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Beastly Bits #93

What's this? A normal installation of the bits?




I woke up super early since I'm bouncing out of the office early again today, to go do THIS. So for my early alarm efforts, I'm bothering you to all say thanks by tuning in. It's not hard...you're probably already going to be at your computer today at 4pm, so it's like, a simple click and you've entered the radness.


Holy crap, Breakbot's Baby I'm Yours video is amazing. Over 2000 watercolors went into producing it. link


Video of The Strokes, er Venison (?), playing Last Nite at their London gig two nights ago. link


Check out a behind the scenes clip for KillaQueenz new video clip, Break The Rules, produced by Spruce Lee. link


Pre-sale tickets for the NYC Rock the Bells Festival go up today at noon. Open ticketing tomorrow. link


Some old, new and instant favorites for you to download below. Just 'cause.


mp3: KillaQueenz - Boyfriend (DCUP Remix)

mp3: Monica Rush - 100 Dolla Bill (Kobayashi Remix)

mp3: Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (She Is Danger Remix)


Lauryn Hill Set to Headline Rock The Bells Tour; Will Perform "Miseducation" in its Entirety

The 16-year old in me just died (and now you can figure out how old I am). In an URB.com exclusive, the online magazine has just revealed that Lauryn Hill will headline this summer's Rock The Bells tour, noting also that the hip-hop impresario will perform all of her iconic work, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.



While the official statement is set to be unveiled later tonight at the Rock the Bells line-up announcement party, URB notes as below:


The official press conference isn’t until [later], but we’re ready to call this one like FOX News. Hip-hop enigma Lauryn Hill will be headlining this year’s Rock The Bells tour. The ex-Fugees songstress will be performing her classic solo album, The Miseduction of Lauryn Hill, as part of a complete album format that has become an increasingly popular way for legendary acts to draw attention to current tours. Also rumored to be performing a full-length at RTB2010 is A Tribe Called Quest. Perhaps they’ll join Ms. Hill in a rendition of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly,” The Fugees’ most infamous hit, which sampled ATCQ’s “Bonita Applebum.”

URB spoke to representative of Rock The Bells who would not confirm…or deny the booking. The official Rock the Bells press conference takes place tonight at The Key Club in West Hollywood. (URB.com)


If you were a teen in the mid-90s then you no doubtedly loved and lauded Lauryn like I, and probably know each word and gentle nuance/cadence of the legendary album. Just....OH MY GOD...YES! (And of course, if anything changes after the press conference tonight, we'll update this space. And then cry real tears. Real hard.)


mp3: Lauryn Hill vs Deadmau5 - Moar Doo Wop N Whatever (The Hood Internet Mash)

mp3: Lauryn Hill (featuring Mary J Blige) - I Used To Love Him

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