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Azealia Banks - 212 (new video!)

Ayo... I live in NYC and suppose I rock the 347 area code with a burning fiery fury. Azealia Banks, however, does it so much radder with her new phone-hype homemade clip for 212, a track we loved up on not too long ago. The rapstress looks so happy in this clip, but don't let it fool you. BAD WORDS in this heater.





212 by Azealia Banks 




Azealia Banks - 212

Well hello schizoprenifavorite rap of the summer! Way way waaaaay back in early 2009, I hailed and heralded the quick-lipped spit and flow of a youngster named Azealia Banks. Dropping verses on a Ladytron track was so "ohhh-nine" though, because jump to today and we're totally grooving on this ridiculously rad shout out to the isle of Manhattan.




212 is her latest effort, a lewd-laced cut that places Banks' unique tones above, um, are those "house elements"? Yes, they are. Amidst the b, c, n, s and f-words, you must pay attention to two wildly fantastic switch up beat tricks, first at the :45 mark and then again at the 2:17 stamp.


She also sings in this "snarl growl" for a few seconds that's half snarky, part serious and all amazing.


Get it and love it.




mp3: Azealia Banks - 212



Snoop Dogg - Wet (new song!)

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg tweased (twitter + tease = duh) his followers with the notion that he had some big news, and rightfully so, he would be dropping it at 4:20pm via ustream and the birderrific platform. Naturally, most assumed it would be a new song, but what blew the chronic breeze right out the room, was the guise under which the song was delivered. Oh Snoop, I love you. 


Snoop dogg wet


If you want to know exactly under what pretense this super slick and sexy jam was produced, then let his official feed be your guide:


"Made tha anthem 4 Prince Williams bachelor party n all bachelor parties round tha wrld #Wet listen 420p PST 2day jacc!"


Ummmm, that is brilliant. Snoop's Wet, he claims, was made for the royalty's impending bachelor party prior to bedding down with Katherine Middleton. After revealing the tune (which, to be honest, I have had on repeat for a large portion of the day), he, or one of his twitter minions, went on a rampage sending out news of the cut to radio personalities, celebrities...and Cher. So there's that duet to look forward to as well, right? Also, the lyric about "the cigarette" is a bona fide panty dropper.




mp3: Snoop Dogg - Wet




T.I. (featuring Christina Aguilera) - Castle Walls

I don't care what you say, think or feel... I've already cried three super solid times to new track, Castle Walls, from T.I.'s upcoming album, No Mercy, which features my fellow Pittsburghian homegirl, Christina Aguilera, on the emotional tip (pun...ha!) during the chorus. 











T.I. (featuring Christina Aguilera) - Castle Walls





Gucci Mane - Pills (Prince Of Ballard Remix)

Yep, Gucci's new album is out today, and whilst I'm still tryna get sold on the full disc, it at least gives me a great excuse to post this Prince of Ballard remix of Mane's cut, Pills, which is not one from the new release, but hey...loving it all over again one in the same.





I'd post a mix from PoB each, every and any day if I could. Maybe I will.


Gucci Mane's The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted is out now. Cop it here.




mp3: Gucci Mane - Pills (Prince Of Ballard Remix)




Introducing: Reema Major

In this history of heralding upcoming rapstresses here in Beastonia, I've covered a pretty fair portion of spitters, stylers and scenesters, but none of have come as young as the one we're super geeking out about right now. Back in early '09, it was 17 year old Azealia Banks who turned my head and ear. 2010 has belonged to 19 year old Dominique Young Unique's super steez, but today, it's 15 year old Reema Major who's getting the Beaston stamp of approval. 





The Toronto-based teen hit the Canadian scene by way of Kansas City, but don't let her North American homebase fool you: Major speaks Arabic and Tribal Tongue (Sudan) in addition to native English. Apparently she was also born in a jail cell...whoa. Reema's already released two singles, Gucci Bag and Arabian Princess, to a limited online outlet, but recently, she's found a fan not only in this blogger, but also in rock legend Gene Simmons. Headscratch, what? Here's what the tongued-one has to say:


Two days ago, I was in Toronto doing promotion and media for our first signing, THE ENVY…

While there, Universal’s Mark Spicoluk suggested that I meet REEMA MAJOR and Kwajo, head of G7 Records. We met at the hotel… and, well… I was awe struck. I’ve been around the music industry for 37 years. There is a phrase — maybe you’ve heard it…”EITHER YOU’VE GOT IT… OR YOU DON’T.”

And Reema Major has “it.”

