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Rai Knight (featuring Oseeola) - Mr. Postman (Redux)

Late last summer, a few of our blog buddies (and our own existence) took to our respective pages to praise the new sounds coming from one, Rai Knight. Err, maybe we should say the New, New sounds, since that's the cut that got us all grooving. But with a new reduxxed version of Mr. Postman, which has been lightly floating in and around our beloved blogosphere, it's time to revisit the world of Rai... and you're specifically gonna want to pay attention to the news we are revealing about a collboration with another of our bespectacled homegirls. Exciting!


Rai knight


So first up, we're lucky to dish out this new remix, er, dux, to you. Rai shares vocal duties with Oseeola, of World Famous Losers, and production comes courtesy of Zach Shipps for Blunkstreet Music. It's rather dope, in our very biased opinion, so grab it on the free tip below.


And now... NOW, we wanna let you in on a lil' something something. Rai recently paired up with the b(r)addest chick in the game, MNDR, for a new remix of Pivotal. Pretty cool developments here in Camp Knight, and sure we'd like to stake claim to the fact that we had everything to do with this matchup (when in fact, it's quite the opposite), but um, yeah, we're pretty jazzed on the potential for this fix. That's not out yet, but it will be soon, we'll have it, no doubt, share it and expect you to love it like we know you can. Additionally, there will be more new music with the promise of a new mixtape after that.


I know I used the word "new" like a milli times in this piece. But um, so worth it.




mp3: Rai Knight (featuring Oseeola) - Mr. Postman (Redux)



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