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September - Resuscitate Me (new song and video!)

Ummm you guys! Robyn and Lykke Li are not the only Swedish pop stars I swoon for. And while September has had nowhere near the crossover success that the former two have had in the States, she still gets a lot of attention in her homeland...and from my beastly "thoughts to fingers to paper/post" writings. See, I've loved up on her big room banger with a sweet voice style for years, and getting word that she's got a new single and video is like, muah, adding extra sugar on this heaping pile of pleasured guilt I have for her music.




New song is called Resuscitate Me, and it bangs, in that "oh tee hee look at me I'm a Euro popstar that can't quite afford Guetta, but this still makes nerds like Sheena Beaston get buckwild" kind of way.


There is also a new video for it.


I may have also played this on repeat for the past 41 minutes. No lie.




mp3: September - Resuscitate Me



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