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Toddla T (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Want U Now

It's Ms. Dynamite's world, and we're just living in it. Between Wile Out with DJ Zinc, What You Talking About with Redlight, and now this new jawn collabo with Toddla T, you can easily get swept up in an explosive (buhleee dat!) set of tunes destined for repeat and repeat and repeat.


Late summa slammer with Want U Now. I want this in my ears at all times.


mp3: Toddla T (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Want U Now




Redlight (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - What You Talkin' About? (new video!)

Grimesauce with a lushy underbelly! Redlight is quickly becoming one of the hottest producers in the UK and with the addition of Ms. Dynamite's explosive vocals, we've got quite the burner on our hands, in our eyes and ears. What You Talkin' About? I'm talkin' about getting some dutty whinin' on up in dis piece!




mp3: Redlight (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - What You Talkin About






Redlight (featuring Roses Gabor) - Stupid (new video and EP released today!)

Ok, before we all get confused (frankly, this whole same name game is giving me a brain-ache), I'd like to offer a bit of clarity. Redlight is a remixer from NYC who you all know I love like no other. Now, Redlight is also a DJ from London, who's been befriended by Shy FX and Annie Mac. He's got a new single, and video, so we're choosing to feature the latter. 



Today, Redlight releases Stupid, a ravey rad track that features some solid vocal exercises from newcomer, Roses Gabor. This is one of those cuts that we like to call "on and ons"...you know, the ones that we put on, then put on again, and repeat, and again, and so on and so forth...


Buy Redlight's Stupid here...then watch the black, white and neon get red hot in the video below.




mp3: Redlight (featuring Roses Gabor) - Stupid



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