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Natalia Kills' Mirrors EP is Out Today; Official Remix from Purple Crush


Today marks the release of Natalia Kills' Mirrors remix EP which contains four mixes of the single by Moto Blanco, Sketch Iz, Doctor Rosen Rosen and Purple Crush. The latter two we've already been privy to, and even had the distinct pleasure of premiering the DRR MIX on EVR's Belly of the Beast when Natalia joined me in studio for a proper chat in September.


Mirrors remix


The video for Mirrors, we're told, will premiere soon. It was filmed in LA and directed by Natalia and her Parisian production collaborator Guillaume Doubet, whom she created the first installments of short films titled Love, Kills, xx earlier this year.


Mirrors is taken from her debut album, Perfectionist, due out in early 2011. Buy the Mirrors Remixes EP on iTunes now.


I'm pretty pumped to offer up our home boy and girl, Purple Crush's official remix of the song for your audible attention. They take the song from dark and sultry to positively pop pleasure. Grab it on the free tip below!




mp3: Natalia Kills - Mirrors (Purple Crush Remix)





Purple Crush - The Original (new video!)

In traditional Purple Crush fashion, we've got their brand new video for song, The Original, which plays up their tongue-in-cheek yet in-your-face stance on the current state of pop culture.



Unless you are blind (in which case, why are you on this site and HOW did you get here?!?), then you'll quickly realize who Isla and Jared are poking a big stick at with their fresh new visuals.


Gosh, I love these kids. Song is a dandy banger too.


Watch now. 




mp3: Purple Crush - Shopping on the Dancefloor




Purple Crush - Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)

It's been well over two years since I first fell in love with Purple Crush. And while they cease to call NYC home these days, it seems as if the sunny shores of California are treating them just as fine...seeing as how they've got a new dose of the awesome to hit us with today.



It was Purple Crush's cover of Madonna' Physical Attraction that had initially won over my beastly attention, and since then, they've tackled the likes of Kanye West and Chris Isaak. But now, they head back to the beloved 80's with a cover of Michael Jackson's Beat It.


Jackson purists...hush. Give this gem of a dance floor ditty a chance. You will thank me later, after you wipe the sweat from your brow.


Additionally, be on the lookout for Purple Crush's' new original tune, The Original, and subsequent video. Don't worry...we'll be waiting and ready for it.


mp3: Purple Crush - Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)




NYC'ers Purple Crush and DJ Cat Tell LA to Dance or Die!

Last year, my beastly little heart broke when one of my favorite acts, Purple Crush, packed up their parcels, picked up, and popped over to the west coast for a new homebase. Thankfully, there's this weird thing called technology, which keeps us in touch.


Last night, I was chatting with Jared from the poptacularly-electro duo, and damn, do these two have some rad bits in the works. Hush hush for now, but I can let you in on what will surely become a staple of all you Los Angelians' hump-day hurrahs. Together with another NYC-transplant, DJ Cat NYC (whom I've loved and lauded many times before), these kids are telling you to DANCE OR DIE!


Nasty Management Presents: DANCE OR DIE Wednesday, January 13 (and every Wednesday thereafter) Resident Performers and DJs: Automatic Panic & DJ Cat NYC Purple Crush DJ Beau Ultra Suede (661 North Robertson Boulevard) $5 w/RSVP before 11pm and $10 after rsvp@nastymanagement.com 10pm - 2am // ID required // 21+


mp3: DJ Cat NYC - Dance or Die Mixtape

mp3: Purple Crush - Marry Me

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