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Rai Knight - New New (MNDR Remix)



The comparisons between these two were immediate 'cross the worldwide blogosphere, and while I might not neccessarily classify 'em as samesies, I will give 'em both a rad amount of credit and virtual high fives. We've been anxiously awaiting the MNDR remix of Rai Knight's New New since we got wind of it some many months and a halfs ago, but now she's here, and yep yep, she's a good.


You can stream the track below, but please do go buy it officially on iTunes. Your pennies wil help support the cause of me and my homegirl MNDR in our quest to get matching tattoos. For real.



Rai Knight - New New (MNDR Remix) by sheenabeaston 




I'm Flashy, Pigeons & Planes and Sheena Beaston Present: Rai Knight's Self-Portrait Mixtape

Together with the superior skills and thrills of buddy sites, I'm Flashy and Pigeons and Planes, I'm super jazzmatazzed to reveal our tri-hosting of the brand new mixtape from a Beaston-fave in Rai Knight. You want the goods? Cause you're gonna get 'em!




With a little funk and a lot of soul, Rai returns to Beastonia with a 7-cut offer that's available on the fre and it's something we suggest you get in on now. Having already revealed her Black Milk cover of Without U, the track anchors the short and super stellar Self-Portrait mixtape that showcases a skill set we've been heralding for some time. Grab it in full, here.


Rai Knight - Self-Portrait Mixtape Track List
1. I Can Move Your Heart
2. My Verdict
3. Persistence
4. We've Been Thru
5. Thank You Vengeance
6. The Sweetness
7. Without U


Little treat below too. Oooh yeah!




mp3: Rai Knight - I Can Move Your Heart




Beastly Bits #123

Make a wish...




...it's the 1-2-3 installment of the bits. Power in numbers, y'all.



Nick Cave is going to pen a remake of The Crow? Oh no...oh wow? link


Grum continues his hot streak with a tossback to Top Gun bromances and 70s cop shills with his latest video for Through the Night. link


Klaxons played an intimate gig in Shoreditch last night. New album, Surfing the Void, is out August 23. link


Robert Plant's new group, Band of Joy, covered Los Lobos' Angel Dance. link


You asked and you shall receive. Another Rai Knight tune for all to enjoy below. You're welcs!


mp3: Rai Knight (featuring Oseeola) - Mr. Postman



Introducing: Rai Knight

Also known as, get this ish in your ear holes right now. Rai Knight's made a bit of noise throughout blogworld dot com's'ville over the past few weeks, and I'd be remiss if I didn't add a little kindling to the fire that's already burning in her honor. The Warren, MI native roots herself in nouveau'mage. Get it? Like nouveau, as in modern, and eau'mage as in an homage to a retro rad sound. And/or I'm just mashing up words to describe how killer her sound is because I'm at a loss for real lingo. Right on...



Self-described as "trip-pop with soul", Knight is a triple-threat in that she sings, writes and produces her own original material. The young, budding talent quickly found a niche within my playlists, thanks to relevantly-rad tunes like Pied Piper and Pivotal, but be warned, she's been recording experimental style beats off a boombox since she was 9, so she's got the chops to back it up.


With production from The Skouts and FrontStreet Records repping her, this gal's got the goods to make me groove. Recently, she'd offered up a few tracks that are rocking my world, including New New, which you can also feast your eyes on in video form below.


And heads up Beaston-ites. I'll be spinning some Rai Knight on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast tonight, airing from 8-10pm EST. I won't say exactly when, because I am a traffic monger and want you to listen to me wax on the whole time. 




mp3: Rai Knight - Pied Piper

mp3: Rai Knight - New New


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