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Bad Tunes We Beast Over: Timbo, Ms. Keri and Scherzy Say Don't Hold Your Breath

How odd is it that I really really like this song, in both versions? It's not. Song is called Don't Hold Your Breath, which we'd heard months and months ago but now there's another version, and basically it's blah blah blah, but it's hitting a lot of sweet spots in my cold lil' beastly heart.


Keri hilson


Timbaland and Keri Hilson's version slightly edges out and wins this shitty battle, if only because this is like Nicole Scherzinger's 50leventh single with no sign of a full album to ever come. I guess you can say "don't hold your breath" for that to ever happen.


Whatever... it's "overproduced crap r&b that I love" o'clock.






mp3: Keri Hilson (featuring Timbaland) - Don't Hold Your Breath

mp3: Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath




Usher - More (Billionaire Remix)

OH MY GOD WE ARE REALLY WRITING ABOUT USHER RIGHT NOW. It's like Katt Williams says, "this shit right here n*gg*? This shit RIGHT HERE?!" Forgive my inanities; I am a full bottle of head cold medicine deep and something about Ursh's new single is making me tingle.




So his new cut is called More. And it's a filthy dance banger (um, hello RedOne).


The lyric "I'm a BEAST, I'm an animal, I'm a monster in your mirror..." is pretty rad, so there's that too. 


BTW: I was hella confused by the remix title considering the song is called More, the remix is by Billionaire, and my dirty birdy fave, Peaches, has songs under both those names on her lastest album, so I was like mega confused. Thanks DayQuil cocktails!




mp3: Usher - More (Billionaire Remix)

mp3: Usher - More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix)




Trey Songz (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Bottoms Up

Let's be real here. Trey Songz simply coos over a couple verses in Bottoms Up until the main attraction in this three-ring circus of a ditty appears...and duh, I'm once again singing Nicki Minaj's praises. But here's where I flip it a bit...and let you have the chance to sing and rap like Ms. Minaj. Mmmmm lyrical love.



Note: that picture is the "drunkest" I could find Nicki lookin' like. Why? When her verse takes over, she not only kills it with a quicker paced flow, but she feigns wastedness by slurring words and tossing out an homage to Anna Nicole Smith. So that's awesome. 


And now, you too can sound just like Nicki Minaj on this crushing cut, because I took the liberty to type out the lyrics to her drop. Not only because I have hope that one day an army of us can all chant it together, but mostly because I've been rapping the hell out of this. Nonstop.


Your turn!


Can I get that dro
Can I get that remmy
Can I get that coke
Can I get that henny
Can I get that margarita on the rock rock rocks
Can I get salt all around that rim rim rim rim
"Trey"...I was like "Yo, Trey!"
"Do you think you can buy me, a bottle of ro-zay?"
Okay lets get it now
I'm wit' a bad bitch, he's wit' his friends
I don't say hi, I say "keys to the Benz!"
Keys to the benz, keys to the benz
Mu'fuckin rite, yeah b to the 10
If a bitch try to get cute, I'mm'a stop her
Throw a lotta money at her then yell fuck her
Fuck her fuck her then yell fuck her
Then I'mm'a go and get my Louisville slugger!
Excuse me, I'm sorry, I'm really such a lady
I rep Young Money
You know, slim, baby
And we be doin' donuts while we wavin' a .380
We give a lot of money to the babies out in Haiti
Yellin' "All around the world...
Do you hear me?"
"Do you like my body, Anna Nicki?"
Rest in peace to Anna Nicole Smith
Yes my dear you're so explosive
Say hi to Mary, Mary and Joseph
Now bottoms up and double my doses


mp3: Trey Songz (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Bottoms Up



Cee-Lo Green - ChamPain (new song!)

Yes!  The velvet-voiced "closet freak" is dishing out more new tunes, and we say thank you sir, tip o' the cap, and plant a mighty *muah* on your hand.




ChamPain comes from Cee-Lo's Stray Bullets mixtape, which is a free full-length download, that you should get in your libraries, like prointo. Grab it here.


Additionally, I'm still super excited for The Lady Killler to finally see a release (sometime later this year), but in the meantime, you can view Green's video for No One's Gonna Love You, which is a cover of Band of Horses' original tune. Watch it!




mp3: Cee-Lo Green - ChamPain




Jenny Wilson Playing Two Intimate NYC Dates

Jenny Wilson, Swedish songstress and guest vocalist for one of my favorite tracks from The Knife, is coming to New York City in two weeks, and there's really no reason for you not to check out one of her two small venue shows she's getting ready for. 




After catching her debut NYC performance during CMJ last year, and subsequently falling in love with her album, Hardships (finally due out in the US on August 24 via Gold Medal Recordings), Wilson appears to be Sweden's best kept secret. For those lucky enough to have caught her last year, however, oh we know. We know.


Now, Jenny's coming back to the city for two nights of amazing music. First up, she'll hit Union Hall on Tuesday July 13 (ticketsbefore jumping over to Pianos (tickets) the following evening for her second performance. There's no doubt in mind that I'll be at one of these gigs and I'd encourage you to check out her tunes and hit up her live affair.


