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The Kills Announce Release Date for 4th Studio Album, Blood Pressures

What an announcement, and specifically on 1/11/11 around 11:11am to boot. It's like the mega madness mondo radness of wishes coming true! In their words: The Kills are very excited to announce that their 4th album Blood Pressures will be released around the world (excluding the U.S.A.) on April 4th, and in the U.S.A. on April 5th. To let you know a little about the new record, we've included the track listing for you... which is a lot like looking at a list of words. Enjoy.


The kills



1. Future Starts Slow
2. Satellite
3. Heart is a Beating Drum
4. Nail in My Coffin
5. Wild Charms
6. DNA
7. Baby Says
8. Last Goodbye
9. Damned if She Do
10. You Don't Own the Road
11. Pots and Pans



We recorded Blood Pressures at Key Club in the state of Michigan, with Bill Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins. Jamie HInce produced the record and Bill Skibbe co-produced. Whilst in Michigan, Alison went through 52 blank cassette tapes in her 4-track recorder. Jamie bought 3 guitars and a mellotron. The studio dogs ate 360 pounds of dog food. We drank all the red wine, watched VHS tapes on Vietnam, got blown down thte street by hurricane force winds, watched lightning storms, rode bicycles / crashed bicycles. We started a game of rummy and never finished it. We tried to BBQ and realized we weren't that way inclined.Soup was better. Soup is better. And so it went, the record was completed... but not in Michigan! We finished the last few songs in London with our Michigan friends and Alison found a dog to borrow to have the studio to make things more "normal". Does this sound confusing? Good. We'll be in touch.



X The Kills
P.S. We've got tour dates for you, we will announce very soon.



The Death Set - Artificially Sweetened (free mixtape!)

Weighing in under the hour mark, The Death Set's new 43 song mixtape, Artificially Sweetened, finds the dudes from BK via Aussieland in a no holds barred battle to wreck your body and brain. If you need a guaranteed party starter or ender, let this free slice of fun serve both purposes.


The death set


Mishka presents the offering, which you can download for the cost of naught here.


Beaston approved.




mp3: The Death Set - Negative Thinking (Treasure Fingers Remix)




Ida Maria Performs Bad Karma on Norwegian Television Show

Rocking a newly shorter 'do with no guitar in hand, Ida Maria delivered a vocally powerful performance of her current single, Bad Karma, which can be found on forthcoming album, Katla. Standing militantly behind the mic, Maria let the song loose on a recent episode of Opptreden på Skavlan, in her native Norway. Check out the live footage below. I love the howling "whooooaa...bad karma's a bitch!"






mp3: Ida Maria - I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast




Sensual Harassment - NYC Beast (new song)

Well well well...what have we here? It's a new Sensual Harassment single, and I'm gonna be all sorts of vainly egocentric here and say that NYC Beast, in name and sound, is all about me. Jesting, naturally, but upon giving this new song a listen, one would be remiss not to believe there's a touch of the rad in there. Right, right? Let's see...and hear...


Sensual harassment


From past works of the band's, we've been treated to a certain style of lush and lovely disco synthpop. Not so the case now with this new single, although it's equally as fantastic in its tone, arrangement and aural output. Here's a bit of info that describes NYC Beast. Lock and load...




Imagine if Black Flag had bought drums machines and sequencers, discovered ecstasy, then piled in their van and moved to the East Coast and you just might begin to get it. The second single from their new album Alpha Draconis, NYC Beast is an acid-punk scorcher that conjures up the ghosts of synth-punks past, like Big Black and Suicide, then dives head first into alienation and heightened paranoia for modern life.


All the sounds of a bustling metropolis are here in a bursting overload of the senses: blistering synths weave in and out frantically like overheated taxis in a 5 o'clock gridlock, the bass tone is drenched in a sewer-like sludge, while thunderous drums pummel your ears mercilessly like a symphony of jackhammers.


Singer Todd Thomas' snotty vocal is a venomous blend that is equal parts Johnny Rotten and Frank Black -- the rousing repetitive chorus "You're all alone, yet there's people everywhere you want to go" is a universal critique understood by tourist and native alike, and might be one of the band's most insightful lyrics to date. No one understands New York better than its natives and Sensual Harassment have just crafted what soon might be another one of the city's anthems.




Yeah, this song is so me. Thanks Sensual Harassment, for yet another fine slice of your musical pie, that speaks directly into my head and tugs ever so roughly at my heartstrings. 


NYC Beast...yours, mine and ours now. And as a powerful suggestion, Sensual Harassment's Alpha Draconis is being released this week with the band playing 285 Kent Ave in Williamsburg this Friday November 12 for their album release party. Just sayin'...




mp3: Sensual Harassment - NYC Beast




The Dandy Warhols, Live on East Village Radio, Today at 2pm ET

Portland rockers, The Dandy Warhols, came together in the early 90's, prior to the invasion of the Northeast states' grunge movement. Strongly influenced by classic bands like The Velvet Underground, Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones, the band found a wall of sound all their own that remains timeless to this day. Nine studio albums, countless world tours, and one infamous feud with The Brian Jonestown Massacre later, The Dandy Warhols are back on the road in support of their latest disc, The Capitol Years 1995 - 2007, which is a greatest hits compilation of their best material.