She is all of 15 years old. She was born in a jail cell. She raps. She struts. She IS style. Reema, Kwajo and the G7 crew met to talk about our interest in signing Reema. And then we decided to go get some Starbucks, which was next door. The excitement that Reema caused was immediate and overwhelming. A crowd gathered right away. A television crew picked up on the excitement, and we were interviewed on the street. We, at Simmons/Universal, intend on putting the full court press on this ARTIST, which is what she is.

You will be hearing a lot about her. Remember her name – REEMA MAJOR.



Holy moly, when Simmons speaks, we listen, but when Reema Major spits, we freaking pay attention! You can download Major's Youngest in Charge mixtape for free here. Also check out this freestyle she spits on a recent radio show. It's dope like whoa.


Can't wait to hear what comes next out of this emerging talent!




mp3: Reema Major - Arabic Princess

mp3: Reema Major - Gucci Bag





Dominique Young Unique - The World is Mine (new video!)

Ummm, you guys...perfection! My main bia up in these Beaston-files is the Tampa-bred and born slick spitter, Dominique Young Unique. We've been praising her for oodles of months, had her on our EVR show a ways back, got a ton of y'all hooked on her Domination mixtape, and yeah, we just can't and won't ever quit on this hustress. She's way radder than I ever was at 19, and now she's got a new video for The World is Mine, one of my fave cuts from the aforementioned mixtape.


Super dope...say hey!





mp3: Dominique Young Unique - War Talk




Recap: T.I. Played at Capitale for AXE Music's One Night Only Concert Event

If there was ever a single, short and stacked spitter that made me so weak in the knees, that distinguishing honor would go to T.I. Far be it from me to note that he just got himself wifey-ed (he'll always be a single stud to me), but we're not here to talk rings and things...no, we're aiming to dish on the 3+ hour performance that the rapper put on last night at Capitale, as part of  AXE Music's One Night Only event. If you stalk twitter, you may have seen a bevy of jawdropping tweets from those in attendance, and all warranted the gasps, oohs, and aahs that kept a'rolling out.




Bringing out his best buddies and beauties, TIP ran the gamut between songs both new and old (reminder: King Uncaged comes out on September 28), in a set that spanned 30 cuts and a guests that made you go "oh wow yes".


Starting off with the fitting track, I'm Back, the dude was a nonstop whirl of sweat, spit, sex and stealth moves as he entertained in this, his first live show since getting freed from the pinstripes. Yep, this being his premiere post-prison performance, the rapper seemed not ot have missed an steps as he brought out the likes of Cam'Ron, Mary J Blige (yeah!), B.o.B., Keri Hilson, Swizz Beats, Maino and a number of his homeboys to brrrraapp into the mic.


Highlights included the inclusion of Ms. Mary J, along with the crowd pleasers Live Your Life and the current chart-topper, Got Your Back, with the aforementioned Hilson.


Special thanks to Edelman, AXE and Sarah for hooking up a super amazing evening. Video of Live Your Life can be checked out below, and the full gallery of images reside right here.


Ti mary j

Ti hat


mp3: T.I., Keri Hilson and Twista - Got Your Back (Remix)





T.I. (ft Keri Hilson) - Got Your Back (new video!)

My birthday isn't for another six months, but I already know what I want: a revolving wall panel platform with a smooth dude on the other side. And we'll probably add on to that the fact that said man would have to recreate this video with me. Yep...facts. 



In real news...T.I. just unveiled his clip for Got Your Back, the sweet ditty he's done with Beaston-fave Keri Hilson. I'm so into the song, I dig the video, and I love these two artists on some next level ish. 


Join in my swoonfest by watching the visuals now. I got I got I got I got your back, boy!


T.I.'s King Uncaged is out August 16.





mp3: T.I. (ft Keri Hilson, Bow Wow and Birdman) - Got Your Back (Remix)




Nicki Minaj - Your Love (new video!)

It's the tale of jealous ninjas, say hey! Nicki Minaj just unveiled the clip for her Annie Lennox-sampling second official single, Your Love. The song itself is much lighter and smooth than any other Minaj drops yet we still love it all the same. And now with a new video, it's time to revisit how much we dig this tune.




The song's a definite finger-snapper and it's been circulating through my world on a number of playlists, much in the mode of "ooh yeah we be chillin' like dat", or something of the sort.


The video is sweet and samurai'd out, and I'm loving the use of the flowing fabric treatment. One question: who in their right mind gives Nicki a katana?! Spoiler alert: she dies, gracefully, all whilst bleeding red tulle.


Watch the video for Your Love now!




mp3: Nicki Minaj (featuring Gyptian) - Your Love (Remix)



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