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Shakira (featuring Dizzee Rascal) - Loca (Freemasons Remix)

When Shakira sings "...and I'm crazy but you like it...", in the song Loca, it quickly becomes the one lyric or statement all year that I could not agree with more. I know I've said it many times in passing or postings that the singer is all sorts of batshit weird, which somehow humanizes her to the level that I think she and I would be really great friends, but it bears repeating that yeah, she's a little off, and further proof of that is this entire song, video, and now with a pretty sexy and grinding mix from Freemasons, we have even more time to revel in the ridiculous.




mp3: Shakira (featuring Dizzee Rascal) - Loca (Freemasons Remix)




Loca Wars: Shakira and Dizzee Rascal vs Oliver Twizt and Maluca

Battle royale in the "oh hey we both named our songs Loca" arena! Well not really, but since these two pieces of heat are getting virally and virtually delivered around the same time, it just makes sense for me to contrive some sort of fake head-to-head butting. What a little shit-stirrer I am!


Loca wars


Shakira and Dizzee Rascal just released the video for the former's new single, Loca, and on October 12, Mad Decent mates, Oliver Twizt and Maluca will release a song of the same name. They so crazy! See what I did there?


So who do you got in this tag team Loca Showca Showdown?






mp3: Shakira (featuring Dizzee Rascal) - Loca

mp3: Oliver Twizt (featuring Maluca) - Loca





Be[a]st Covers (Kelis, Shakira and Melanie Fiona)

Oh yum, yum, yum. While it's just about lunchtime here in Beastonia, we thought it fitting to dish out some tasty treats to all of you as well. Grab a plate and fork, and let's gobble up some goodies.




Shakira re-invisions The xx's Islands. Her take is called Explore, and she fiddles with her own lyrics, but the melody remains the same. Nothing but love for ol' Shaki in the minute long preview clip. 

mp3: Shakira - Explore (The xx Islands Cover)


Kelis doing La Roux's In For the Kill? Yes, please and thank you. Almost kind of wish this was her song to begin with, because her husky vocals fit this acoustic version like a glove. Then again, maybe its because I'm also in a major love-fest with her new album, Flesh Tone. Read TLC Blog's review of the album here.

mp3: Kelis - In For The Kill (La Roux Cover)


In Billboard's latest musical mashup series, Melanie Fiona tackles Sam Cooke's Cupid. Get ready for some super smooth sounds, from her mouth to your ears.

mp3: Melanie Fiona - Cupid (Sam Cooke Cover)



Shakira Added to Glastonbury Line-up (and world tour update)

Just this past weekend, a bunch of friends and myself had a brief "oh my god can we all just say how much we love Shakira" swoonfest. Sure, we super dig the gal, and we'll be the first to admit it...well, we've done it before a number of times. So now is as good a time as any to get some updates from our "she in wolf's clothing". See what I did there? Puns and word play!



While the majority of the line-up for the June 25-27 festival was announced last week, additions to the 3-day fest are still be announced and added to the bill. Shakira will play the Pyramid Stage on Saturday the 26th.


Additionally, Shakira's She Wolf World Tour is the planned concert showcase in support of her third English-language studio album, She Wolf. The tour is set to begin near the end of May, with a full list of cities and dates to be revelaed within the next 2 weeks. SEAT will sponsor the tour and is already advertising it on German TV. 


On her offical website, she announced that fans will get to choose who will open each show on the tour. Once the contest starts, up and coming artists will be able to upload videos to the website for the fans to choose from. No word on when this begins yet, but will update when more information is made available.


Now one question remains: who's going to this show with me? Aaaah-woooo!


mp3: Shakira - She Wolf (Villains Remix)


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