Today at 2pm ET, I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming the band into the East Village Radio studio for The Dandy Warhols Live special two-hour program. I'll be joined by members of TDW, and will be playing selections from their nine studio albums, conduct an in-depth interview and then they'll perform live, exclusively in our storefront studio.


I'll also be giving away two (2) pairs of tickets to their show at Webster Hall tomorrow night, November 6. Don't miss out.


Listen live here starting at 2pm ET!




mp3: The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends




Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Celebrate Halloween With Costumes and a Cover

Getting in the spirit of the holiday season, Vermont-bred badass singer, songwriter and strummer, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, took to the Exit/In stage in Nashville on Halloween. Complete in country regalia (from l-r in the below image they are Billy Ray Cyrus, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings), the band played to a sold out crowd and Potter even led the troupe in a solid cover of Parton's Jolene.


Grace costumes


Keeping in fine tradition as they do at most every live show, GPN wowed the crowd with their rendition of the classic country cut, which you can watch below.


Additionally, check out this clip of Grace and Co. live from the Artists Den earlier this summer in NYC's Bryant Park, as they perform the rousing and instant classic, Paris (Ooh La La).


One of my favorite covers of theirs after the video. Sweeeeet emooooootion!






mp3: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith Cover)




Ida Maria - Bad Karma (new single!)

Rock! Hard! It's our favorite Norwegian strummer and singer, Ida Maria, back with a new tune, and the promise that her second album will be out, oh, sometime soon. While details surrounding all of this are still vague-ish, we can confirm that new track, Bad Karma, was a proper release in her homeland back in September. We can also justify that this song...is badass.


Ida maria


Powerful riffs and deep drumkicks make this new jam quite the jam indeed, seeing Ms. Maria evoking a more traditionally classic rock arrangement as opposed to the unique intricacies seen and heard on debut album, Fortress Round My Heart.


AS mentioned, the new song is called Bad Karma, and was produced alongside Desmond Child, he of responsibilities in manufacturing hits like Made For Loving You, Living on a Prayer and Poison. The track will find its way onto her forthcoming sophomore effort, Katla.


Ummm...so excited!




mp3: Ida Maria - Bad Karma




Kap Bambino: New Video/Short Film for Song, New Breath

Kap Bambino are magnetic, wild, frenetic and always have a dance or die attitude that tugs right at my ragey little heartstrings. They've just released a video for their 2007 (what?!) track, New Breath, and in true Bambino style it is beastly and badass. A band who are known for providing big sounds with few instruments, the duo drummed up their very DIY attitude to the next level by using only mobile phones to film the clip.


Kap bambino


Director Thomas Hilland was asked to test drive the Nokia N8, and make a film that made the most of the smartphone’s impressive HD camera. The film features said song by KB, remote-controlled dragonflies, a stunning Norwegian landscape, and some men in colorful costumes. See how they did it in the making of the film scenes here.


Check out the video now.






mp3: Kap Bambino - New Breath




The Good The Bad - 030

I had a serious internal struggle in deciding whether or not to post the new video for The Good The Bad's single, 030. I had tweeted about it earlier in the week after it had first been revealed, and while I still can't, in good conscience, find the nerve to post the clip within these pages, you will find the link to watch it below. Call me cowardly, but maybe after you find yourself squirming in your chair whilst viewing, you'll understand my need to keep it kinda PG 'round these parts.





Backing up a bit... The Good The Bad are a trio of Danish rockers, bent on bringing a new breed of surf and flamenco rock to a fresh school of thought. Their all-instrumental tracks pair a lead and baritone guitar with a staunch drummer, and while they rely on the music rather than any vocals, it's definitely solid ground that TGTB are standing on. Think Dale & His Del-Tones' Miserlou, meets all of Link Wray's catalog, with a touch of The Kills' arrangements backing 'em up. In other words, oh hell yes!


Their long-awaited debut album, From 001 to 017, comes out on October 25, and features the bonus track, 030, which immediately turned my ear up and on to their intensely cinematic and characterizing tones. The video, directed by Jeppe Kolstrup, well that's also of the initiative of "turning one out"...


...and here's why. Reminder: this is extremely NSFW. You've been warned.




mp3: The Good The Bad - 030




Mogwai: Burning (virtual screening at 3pm today!)

In less than an hour, you can watch an exclusive, live, virtual screening of Mogwai's rock doc concert explosion, Burning, here on Sheena Beaston!



I've already been able to catch a peek at the amazing experience, and now you can enjoy it too...all from the comforts of your office chair, couch, bed, or wherever you find yourself at 3pm EST today. You can chat via the widget below the video player, including a Q&A once the film is over. Also, please support this incredible band by pre-ordering their Special Moves packages. It's the beastly thing to do.










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