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Andy Caldwell - Scream (Screendeath Remix)

Sometimes, when music news (and the day job) are at an infrequent lull, I try to find bits of information in fresh and exciting ways. Oftentimes, the results are paltry at best, but today, I directed my search in a new manner.


Rather than go and start my detective work, I tweeted the following instead: "artists, the FIRST to send a new song/remix/unreleased jam to sheenabeaston[at]gmail.com is GUARANTEED a post. make it quick & make it hot!!" The following is a result of pretty rad proportions.


Screendeath is an 18 year old from Ireland, who has been producing for a little over a year. He's progressed from fuzzy electro to his own take on deep house in that short space of time. He has a record, Vitamin Friend, coming out on Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire imprint at some point this year. He's also recently completed remixes for Monarchy and We Have Band. He plays his first London date on February 6.

The original track comes from Andy Caldwell, a well-known producer of house and electro from San Francisco. Screendeath's remix was a little to late to be included in the single package, so we thought you might like it.


And hey, guess what? I DO like it! Nearly 8 minutes in length, with a piano intro to drool over, the young Irishman takes us on a wild ride through some deep and dark cavernous musical regions. Tip of the hat to you, Screendeath! The mix is yours, for free, below.



mp3: Andy Caldwell - Scream (Screendeath Remix)

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