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Sensual Harassment - NYC Beast (new song)

Well well well...what have we here? It's a new Sensual Harassment single, and I'm gonna be all sorts of vainly egocentric here and say that NYC Beast, in name and sound, is all about me. Jesting, naturally, but upon giving this new song a listen, one would be remiss not to believe there's a touch of the rad in there. Right, right? Let's see...and hear...


Sensual harassment


From past works of the band's, we've been treated to a certain style of lush and lovely disco synthpop. Not so the case now with this new single, although it's equally as fantastic in its tone, arrangement and aural output. Here's a bit of info that describes NYC Beast. Lock and load...




Imagine if Black Flag had bought drums machines and sequencers, discovered ecstasy, then piled in their van and moved to the East Coast and you just might begin to get it. The second single from their new album Alpha Draconis, NYC Beast is an acid-punk scorcher that conjures up the ghosts of synth-punks past, like Big Black and Suicide, then dives head first into alienation and heightened paranoia for modern life.


All the sounds of a bustling metropolis are here in a bursting overload of the senses: blistering synths weave in and out frantically like overheated taxis in a 5 o'clock gridlock, the bass tone is drenched in a sewer-like sludge, while thunderous drums pummel your ears mercilessly like a symphony of jackhammers.


Singer Todd Thomas' snotty vocal is a venomous blend that is equal parts Johnny Rotten and Frank Black -- the rousing repetitive chorus "You're all alone, yet there's people everywhere you want to go" is a universal critique understood by tourist and native alike, and might be one of the band's most insightful lyrics to date. No one understands New York better than its natives and Sensual Harassment have just crafted what soon might be another one of the city's anthems.




Yeah, this song is so me. Thanks Sensual Harassment, for yet another fine slice of your musical pie, that speaks directly into my head and tugs ever so roughly at my heartstrings. 


NYC Beast...yours, mine and ours now. And as a powerful suggestion, Sensual Harassment's Alpha Draconis is being released this week with the band playing 285 Kent Ave in Williamsburg this Friday November 12 for their album release party. Just sayin'...




mp3: Sensual Harassment - NYC Beast




Peaches - Jonny (new single!)

Errrrrrr....stop the presses, and stop your salivations, because before you get too excited, Peaches, you got a lot 'o 'splainin' to do! In the long-running series of Suicide tribute EPs, a new set is coming forthwith on August 30, and in addition to Effi Briest and Alan Vega himself contributing a rare B-side, the queen of all things clashed up in electronic fashion offers up her spin on a classic cover of one of the protopunk band's well-known songs.



The iconic musician led Suicide to infamy during the punk era, becoming outcasts with their adoption of primitive electronica. Johnny was originally featured on the band's debut album and showcases their more elegiac side. When the frontman turned 70 last year, prompting blastfirstpetite to organize a series of singles in which artists would tackle their favorite Suicide / Alan Vega tracks. Now, Peaches is due to take part, with her effort due later this month.


A striking cover, Peaches added her own feminine charm to Jonny (sans "h"), while retaining the grit and grumbliness of the original. Limited to just 1500 copies (order here), the one-off single also features a very-NSFW drawing by respected artist Cary Kwok.


Peaches follows in line with artists who have taken part in the series, including: Klaxons, Bruce Springsteen, The Horrors, Primal Scream amongst others.


Have a listen in below.



mp3: Peaches - Jonny



Introducing: Ramona

Ramona is a band, not an individual, and collectively, these 3 dudes led by vocalist Karen Anne, are quick to pique my interest by combining straightforward arrangements with a pure rock sensibility. IT's hard to find a good dose on information on the Brighton bunch, so I'm going to toss you what I do know, then let the music do the talking. It speaks volumes.



Ramona are in the midst of their first tour after playing an introducing spot at Scotland's T In The Park Festival finding fans in Lissie and Carice Van Houten. They have a 7" coming out at the beginning of September and are working on their debut album, due out next year. 


That's the grand scope of it. If you hit their MySpace, you can hear the songs How Long and Steve McQueen. You can also grab an mp3 of the former below.