Straddling the line between R&B, gospel, and pop, Jenny stuns audiences with her powerful live shows. Not to be missed.


mp3: Robyn and Jenny Wilson - List of Demands (Saul Williams Cover)

mp3: Jenny Wilson - Only Here For The Fight




Estelle Darlings and DJ Trauma Present: #ialmostmadeamixtape

Is that a hashtag as a mixtape name? BIG UPS Estelle! And DJ Trauma of course. Who knew the British songstress was even making a mixtape as of late? I surely didn't, but hey, here we go into spinnin' and listenin' time.



#ialmostmadeamixtape is 16 cuts of nearly all new material, with some familiar beats and hooks dropped in for added flavor. #ialmost didn't download this, but I'm glad I did. It's been sound-tracking my afternoon like a boss. This prefaces her "coming later this year" disc, All of Me.


Download the mixtape here. Track list is below, and some fun slices of awesomeness from the release are after that.


1. #almostanintro
2. Dear London
3. Fall in Love Remix (ft John Legend and Nas)
4. #almostafreestyle (ft Kardinal Offishall)
5. Keep It Like It Is
6. They Say (ft Maino)
7. Star
8. Dance With Me
9. The Rocks
10. No More
11. MainStream
12. Ghetto (ft Meek Wilson)
13. Until I Met You
14. Since I Came (ft Vaughn Anthony and The Tom Hardy)
15. Freak (Pon Di Floor Remix)
16. #almostanoutro



mp3: Estelle (featuring John Legend and Nas) - Fall In Love (Remix)

mp3: Estelle - Freak (Pon Di Floor Remix)


Ciara (featuring Black and Ludacris) - Oh (Remix)

Ladies and gentleman, beasts, boys and girls...here we have now today's  "just because" post. Why this song? And why at this moment in time?



It's been well a year+ since I've heard this version of the song and thought it was forever lost when my computer crashed. Thanks to an old cell phone with a memory card (as hoarded by my brother) we're writhing around to its radness right now.


Prior to his realizing the secret stash of electronic oldies, I had legitimately pulled every web search imaginable to locate this...so yeah, victory is ours.


And yours.


mp3: Ciara (featuring Black and Ludacris) - Oh (Remix) 



The-Dream - "Yamaha" and "Panties to the Side"

If you're not looking forward to The-Dream's Love King album (due out June 29) then we are not friends. But natch, you really should be paying attention to what ol' boy is singing and saying, because nobody is really penning the kind of swoon and croon-worthy r&b jams like he is. More audial proof of that as you read on.



Comparing your girl to a motorcycle may not immediately appear like the sexiest and most intimate form of flattery, but on YamahaTerius Youngdell Nash turns out the steely structure of the machine into a boudoir bumper. Vroom vroom...we likey.


While a whole handful of slow-jam sensual songs from the upcoming album have already been spread around, Yamaha picks up the beat a bit and it's purrs, pauses and perfection.


BONUS! Forget everything I said about Yamaha. This album (track list below) is all about Panties to the Side. Truth.


1. Love King
2. Make Up Bag (featuring T.I.)
3. F.I.L.A. (featuring T.I.)
4. Sex Intelligent
5. Sex Intelligent (Remix)
6. Yamaha
7. Nikki Part 2
8. Abyss
9. Panties to the Side
10. Turnt Out
11. February Love
12. Florida University
13. Veteran *
14. Priceless *
15. Take Care of Me *
16. All Black Everything *
17. Sorry *
18. Love King (Remix) featuring Ludacris *
19. Love King (Remix) featuring Young Jeezy **
* deluxe edition only
** iTunes bonus track


mp3: The-Dream - Panties To The Side

mp3: The-Dream - Yamaha


Beastly Bits #97

Yesterday was 100% amazing. Today blows blue chunks.


Read this stuff. Or don't. I could care less right now.


Cut Copy discuss new LP, which is inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Bowie, Grace Jones and acid house. link


Glastonbury Festival 2010 stage times posted online for free. link


Win 2 VIP passes to a select music fest, $1,000 gift card, satellite radio system and more. link


New Sophia Fresh video for This Instant can be seen here. Remember their song What It Is? I still love it and I'm giving it to you below.


New Grovesnor video for the song Dan. Sexy sounds and pretty lights. link


mp3: Sophia Fresh (featuring Kanye West) - What It Is



Kelly Rowland - Shake Them Haters Off

You might be a bit surprised if I told you that the song I've played most frequently this week comes from Kelly Rowland. Whoa beast, whoa, right? In actuality, if you know me well, then this comes as no shock to you. With a light piano intro that slinks into a shit load of hand-claps over a jumpy beat, Ms. Rowland's clear vocals coo my new mantra: "Wake up in the morning, turn off my alarm, and give a stretch and yawn, and start shaking haters off!"



According to sources, Shake Them Haters Off will be Kelly's first official single pending her upcoming, as-yet-to-be-titled or given a release date, album.The track will begin to receive radio play on June 15 with more details on official remixes and release dates for the single still pending.


This eclipses Commander and On & On as the initial output, even though the former has already been given a music video rub. No mind though, Haters is a fun and free summa jam that just makes me smile.


Ok, commence the ridicule now...cause I'll just shake yo hate off, mm hmm!


mp3: Kelly Rowland - Shake Them Haters Off


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