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Fever Ray Scores Hour of the Wolf Stage Production

Karin Dreijer Andersson, best known as Fever Ray and as one half of The Knife, has been working on music for a new production of Ingmar Bergman’s Hour Of The Wolf. This marks another notch in KDA's stage belt as she and brother Olof scored last year's Charles Darwin opera, Tomorrow, In a Year.


Fever ray


Bergman began writing Hour Of The Wolf in 1964 and filmed it in 1968, with Max Von Sydow and Liv Ullmann starring. A psychological horror movie of sorts, it tells the story of of an artist haunted by unsettling visions and his attempts to explain his plight to his wife. Developed from a script with the working title of The Cannibals, it is regarded as one of Bergman’s most personal movies, and the fact that the filmmaker suffered a nervous breakdown during its writing lends it a certain extra charge.


The premiere of the new stage adaptation has been set for March 12 at the Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern in Stockholm (much like everything rad that Karin and/or The Knife do, it's sadly not something accessible in the States). Andersson became involved in the production through her visual collaborator Andrea Nilsson, who is acting as set designer. More information and tickets here. (via Fact)




mp3: Royksopp - This Must Be It (Rex The Dog Remix)






Beastly Bits #131

I think I had one of the best weekends ever and am pretty sure it kicked mondo butt.




Because I sure am dragging ass today...woo puns! So much to recap on out for ya beasts later, but in the meantime, you know how we do it... 


Cut Copy debuted new material at Lollapalooza. They also played the Pool Party yesterday, but more on that hot time later. link


Arcade Fire score their first UK Number One with The Suburbs. Still not making me want to listen to it. Yawner. link


New Royksopp song, This Space, is a warm and fuzzed out instrumental slice of summer listening. Its yours for free...hooray.


mp3: Royksopp - This Space



Röyksopp – Hus Nr. 9

Royksopp have been dishing out new "old tunes" once a month for the past few or so. Most, if not all, are ones you may never hear on an official release, or they've been dub/demo versions of already released material. That said...today's track is Hurs Nr. 9.



That said...




mp3: Royksopp - Hurs Nr. 9


twack marks #16 - Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 1

It's been a long time coming to give my official beastly-opinion on Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1. If you're like us, then you've undoubtedly already spun the disc many a time over and again, thanks to the inevitable early leak of the album. However, in a show of support for the Swedish singer, I decided to wait until today, the album's proper release date to weigh in via the 140-character laden feature, "twack marks".


Twack marks_robyn

Dare we say that Robyn is making moves to separate her originality even further into a category of her own, but the option to release three albums this year (all short form players of eight tracks) gets even a touch more unique by her decision to only release one official single from each disc. Promo singles naturally ease out, but with even if she decided to quit right there, she's already got the Song of the Year Contender with Dancing On My Own


Oh, and the rest of the album? Let's see what I think...


Robyn - 01 - Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do [minimally amazing...air your grievances, girl...i support the 3:05 mark drop like a boss...A]

Robyn - 02 - Fembot [production reminiscent of her last album...smooth electrodrips pair nicely with her robotic cadence...legit fun...B+]


Robyn - 03 - Dancing On My Own [song of the year...song of the year...song of the year...dance break and fist pumps...song of the year...A+]


Robyn - 04 - Cry When You Get Older [cutest song on disc...pre-chorus is ACE "she saaaaiiid, there just must be more to life than this"...B]


Robyn - 05 - Dancehall Queen [diplo production...dub-light funky beat but this one always falls short for me until the chorus kicks in...B-


Robyn - 06 - None Of Dem [royksopp production...deep echo beats & hushy vocals call out dem boys/girls' shortcomings...100% perfection...A+]


Robyn - 07 - Hang With Me (acoustic) [i love the arrangement...orchestrally & emotionally stunning...robyn lets her vocals really shine...B]


Robyn - 08 - Jag vet en dejlig Rosa [no no no no no no no no...i get it, but i dont have to like it...no no no no no no no no no...skip...C]


What more can I say? Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1 is an album that speaks to her style and talent. She knows how to drum up emotions, drive a dancefloor and direct everyone to pay attention to what she has to say.


I recommend that you all do just as she says. Buy Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1 here.


BONUS! I've written about nearly every mix of Dancing On My Own already, but gosh, if this one doesn't just take the cake, then I don't know what does. J Wow from Buraka Som Sistema comes through with an arrangement that could easily have been the original take on the track, and I would have loved it all the same.


mp3: Robyn - Dancing On My Own (J Wow Smoked Summer Mix)



Robyn - None of Dem (new song and web site!)

Buzz buzz buzz...yes, the word surrounding all things Robyn are at a feverish high. After last week's unveiling of the cover art and track list for her upcoming June album, Body Talk Pt 1, the Swedish singer hits us up again today with a load of goodies set to kick off your week right. "Tack!" (that's "thank you" in Swede)



Before reading on, head to PopJustice for an in-depth interview with Robyn. And now, straight from the singer's mouth to our ears...


"...Dancing On My Own (will be) released the same day as Body Talk Pt 1. Head to Robyn.com now to listen to the second track to surface from Body Talk Pt. 1- the Röyksopp collaboration None Of Dem!! The track will be out tomorrow, April 13. Let everyone know what you think of it by posting your reaction video to the Gallery, then share it on Facebook and Twitter!


I´m so curious to see what people will do to "None of dem" on the video recorder function that now is up on my site together with the song! Please go as bananas or pretentious as you like, if you like. You can also choose to just listen to the song and not let us record your reaction. But I would love it if you did!!! Thank you. - Robyn


Additionally, Robyn.com has had a complete makeover in the last couple of months and is now open for business! The site gives you a customizable experience - move the boxes around, shrink what you don't want, and expand what you do want (just use the little dots)..."


mp3: Robyn - Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson Cover)

mp3: Robyn - None Of Dem (alt link)


Beastly Bits #18

Weird sleeping patterns be damned! Oddly enough, I feel pretty refreshed today. Here' to hoping you and yours have that rad little pep in your step as well.


Need more wow for your wake up? Read on! 


Dim Mak will release Felix Cartal's debut LP, Popular Music, on February 23. We're giving away the title track for free below. Cartal will also tour in support of the album...dates here.

Royksopp have cleaned up The House Of RYXP (their home), and in the process have come across some edits, bootlegs and unreleased nuggets from their archives. They will be sharing many over the next few months and first up is an instrumental version of Vision One, from Junior. Grab it for free below and get your remixing on!

One eskimO announces US tour dates, with Gomez supporting. Kickoff begins at City Winery in NYC. Few all stops here.

Shoegaze Legend, Ulrich Schnauss, will be performing at The Bell House on February 25. Grab a ticket here.

A brand new Electrolightz remix takes shape in a rework of Mary J Blige's I Am. I couldn't get down with the original...but you know I'm digging this fix. It yours as well now.


mp3: Felix Cartal - Popular Music

mp3: Royksopp - Vision One (Instrumental)

mp3: Mary J Blige - I Am (Electrolightz Remix)


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