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Penguin Prison, Runaway and Van She Tech Play Brooklyn Bowl this Saturday, May 8

Want the epitome of a dreamy bill? Then pause, look above at this post title, read it again, then continue on. Three of our favorite "ooh wee that rubs so good" luscious musicians and producers join forces this weekend for a night of tunes...and ten pins, if you feel so inclined.



I could spend a hot minute waxing on the radness that this night entails. Instead, I'll direct you to my raves of Penguin Prison's debut performance here, toss you to Runaway and Van She Tech's pages by clicking their respective names, and save you the trouble of reading on and on, when in fact, you have a quick lil' 5-buck ticket to be snagging here


Seriously, you should go to this. I've called in a favor to Mayor Bloomberg and he's cancelled every other activity and event happening on Saturday night. So now you have no excuses. 


mp3: Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (Van She Tech Turbo Fire Engine Mix)



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