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Rusko - Feels So Real (Savage Skulls and Douster Remix)

Nice nice nice one boys. Also, the video for Savage Skulls and Douster's Bad Gal is gonna be on the up and out real soon...so in the meantime, here's the teaser trailer. 8 seconds enough to wet your whistle? Oh hell yes.






mp3: Rusko - Feels So Real (Savage Skulls and Douster Remix)




Sunday Girl - Stop Hey (Rusko Remix)

New Sunday Girl single. New remix from Rusko.


Sunday girl


It's called Stop Hey. The fix is called Stop Hey (Rusko Remix).


Cutting edge coverage, breaking news and deliverables here in Beastonia. I mean, really.




mp3: Sunday Girl - Stop Hey (Rusko Remix)




Beastly Bits #108

108 is great! After the most shittiest of shitshow weeks, I got home last night to find an unmarked, no-return address envelope with a slightly heavier than normal package inside.




Someone mailed back my stolen wallet! A bit of faith is restored in humankind...and a ton of bits are below in return. (Plus it's an "early dismissal" work day and Monday is observed for the holiday...so we don't gotta come back to work for what seems like forever. Amazing.)



Tonight is Famous Friends' FREE Summer Funhouse, with Treasure Fingers, Nick Cathcdubs, VDRK and OCD Automatic. GO! link


Deerhunter reveals new album details. link


We love Janelle Monae. So does NYLON TV. link


Footage from Peaches' Asian tour is live and running. link


You're welcome for what you're gonna snag below. Fitting for the holiday, and NO it's not the shoddy radio rip once posted before.


mp3: Kelis - 4th of July (Fireworks) (Rusko Remix)



Beastly Bits #102

Cracked over a hundred bits two days ago...and yet the weather still seems to coincide as we climb higher. How about this humidity, New York? Get out of here with that!



But you know what...it's all good. Especially when we've got some hot as the heat outside news to share. Go lay in the AC and drink up these quick hits!


Bjork and Dirty Projectors announce collaboration EP tracklisting and release details. Mount Wittenberg Orca is due out on June 30. link


Zach Galifianakis, OK GO, and the Muppets. It's as ridiculous as you might expect. link


Robyn launches new interactive 3D video for Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do. Plus there's a new remix of the song from Mylo & Sharooz that will be available soon. link


Rusko's video for Hold On is out now. Give it a view. link


Remember when that unreleased Rihanna track, Sexuality, came out last year? It samples Prince's Controversy. I initially loved it, but why not mix the two songs up together...cause that's what Manchester duo, Clique, did. Highly rad, Beaston approved and yours to grab below.


mp3: Rihanna x Prince - Sexxtroversy (Clique Re-take)



Kelis - 4th Of July (new video!)

Well hello Donna Summer in the desert...no wait, now she's in a rave cave dancing with a string of lights...but now there's fireworks and Beats by Dre headphones...oh gosh it's Kelis' brand new video for 4th of July! Yes, yes, yes and yes, all the above scenarios take place and it's a bit of a messy mash of "hey gurl, stand in front of this green screen while we wiggle the camera..." type antics. And I love every minute of it.



Without further ado, I'm just going to let you watch the clip.


Also of note, there is a Kelis-in-water scene. 






mp3: Kelis - 4th Of July (Rusko Remix) [radio rip] 



Beastly Bits #68

Feeling like a milli bucks (ok, maybe only a hunny) after kicking most of these allergies to the trashy lil' curb, ya dig? Got some good stuff coming your way later today...


...so now we make a run through the gauntlet of bits.


School Of Seven Bells annouce UK dates and offer free download of Babelonia. link


Marina and the Diamonds set tour dates for the UK with pre-sale options. link


Pitchfork's got Kele's video for Tenderoni. link


Rusko's O.M.G. is out now. You should definitely buy it. link


DiscoDust debuted PUNCHES' original tune, Let Go. We can give it away now, so grab this slice of the rad for free below.


mp3: PUNCHES - Let Go



Beastly Bits #33

IT. JUST. KEEPS. COMING. DOWN. The snow, that is. After a few days of weird wintry mix here in NYC, the snow finally came to a fall. And by fall, I mean a huge dump of drifts and dastardly accumulation. Fittingly enough, our inbox keeps stockpiling up thanks to a superfluous couple of days. 


No complaints here. So grab a shovel, and let's start digging through the cool stuff. (puns!) 


Mystery Jets, Hot Chip and Crystal Castles have been added to the bill for this summer's Estrella Levante SOS 4.8 Festival, which takes place in Murcia, Spain. More details and ticket info by jumping here. 

Rusko's Woo Boost EP is out now. Stream it here then buy it by clicking this hot link. Additionally, Mad Decent have just launched their much sexier and super streamlined web site. Check it out!

LCD Soundsytem's new album is done, according to Jame Murphy. Read and watch and love everything about this piece of news here.

Mark Ronson has been working with Boy George on the latter's new album. Additionally, the BG released a video for his new cut, Amazing Grace, featuring the vocals of Ana Lains. Bonus! We've got the acoustic version of the track to give you...for free. Gobble it up below.

BBC is planning to axe radio stations 6 Music and Asian Networkas part of a strategic rethink, according to a report that appeared in The Times today. Say it ain't so...save the music!


mp3: Boy George (featuring Ana Lains) - Amazing Grace (Acoustic)

mp3: Crystal Castles vs HEALTH - Crimewave


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