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Introducing: Nika + Rory

This ain't so new to me, but after catching Zola Jesus on Saturday at Glasslands, I went into obsession mode and dug up these treasures from late last year and it's high time we all give 'em a little love. See, ZJ is one part Nika Roza Danilova, which in turn, is the former half of Nika + Rory, the latter comprised of Rory Kane. It's time to get weird and wild with the Madison, WI duo. You in? Cool.



You can call it darkpop, gothwave or even subculture jamming, but pay no mind to labeled genres if you want the full N+R experience. With their debut double single, I'm Not Going Anywhere and LA Suxxx, having officially just been released on June 15, Danilova and Kane combine to gloss up the tones you may associate, and rightfully so, with Zola Jesus.


Nonchalant vocal acrobatics take center stage as the dark and plodding arrangements weave in and around the listeners. Certain qualities float from one project to the next: the echoed vocals, the deep beats and spine-tingling synth lines. Where Zola goes for the mysterious, N+R aren't afraid to make it a little poppier.


Case in point...their song, Do You Wanna Be, sounds like a stealth interpolation of Lisa Stansfield's Never Gonna Give You Up. Don't believe me? That track is below, and then listen to ol' Stansy's cut here, and tell me you aren't immediately in love.


Buy Nika + Rory's I'm Not Going Anywhere / La Suxxx single here.


mp3: Nika and Rory - Im Not Going Anywhere

mp3: Nika and Rory - Do You Wanna Be

mp3: Nika and Rory - LA Suxxx



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