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Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (new video!)

Right as this video started, I thought to msyelf, "Hmm, I wonder what Robyn's gonna do when that nifty beat drop hits around the :28 mark of Call Your Girlfriend?", and ol' homegirl does not disappoint. Also, she ensures that I will, from here on out, only dance like so all summer long. Really emotional and very personal. It's all very "Billy Elliott meets Napoleon Dynamite", AKA, super rad.






mp3: Rye Rye (ft Robyn) - Never Will Be Mine



Teddybears (ft Robyn) - Cardiac Arrest

So, this is rad then, eh? On their sixth studio album, Devil's Music, the Swedes of Teddybears threw down with Mapei for a track called Cardiac Arrest. But I guess that wasn't quite good enough for mainstream ears? Because the song is out now as an official single, only this time, they've roped in their pal and countrywoman, Robyn, to refresh the vocals. Its super cute and unbearably infectious. See what we did there. Bears... unbearably. We cool.




Buy the single here, or get the full album at this link, if you're in Sweden. She ain't out in the States as of this moment.


This disc is an overlooked piece of pop awesomeness that showcases a number of featured and guest vocalists who we're into, such as: Cee-Lo, Eve and The B-52's. What?!






mp3: Teddybears (ft Robyn) - Cardiac Arrest




"Breaking" Update: HP, Beats by Dr. Dre and Sheena Beaston (and new edit!)

As I've simply been swarmed with a load of new developments in what some (and by some, I mean, me) may call a "rad little life", guilt has washed over me in the fact that I haven't checked in or dished out any new updates and thoughts (and free stuff for you) in regards to the HP ENVY Beats Edition system I've been rocking in my daily Beastonian adventures. And sure, excuses are a dime a dozen, but c'est la. So here are some words, and keep reading, cause I'm going to tell you something really awesome. Seriously.


Beasts broken beats


The anticipated inevitable finally ocurred earlier this week. In taking great care of the Beats headphones (due to the "one piece plastic" curvature design), I'd always been a little wary of the construction, and thusly quite delicate with them... seemingly doomed to fail, I made it 3 solid months before, when in an act of simply and gently removing said 'phones from headspace, a gruesome "cccrrrracckkkk" was heard. Being that I was on the subway at the time, my heart sank, cause a train ride sans music, is one I never want to know. Valiant temporary electrical tape reparations aside (see image above), this pair of Beats now, sadly, lay unusable.


In lappytop news though... all's well in that world. I found a super slim and light backpack on Canal St (lol) that comfortably fits the machine and takes the weight off my back when in transport. Biggest plus and positive for me remains the speed and space offered of the Beats ENVY. I feel like I've downloaded more new music in the past month or so than ever before, yet there's still a load of free hard drivery to keep me amped.


Here's the important thing you need to know: I'm giving away a full machine, eventually, not yet, but soon. If you wanna "play like the Beast", then keep checking back here or follow me on the twitter. This computer is Beaston aproved, and I want you to get rad like me.


Ok, new mixxy edit thing time. Go!




mp3: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Remixes - Hannah Rad Edit)



Savage Skulls & Robyn - Bad Gal (new video)

Only been loving on this song like, um, well over some year+ status now. And sure, we've writ about it in bits and pieces since hearing the eensiest weensiest snippet of it, but in full, Savage Skulls and Robyn's Bad Gal is in part, infectious and in whole, beastly. And now, we've got official clippage of the cut, meaning, ay yo, it's the video! Love love love.






mp3: Usher (ft Marcus Price) - Little Freak (Savage Skulls and Douster Remix)




Robyn - Indestructible (A-Trak Remix)

Open your ears and hearts you little beasts...for something so worthy of your attention that I didn't even listen to A-Trak's remix of Robyn's Indestructible all the way through before opening up this page to start writing and posting and swooning. So now, I'm doing all three of those actions whilst the remainder of the song plays and you should probably join me on this sexy lil' journey right now.