There is also a movie that is coming out today called Ramona & Beezus. Ok, so while that has absolutely nothing to do with these musicians, hey hey, what a coincidence! Keep your eyes and ears out for this band...sounds like they've got big things ready to rock your beastly existence.


mp3: Ramona - How Long



Shiragirl Vows to Stomp Out Breast Cancer

On July 17, the Babes' Burnin Rubber to Fight Breast Cancer Concert will take place at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millvale, NJ. The show, produced in association with Conquer Entertainmentbenefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation to aid in the research and cure of breast cancer.



Not only will Brooklyn's own Shiragirl be performing at the show (tickets here), but they've offered up a new tune...and it's in the running to become the official theme song of the event.


Here's where you come in. First up, give a listen to Shiragirl's Stomp It Out below. Then you're gonna head to this page and click on the vote now button. And obviously, you're going to select this song as your favorite. No really, you are. Because it's worlds better than the other two selections. It's punk fun and rad riffs....all for a really great cause to boot!


For more information on the Babes' Burnin Rubber benefit concert, hit this site.


Shiragirl - Stomp It Out





Don Letts' Superstonic Sound: Rebel Dread Documentary (new trailer!)

One of the great pioneers in music, Don Letts, will soon be commemorated in a new documentary. Superstonic Sound: The Rebel Dread showcases the West Indian Englishman as a pivotal force behind some of the greatest artists to appear in punk, rock n roll and reggae. The now 54-year old started out in a clothing store called ACME in 1975, which attracted the likes of The Clash, Sex Pistols and Blondie.



Soon thereafter, Letts moved into DJ'ing, making several documentaries himself and forming Big Audio Dynamite with Mick Jones from The Clash in 1984. Now, the camera has been turned on him and we find out more from this elusively cool BBC Radio6 personality.


The movie describes Letts as the "The soundclash that changed British music forever". It will premiere at The Roundhouse in London on June 7. Tickets here.


Watch the trailer below.




mp3: Steel Leg and The Electric Dread - Stratetime And The Wide Man



John Lydon: Live on East Village Radio, May 18

After fronting the iconic Sex Pistols, John Lydon formed Public Image LTD (PiL) in 1978, a band universally credited with having produced some of the best, most diverse music of the 70s and 80s. The band is currently on their first U.S. tour in 18 years, including a unique stop at EastVillageRadio.com.



Lydon (AKA Johnny Rotten) will appear live in the booth on EVR.com on a special edition of Pizza Party, hosted by Max and Kevin, this coming Tuesday, May 18 at 10AM ET. 


EVR listeners will also have the opportunity to win free tickets (courtesy of Bowery Presents) to PiL’s New York performances (at either Terminal 5 on Tuesday, May 18, or Music Hall of Williamsburg on Wednesday, May 19) by tuning in to the following EVR shows:

Sandy Acres Sound Lab, hosted by Colleen Crumbcake: Saturday, May 15, 10AM-Noon ET

Attuned, hosted by Khaya: Saturday, May 15, 4-6PM ET

All Over The Shop, hosted by Ben and Stu: Saturday, May 15, 6-8PM ET

Atlantic Tunnel, hosted by Ed and Gaz: Sunday, May 16, Noon-2PM ET


This is mega rad and super exciting.


mp3: Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK




Plastiscines - Another Kiss

I love, love, love these punk-lite French gals. Hot off the heels of a stellar 2009, in which their rad tracks, Bitch and Barcelona, jumped all throughout the blogosphere, Plastiscines are back with a new single, and we're ready to crank this shit up to 12 immediately. Forget 11, that's how we roll.



The girls' feisty self-reflective track, Bitch, actually came out as an official single earlier this year, but it's moving forward that gets us geeky excited. Their most recent album, Another Love, hosts Plastiscines' new dish, Another Kiss, which saw a proper single release on March 29.


Like most punk cuts, the song is less than 3 minutes...and full of drum pedals and heavy riffs...all sprinkled with that certain "je ne sais quoi" that makes us keep coming back for more.




mp3: Plastiscines - Another Kiss

mp3: Plastiscines - Barcelona (Lifelike Remix)



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