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Ray Mang (featuring Lady Miss Kier) - Bulletproof

There are very few artists that I will simply say YES to no matter what time or what consequence. One is the grand funkatronics of George Clinton; the other, the velvet lined licks of Lady Miss Kier, most notably remembered for her work with Deee-Lite. So to find out that the two are somewhat, kind of, although not really paired together, well we just nod and start writing.


Ray Mang, the alias of UK master-producer, Raj Gupta, stole the basic formula for Clinton's track, Bulletproof. And by formula, I mean he's reworked and refreshed it for modern ears, by lacing a wet and wobbly bass and synth line with the distinct tongue of Kier.

What more can I say about this? Not a lot, because I'm 100% preoccupied with dancing around like a damn fool to this.

Get in on the fun below.


mp3: Ray Mang (featuring Lady Miss Kier) - Bulletproof


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