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Amari - New People in Town (new single, video and remixes!)

Back in August when I made "net friends" with The Gripp, he of Sydney basing and song mixing, I had no idea to what proportions I would become so infatuated with the track fix he sent over. Well, let the truth be told, my love for Amari's New People in Town is unending, and now that the Italian band has officially put out the single (with said Gripp mix included), it's time to look a little closer into my Beastly amore.




From the looks of the new video (which you can watch below), Amari loves jean vests as much as I do, but that's neither here nor there, because it's the music that's making me completely go weak in the knees. Whilst the original is amazing on it's own legs, I'm going to make a bold statement right now: Amari's New People in Town EP / Single Package is one of this year's best compilations of soundscapes and styles in one neatly wrapped up bundle. Here's why...


From the original, which is a fairly by the book pop rock indie tune, the subsequent mixes take you on a global trek that touches down in a variety of genres. The aforementioned fix from The Gripp goes with the Aussie's electropop handclapper; fellow Italian Rodion hushes up the track with subdued synths before really letting 'em squelch out; Ru Catania's South African meets Jamaican vibe is positively beach bum worthy with its mocked steel drums; and finally, the one that makes me cry it's so good in the worldly Herr Styler's piano fix rounds out the effort.


You can stream the entire package below the video. And extra goodies on the sly for you fall just below the player. You are all welcome...to fall in love just as I have.








mp3: Amari - New People in Town (Ru Catania Old People in Town Remix)

mp3: Amari - New People in Town (Herr Styler Remix)



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