warm and inviting hum that demands your attention and respect.



Call them sonic wanderers if you will, but the boys from Perth have a "sustained stray" about their music, which can be heard on debut album, InnerSpeaker. Ranging from the tight arrangements of, dare we say, The Beatles earliest songs up through the English blokes more psychedelic trips, the journey that Tame Impala takes you on is defining and definite...a thoughtful tour of the young dudes insanely impressive musicality.


With last night being the Aussie foursome's first foray into playing New York City (err, Brooklyn), the natural pre-show thoughts popped into mind. Would they be nervous? How would the songs translate in a live venue? I'd made note that even if it was a sloppy performance, I would have still enjoyed it because their songs speak volumes. Thankfully, the wow factor of their set made me forget I had any questions prior to the event. 


While the instant gratification of Solitude is Bliss got the crowd moving, the 50-minute, 9-song set showcased album and non-allbum tracks, intertwined with fuzzy effects pedals, catchy riffs, a jazz flute, instrument swaps and a "back to the crowd" guitar guest jam drop by Andrew of MGMT. As said song states "you will never come close to how I feel", the sense in the room is that we all felt a longing of wanting more.


If you're lucky enough to have scored a ticket to Tame Impala's 3 remaining sold out shows in NYC this week, good on you. More pictures from last night's gig can be viewed here. Set list is below a few images.






Make Up Mind (Spaze)
Alter Ego (Spaze)
Jeremy's Storm
Solitude/Skel (Spazz)
/Half Full (Spaze in Jamme)



mp3: Tame Impala - Vital Signs (Midnight Juggernauts Cover)

mp3: Tame Impala - Alter Ego 



Introducing: ArpLine

ArpLine, a Brooklyn quintet new to the eyes and ears of Beastonia, is one name you should familiarize yourselves with. See, over the next few months, I can envision posting quite a bit about these lads. After hearing blips about 'em over the past year or so, I made my way to Under 100 on Saturday night for an intimate DIY gig that cuts to me this morning, in front of my computer, spinning their disc on repeat. Mega win.



The five-some of Sam Tyndall, Adam De Rosa, Michael Chap Resnick, Oliver Edsforth and Nathan Lithgow are a band of rad dudes who come together to create an ambient, 60s garage and psych rock influenced sound. Having caught a bit of buzz in the blog world, and now with upcoming live dates including a support set for School of Seven Bells, ArpLine are easily a "top 5 beastly band to watch" through the rest of the year.


Playing at the tiny and exclusively rad space, Under 100, on Saturday night, the band performed a 30 minute set of songs from their 10-track songbook. Matching atmospheric tones with their frontman's unique vocal stylings, ArpLine created a cool refuse from a hot Spring night. While certainly not the most polished of acts, their passion and potential is part of their ever entrancing charm.


My suggestion? Check out this budding troupe on any of the below dates...all coming up sooner than later. They're only going to get better and better with each stop.


May 5 - Cinco De Mayo Party @ LPR w/ Hooray for Earth & Midnight Masses - NY, New York
May 13 - The Bell House w/ MILAGRES - Brooklyn, New York
May 14 - Downstairs Cafe - Bennington, VT
May 15 - Piano's w/ Uninhabitable Mansions, Dinosaur Feathers & Natureboy - NY, New York
May 20 - TT The Bear's - Presented by Extraneous Noise w/ Magic Magic + More - Cambridge, MA
June 10 - Mercury Lounge - w/ School of Seven Bells - NY, New York



mp3: ArpLine - Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper


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