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Don Letts' Superstonic Sound: Rebel Dread Documentary (new trailer!)

One of the great pioneers in music, Don Letts, will soon be commemorated in a new documentary. Superstonic Sound: The Rebel Dread showcases the West Indian Englishman as a pivotal force behind some of the greatest artists to appear in punk, rock n roll and reggae. The now 54-year old started out in a clothing store called ACME in 1975, which attracted the likes of The Clash, Sex Pistols and Blondie.



Soon thereafter, Letts moved into DJ'ing, making several documentaries himself and forming Big Audio Dynamite with Mick Jones from The Clash in 1984. Now, the camera has been turned on him and we find out more from this elusively cool BBC Radio6 personality.


The movie describes Letts as the "The soundclash that changed British music forever". It will premiere at The Roundhouse in London on June 7. Tickets here.


Watch the trailer below.




mp3: Steel Leg and The Electric Dread - Stratetime And The Wide Man



Gyptian (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Hold Yuh (Remix)

My name is Sheena Beaston, and I am a Minaj-aholic. (this is where everyone says "Hi, Sheena!" and lovingly embraces me and then we eat donuts, drink coffee and talk about our issues) Having just writ about "Queens dimest" yesterday after video of a live performance surfaced, ol' Barbz is back with a new drop on a song that has been spinning like a never-ending top in our ears for quite a good portion of the year. Step 1 in recovery: focus on Gyptian. Here we go.



Last night, Nicki Minaj announced that a new remix would be spun by Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97. And spin he did, when he dropped Gyptian's summertime lovah jam, Hold Yuh, complete with an intro verse from the baddest and raddest chick in the game. (Hat tip to Nah Right for the find.)


Best line: "body smokin' // cigaREEET // shit nice /// figure EEEET // get 'em the rollerblades // tell 'em to SKEEET"


If that's not enough reggae romance for you, then check out Gyptian's video for the track. It's a whole lot of hip swerving sexiness.




mp3: Gyptian (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Hold Yuh (Remix) 



Max Tannone - Mos Dub (free mashup album!)

From the sweet stylings of the dude who brought us Jaydiohead and Doublecheck Your Head, two mashup albums that deserve all the credit that they've garnered, comes a new free release that pairs the slick licks of Mos Def with traditionally classic dub reggae tracks. Max Tannone, welcome to Beastonia. Beasts, get all up in Mos Dub. Yum.



What more can I say about this stunner? I could go on and on, and say that it's almost eerie how perfect the two genres mesh together. Or I could just direct you to stream the entire bit below...and eventually, you're going to want to download the entire project for free. I'm banking on both being true.


Give it a listen and love below, then jump after for a few of our favorite slices from this tasty dish.




mp3: Mos Dub - Ms. Vampire Booty

mp3: Mos Dub - In My Math





Massive Attack - Girl I Love You (She Is Danger Remix)

An album that has been high up on my "ooh yeah, I can't wait to hear this" chart is Massive Attack's forthcoming release, Heligoland. Sure, there have been the inevitable leaks, and hell, we're guilty as the next kid for peaking a sneak with our ears, but I'm reserving all judgments and critiques until the band's 5th studio album is officially released on February 8.


With the impending release date nearing, we've got a neat treat for all.


Since 1990 (wow, that's 20 years and yeah it seems weird to say that...whew!), Jamaican roots-reggae singer, Horace Andy, has been collaborating with Massive Attack. So it's no surprise that that British trip-hop duo enlisted the unique vocals of their longtime friend for new album, Heligoland. Andy provides his Rastafarian tones on the cut, Girl I Love You, an echoey and darkly tuned ride of a record. Today, I'm pleased as punch to give you the first of a few official remixes I'll be rolling out over the course of the next few weeks. One of my Beaston-faves of late last year, She Is Danger, took the song and added a dynamic new beat and extra dubby goodness.  

And it's all yours, for free, below. 


mp3: Massive Attack - Girl I Love You (She Is Danger Remix)

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