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Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (new video!)

Boadicea? More like BAD ASS-ia. Terrible pun, but yeah the new video for the Mason and Roisin Murphy tracj is available to view with your eyes now, and while the Dutch duo only appears briefly in the clip, there is some gun play from a pretty lil' lady. Watch it now. (Reminder: Mason's They Are Among Us is out in the UK now, and it is great. Buy it here)






mp3: Mason (ft Sway) - I Just Wanna Rock You



Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Human Life Dub)

Ay yo! The next in a line of all things exclusively rad and exceptionally beastly comes in the form of another shape we like to call Masonically Awesome. Yes yes y'all, another one of our new faves in Human Life tackles Mason and Roisin Murphy's Boadicea on a dub tip, turning one of our most recently loved and lauded cuts into an even sweeter treat for thine ears.




Buy Boadicea here. It's taken from Mason's debut album, They Are Among Us.


PS: Human Life put together a spring mix. I like spring. I like spring even more when listening to the below player, in which you can also download the mix to your Zunes. Or whatever.



Human Life Spring 2011 Mix by Human Life 



mp3: Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Human Life Dub)



Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Oliver $ Remix)


Ay mami! This is EPIC. EPIC. [EPIC!] Yeah, odd way to write that out, but in this, the Oliver $ remix of Mason and Roisin Murphy's Boadicea (a song which is fantastic in any form or fix), the word "epic" gets a right repeat on, and oh boy, is it ever Beaston-approved.




Dutch duo Mason make the kind of records that often defy being pigeon holed and given a label. Their productions have been destroying dance floors to tearing it up the World’s charts for the better part of the past 5 years, laying the foundations for more forward thinking music. Its not about making records for but rather just making good honest music... and that brings us to today.


Boadicea got its proper release yesterday on Beatport (buy it here), but in the meantime you can grab up on the Oliver $ mix which we are la-la-loving! Free on the download tip below.


The song comes off of Mason's forthcoming album, They Are Among Us. Cannot wait!




mp3: Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Oliver $ Remix)



Mason (featuring Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea

Mason's upcoming album, They Are Among Us, will be out, oh, I don't know, sometime eventually (and not soon enough), but new single, Boadicea, which features the utterly inimitably soulful vocals of Roisin Murphy, will be out in January with a slew of remixes.




Fixed up or original, I'll take this all day every day. Sexy!




mp3: Mason (featuring Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea




Crookers (featuring Roisin Murphy) - Royal T (Foamo Remix)

Rather quietly, innit, that Crookers released the single, Royal T, from their debut album, Tons of Friends. And rather radly still, we continue to hit play on the Roisin Murphy vocaled song, because it's dirty dancey fun and now with it's proper offering, the remixes hti just as hard and just as huge.



Now, let's not make it as if we're behind the times, because a number of official mixes of the song have already made a play for our ears in recent months. But with a drop 2 days ago via Ministry of Sound via Germany via their biggest package for the single as of yet, it's due time we feature the brills-ness of this badass song.


Official fixes come from: Riva Starr, Foamo, House Moguls (House of House), Panton, Kashii and Danton Eeprom. Spanning genres from dubstep to electro house and progressive, this package is one that will pelase all ears.


You can dig into 3 of the remixes in the player below, then after that, freshen up your music library with the Foamo fix. My favorite might be that House of House slice of sinfully spectacularity. Buy the single/EP here.




mp3: Crookers (featuring Roisin Murphy) - Royal T (Foamo Remix)




Last Night: So You Think You Can Dance's Blog-Worthy Musical Selections

It's rare that I find myself perched in front of a television in the evening hours during the week, especially during the summer months. Usually at a show, a friend's abode or perhaps a watering hole, last night, I stayed in thanks to a head cold, and found myself drawn into watching FOX's So You Think You Can Dance. Far be it from me to turn to reality programming, however, over the past few seasons of the show, it's one that I can always count on to entertain.



This season's "catch" is that the top 10 (now 9 and after tonight's results, 8) dancers are paired up with "all-stars" from previous seasons. For this music-minded telly-tuner-inner, however, it's the song choices that highlight some great, and some ooof yikes, choreographed numbers. SYTYCD has always had a solid rapport for choosing slightly "obscure for the general public" styled songs. (Think Roisin Murphy's Ramalama Bang Bang in Season 2.)