Annie Mac debuted this fix on her Friday night show over on the BBC's Radio 1. Love ya girl, but hey musicians, DJs and producers, how's about sharing the wealth with another chick who's got the Thursday night radio radness tip on lock here in the States.




Love this.




mp3: Robyn - Indestructible (A-Trak Remix)




Last Night: Robyn Performs Dancing On My Own on Jimmy Fallon








mp3: Robyn - Indestructible (Cosmic Dawn Remix)




Robyn - Indestructible (new video!)

Yep swooning and I want a water tube jacket immediately. Robyn just released the official clip for new single, Indestructible, and the answer is no, and the question is, "can this woman do any wrong".





mp3: Robyn - Indestructible (The Krays Remix)




Stream: New Robyn Single, Indestructible, and Official Remixes

I DIE! Earlier this week, Robyn gave us info about next single Indestructible, which will see a proper release on November 22, with the final of her trio-release, Body Talk Pt 3, coming on November 29. The disc will feature fifteen tracks: the best five from each of Body Talks Pt 1 and 2 and five brand new songs. 




In the meantime, just as expected, the new single, which was the final and acoustic cut on BTP2, is now shiny, glittery and all sorts of ready for you to get super emo on the disco dance floor to. In short: AMAZING.


And you can stream all the official remixes below. I can't even...


...this is too much awesome to handle.



Indestructible by robyn 




Natalia Kills and Robyn to Tour Together This Fall

Last week, ish got real "fashion-y" here in Beastonia. Between a number of night parties and the always fun Fashion's Night Out, this sheen little streetstomper hit a handful of cool venues and digs all in the spirit of "oh hey, who are you wearing?!" And while I've never been one to preen a ton, music and fashion go kind of hand in hand, which led me to the Prince Peter preview on Wednesday, specifically to catch the first live performance in NYC by Natalia Kills. Grouping together all of this info with the fact that she's just been announced as the supporting act for Robyn's forthwith Fall tour, we're gearing up to stomp stilettos on necks through the rest of the year!




Natalia's performance at the aforementioned event was brief, as she powered through a short medley of 3 songs: Zombie, Wonderland and Mirrors, the latter is one I simply have not been able to turn off since hearing it in full a few months prior. She commanded the platform for the few minutes she occupied it, and I'm excited to see a full stage from her...and soon we'll all be able too when she joins forces with the Swedish popstar on their North American tour.


Additionally, it should be noted that Ms. Kills came through Belly of the Beast on East Village Radio last Thursday as well. We had a rad chat, and even debuted the brand new and official Doctor Rosen Rosen remix of Mirrors.


There are more pictures from the event here, a video below, and after that, the tour dates for the upcoming Natalia Kills and Robyn trek. Color me excited!






November 5 – The Fillmore in Miami Beach, FL
November 6 – Club Firestone in Orlando, FL
November 7 – The Ritza Ybor in Tampa,FL
November 8 – Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, GA
November 10 – Terminal 5 in New York, NY
November 12 – The Sound Academy in Toronto, ON
November 13 – Metro in Chicago, IL
November 14 – Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis, MN
November 17 – Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA
November 19 – Venue Vancouver in Vancouver, BC
November 20 – Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR
November 21 – Neumos in Seattle, WA
November 23 – The Warfield in San Francisco, CA




mp3: Natalia Kills - Zombie (Accidental Airplay Remix)





Savage Skulls & Douster (ft Robyn) - Bad Gal

YOU GUYS: I've only been waiting for this song for 3 solid months. Patiently very impatiently I grew, but today, we wait no longer for the Savage Skulls and Douster track, which features the ever-impressive Robyn on vocals. The song...is Bad Gal.




The song is also...AMAZING. Tuesday win! The track comes off the upcoming Skulls & Douster EP Get Rich or High Trying. out tomorrow on Beatport.


I've concocted a hard and fast rule: this jam should be played at every bar, party, dj set and what not from now until the seasons turn colder. And if it's not, I will throw a temper tantrum, whenceforth, making me a very bad gal...or mad beast. See what I did there. Title tricks.


Play it!


Savage Skulls & Douster feat. Robyn-Bad Gal



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