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Sensual Harassment - Fever (new song!)

Let's jump back to August of 2009 for a hot minute. I was introduced to Brooklyn's Sensual Harassment...and hell, their name alone got me all sorts of excited. So after spinning two of their tracks, a newfound fan in I was immediately formed. That was a terribly concocted sentence. SH's music, however, is not as such.


Between Soldier and Daddy Long Legs, the only 2 SH tracks available for any sort of listening pleasures, my appetite for their disco delish-tinged tunes was sufficed. However, man and beast cannot live on those alone. Thankfully, today, we're treated to a third course of radness.

Let's welcome Fever in to the mix. Working again with engineer Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Animal Collective), the band has mastered the delicate art of making vintage gear sound new and listening carefully to their influences while still creating a galvanizing sound that is all their own. Fever has a scorching pop hook backed with some gnarly tribal percussion, making the song instantly memorable on first listen.


Yep, this is the good stuff. Get it below. (also, if you'd like to try your hand at remixing the dudes' new one, grab the stems here)


mp3: Sensual Harassment - Daddy Long Legs (LUST Remix)

mp3: Sensual Harassment - Fever   

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