Now in its seventh season, last night's episode proved no different...although this go 'round, both the partner dances and individual solos were dotted with tunes known well throughout the land of blogs. If the show maintains this heightened level of musicality, you can assure I'll skip a few more venue gigs, stay at home to watch, then most likely embarrass myself by learning the choreographies. 


Ladies and gentlemen, beasts, boys and girls...here are the blog-worthy routines, with video evidence.


Adechike & Lauren (hip-hop)
N.E.R.D. (featuring Nelly Furtado) - Hot-N-Fun

Ashley & Ade (contemporary)
Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

Billy Bell (solo)
Amanda Blank - Something Bigger, Something Better

Ashley Galvan (solo)
Crookers (featuring Roisin Murphy) - Royal T

Robert Roldan (solo)
Ray Lamontagne - Hold You In My Arms

Robert & Courtney (jazz)

Alex & Twitch (hip-hop)
Lil Jon (featuring LMFAO) - Outta Your Mind



mp3: M.I.A. - Steppin Up (Breakdown Remix)



Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (Speedy Graffiti Discobash '07 Remix)

Apparently, there is a Roisin Murphy remix contest going on...hosted by Indaba and the world's biggest petulant child of a gossip blogger. What makes our stance on it infinitely cooler is that rad dudes like Tempe, Arizona's Speedy Graffiti decide to send over their mixes so we can hear 'em and love 'em. Gossip bloggers...pssshhh.



In our beastly-opinion, Speedy's got a winner with his Discobash Remix of Momma's Place. All others be warned.


If you'd like to enter the contest, more information can be found here.


Also, David Byrne and Fatboy Slim's Imelda Marcos concept album, Here Lies Love, hits stores today. Roisin is one of the female vocalists featured on the disc, and her track, Don't You Agree, is mad slick. Buy the album here.


mp3: Roisin Murphy - Mommas Place (Speedy Graffiti Discobash 07 Remix)

mp3: David Byrne, Fatboy Slim and Roisin Murphy - Dont You Agree



Roisin Murphy Explains New Single, Momma's Place (video exclusive!)

Just yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning, I posted the pertinent links to Roisin Murphy's new single, Momma's Place. Today, we continue on in charitable fashion.


As a special for I, you and we (the collectively-rabid Roisin fans), Ms. Murphy chats exclusively, in this short webisode, about the meaning behind the single. She quips about where she gathered inspiration for the song and lyrics. 

Watch the clip now!

Roisin Murphy's single, Momma's Place, is out on January 18 via AWAL. Also be on the look/listen-out for her upcoming song with Italian dj-dudes, Crookers. If you haven't already heard the clip of Hold Up Your Hand, then give it a quick listen here!


mp3: Roisin Murphy - You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Remix)


Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (new single!)

We are loving Roisin Murphy's new single, Momma's Place...but wait! That version you may have heard streaming on YouTube is not the finished version...and I had my suspicions, which is why I didn't post it yesterday in the storm of lauding words that immediately flew forth blogworld-wide. 


That version was unfinished,  unmastered, and we've got the proof below.

From the lovely words of Roisin herself: "Hi all, I hear there has been a leak of Momma’s Place. Oh dear, I am all for the freedom of the internet, it’s just that the quality control is sometimes a little amiss… and I’m funny about stuff like that.  The rip that is available is not up to scratch.  So, please wait for the real thing, it’ll sound way better! Coming soon…"

Have a listen to the official stream of Momma's Place now over at Roisin's Myspace or Facebook pages. Epically elegant and beautifully banging!

The single will be released by AWAL, which confirmed the release date as January18, 2010 along with the following remixes.

1. Momma's Place (Radio Edit)

2. Momma's Place (Bongo Boys Remix)

3. Momma's Place (Kanji Kinetic Remix)

4. Momma's Place (Shake Aletti Remix)

5. Momma's Place (Heavy Feet's Heavy What Remix)


mp3: Roisin Murphy - Overpowered (Herve and Roisin In The Secret Garden Remix)

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